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20151. Актуальные проблемы налоговой политики = Actual problems of tax policy : [титульный лист] : сборник статей участников VII Международной научно-практической конференции молодых ученых и студентов (Минск - Москва - Екатеринбург - Харьков апрель 2015 г.)--Русский; Английский
20122012, Содержание-ThesisРусский; Английский
2004A brand new imageВитушко, О. Н.; Vitushko, O. N.-Английский
2017Agritourism in the national strategy for the development of polandMiczyhska-Kowalska, M.ThesisАнглийский
2015Assessment of sustainability at the macro levelManzhynski, S.ArticleАнглийский
2016Basic income: what it is and how it worksGolovko, E.; Khotyanovich, A.; Vasilevskaya, L.; Vashkevich, J.-Английский
2016Behavioral economics: what drives our choices?Daniliuk, A.; Kuzmich, K.; Bedritskaya, L.-Английский
2009Belarussian faculty complaints in russian: an examination of centre in the cultural contextSlepouitch, V.; Слепович, В.ArticleАнглийский
2016Billboard advertising or the secrets of a successful advertisementBeletskaya, A.; Mikhalskaya, I.; Vasilevskaya, L.; Markusenko, L.-Английский
2016Business promotion on the InternetOskerko, K.; Yakovchits, T.; Bondarenko, G.-Английский
2005Can forest industry constitute the Latvian national competitive advantage on the EU level?Chirjevskis, A.ThesisАнглийский
2016Co-working in Belarus: general advantages and perspectivesAkhremchyk, Y.; Raik, L.; Vasilevskaya, L.; Vashkevich, J.-Английский
2008Crossing borders via asynchronous computer-mediated communicationGulden, T.; Semra, S.-Английский
2016Current trends of development of world economyMiheenko, A.; Morozov, V.; Synyak, E.-Английский
2010Cut flower industry: classification and product characteristicsКачановская, Е. Н.; Пакуш, Л. В.; Kachanovskaya, E. N.; Pakush, L. V.ArticleАнглийский
2016Does color really matter?Kuleshevich, M.; Vasilevskaya, L.; Markusenko, L.-Английский
2005Ecological problems. Radiation: 18 years after ChernobylDuboyskaya, M. Yu.ArticleАнглийский
2005Ecology in our нandsGalaburda, M. S.ArticleАнглийский
2016Effects of e-commerce on businessMashkanova, J.; Khodasevich, T.; Bergel, T.; Vashkevich, J.-Английский
2005Ethnocommunicative competence (ECC) and its role in creation and development of international relationship in LatviaPlotka, l.; Vidnere, M.ThesisАнглийский
2016Event greening – a promising area of event managementMarkevich, D.; Vasilevskaya, L.; Vashkevich, J.-Английский
2013Explanation of the variation of the city size distribution among transition countriesValetka, U.ThesisАнглийский
2016Foreign direct investment in ASEANKhramets, A.-Английский
2016Formation of tourist cluster in the Astrakhan region as a tool for the development of internal tourism in RussiaVazhova, E.; Kitik, M.-Английский
2008Functional characteristics of intertextuality in media texts (exemplified by magazine headlines)Потятынык, У. А.; Potyatynyk, U. A.-Английский
2016Geographical clustering of professional skillsArakelyants, Y.; Kitik, M.-Английский
2016Global economic integration and coffee productionEgorova, H.; Kukhta, H.; Bergel, T.-Английский
2013Globalization as the process of current social-economic relations creationHajduga, P.ThesisАнглийский
2016Guerrilla marketingBaranovskaya, A.; Vasilevskaya, L.; Vashkevich, J.-Английский
2016Holacracy – new approach to corporate governanceBanderuk, E.; Gurina, U.; Bedritskaya, L.-Английский
2016Influence of geopolitical, social and cultural factors on adaptation marketing strategy (evidence from Iran cosmetics market)Kitik, V.; Kitik, M.-Английский
2013Innovation management as a new form of internal environment of small and medium business in KazakhstanAgumbayeva, A.; Murzaspayeva, S.ThesisАнглийский
2016Is there place for altruism in business?Amanova, M.; Yakovchits,T.; Ryzhankova, O.-Английский
2016Managing cross-cultural diversity: a challenge for present and future organizationsDrachilovskaya, N.; Glinov, P.; Bedritskaya, L.-Английский
2016Memorable experience as a new economic offeringKievich, V.; Derechenik, E.; Bedritskaya, L.; Pavlovskaya, S.-Английский
2013Methods and approaches of pricing in business activityNaidon, O. S.ThesisАнглийский
2006Methods of payment (credit cards)Мороз, О. В.; Moroz, O. V.-Английский
2016Migrants in Germany: charity gesture or calculation?Yatskevich, D.; Traichuk, A.; Kleiner, L.; Vashkevich, J.-Английский
2003Modeling fuzzy decision trees from fuzzy setsLevashenko, V.; Puuronen, S.; Kovalik, S.ArticleEnglish
2005Monetary policy in BelarusGolovko, Т. V.; Vardamskaya, O. Yu.ArticleАнглийский
