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Title: Clubhouse as a new platform for developing business
Authors: Medvedenko, D.
Neusikhin, V.
Keywords: Clubhouse;audio-based;business development;развитие бизнеса
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Belarus State Economic University
Language: Английский
Type: Article
Citation: Medvedenko, D. Clubhouse as a new platform for developing business / D. Medvedenko, V. Neusikhina; science tutor L. Bedritskaya // ECON - 2021: World Economy and International Business : abstracts of the 8th Interuniversity Research Student Conference, Minsk, April 16, 2021 / Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, Belarus State Economic University, School of International Economic Relations, School of International Business Communications, Department of Business English. – Minsk, 2021. – P. 135-137.
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