2016Neural networks in businessKonetsky, V. A.; Lezhaiko, M. А.; Bedritskaya, L. V.-Английский
2016New approach tо thе analysis of enterprise's competitive сарасitу in UzbekistanRoldugin, V.; Kayumov, R.ArticleАнглийский
2016New trend marketing on the internet: what's that, and what does it do?Kanash, K.; Shvakel, K.; Starovojtova, O.; Mas, G.-Английский
2016New type of advertising: ADS on blogsAbiralo, D.; Bukvalnaya, E.; Bedritskaya, L.; Milevskaya, O.-Английский
2013Non-classical method for predicting inflationHadas-Dyduch, M.ThesisАнглийский
2016Offshore outsourcing as one of the driving forces of globalizationNovitskaya, M.; Garin, A.; Bedritskaya, L.; Vashkevich, J.-Английский
2016OPEC: new oil coalitionShashuro, A.; Bergel, T.; Vashkevich, J.-Английский
2016Porter's five forces in the belarusian marketVoronina, A.; Gritskevich, A.; Bergel, T.; Vashkevich, J.-Английский
2016Problems of marketing communications or how to move the business from the dead pointChernous, S.; Sudas, K.; Vasilevskya, L.-Английский
2016Professional standards as a source of harmony between education and labor marketsSeliuzhitskaya, D.; Stanulevich, N.; Mas, G.; Vorobyova, I.-Английский
2013Reading proficiently by reading efficientlyVolskaya, M. M.; Siamionava, L. B.ThesisАнглийский
2016Slow food: health and aestheticsMisyuro, E.; Mokievets, E.; Mas, G.; Vorobieva, I.-Английский
2005Small business: problems of formation and developmentSklyar, V. K.ArticleАнглийский
2013Smart specialisation as a new concept of developing innovative regionsDerlukiewicz, N.ThesisАнглийский
2016SMM use for promotion of educational services (in the context of Astrakhan state university)Solovkina, M.; Kitik, M.-Английский
2016Socially responsible investingKrestinina, A.; Pishchenko, M.; Siniapkina, I.; Markusenko, L.-Английский
2005Some features of using PERT-model in progect managementAlhanagtah, О.ThesisАнглийский
2016South korean stock exchangeMolchan, Y.; Botenovskaya, E.; Yarosh, A.-Английский
2016Special economic zonesYakuta, V.; Kardash, K.; Mas, G.; Starovoytova, O.-Английский
2018Statistics : электронное учебно-методическое пособиеСелезнев, Ю. В.-Английский; Русский
2010SWOT-analysis of the belarusian dairy industry enterprisesBaranova, M. I.ArticleАнглийский
2005Tendency of developing of tourism in BelarusRabets, А. P.ArticleАнглийский
2016The century of shoppertainmentDashuk, O.; Shibut, E.; Vasilevskaya, L.; Vashkevich, J.-Английский
2016The dark side of public relationsLichman, K.; Pivovarchik, O.; Bergel, T.; Yahnitskaya, N.-Английский
2015The development of trade in Belarus from the 13th to early 16th centuriesPavel Patapeika; Andrey NikanovichArticleАнглийский
2016The era of on-demand marketingBobkova, V.; Labetskiy, V.; Siniapkina, I.; Zhabenok, I.-Английский
2016The future it sphere in BelarusStankevich, M.; Glazkova, T.; Dudko, E.-Английский
2016The global gold marketAntipov, A.; Lunevich, K.; Kuzar, D.; Dudko, E.-Английский
2016The Hawala system. Flying moneyZhdanovich, V.; Kuptsevich, M.; Bedritskaya, L.; Garashchenko, E.-Английский
2016The hunger games of world economy: income inequalityLamakina, V.; Zhabenok, I.-Английский
2013The impact of changes in the labor market for structured productsHadas-Dyduch, M.ThesisАнглийский
2008The impact of e-mail exchange on raising cultural awareness of Turkish and Belarusian studentsGulden, T.; Simsa, I.-Английский
2011The industrial enterprises pricing mechanismIvanovskaya, I.ArticleАнглийский
2016The internet «bubble»Makutsevich, Y.; Bedritskaya, L.; Markusenko, L.-Английский
2005The problem of pet-waste utilizationSamokhovets, M. P.ArticleАнглийский
2005The protection of the environment and ecological certification is а guarantee of the stable development of belarussian enterprisesPronin, Y. N.ArticleАнглийский
2004The psychology of colour in businessУлитёнок, П. Н.; Ulitenok, P. N.-Английский
2013The role of local authorities in local development in EuropeMempel-Sniezyk, A.ThesisАнглийский
2004The role of the internet in modern societyТерешков, А. С.; Tereshkov, A. S.-Английский
2016Tied aid as a financial strategyShyshko, V.; Rymzha, V.; Vasilevskaya, L.; Vashkevich, J.-Английский
2016Tryvertising: the growing cult of "try before you buy"Levandovskaya, A.; Karlova, G.; Vashkevich, J.-Английский
2003Using parallel processes for solving the Knapsack problemКnaze, M.; Martincova, P.ArticleEnglish
2016Waste has value, or what is the sharing economy?Lavnikovich, A.; Mas, G.; Vashkevich, J.-Английский
2016Why is employer branding important?Dorontsova, D.; Mas, G.-Английский
2005(Undefined)Байгин, А. А.; Baygin, A. A.ThesisАнглийский

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