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  • "зеленая" экономика "любовь" "Штерн" 1812 1944-1954 гг. 1984 1C 1C: Бухгалтерия 1C: Предприятие 1C:УПП 1С-битрикс 1С: Предприятие 1С:Предприятие 7.7 3-я танковая дивизия 3D 3D printers 3D printing technology 3D печать 3D технологии 3D-печать 3D-принтеры 3G 55-я стрелковая дивизия 5G ABC-анализ abfallrecycling abfalltrennung able-bodied population abortion absatzförderung absence from work absorption absorptions abtreibungen abuse of right Academia Globus accent discrimination Access accommodation account book accounting accounting accounts accounting automation accounting exchange rate differences accounting financial statements accounting for goodwill accounting for the movement of goods accounting history accounting objects accounting of materials accounting of sales accounting outsourcing accounting policy accounting processes accounting profession accounting programs accounting records accounting registers accounting reports accounting software accounting standards accounting system accounting systems accounts payable accounts receivable accuracy of information achat action aid active remorse actividad inversora actividades de negocio activities of enterprises activities of leshozes activities of organizations activities of trade unions activity analysis Activity Based Costing activity of a company activity of banks activity of state bodies activos actual marriage adaptation of students adaptive model Adblock Plus added value addiction addiction abroad addiction problems additional charge additional education adhesives adjectives administration costs administration of tax risks administration system administrative and legal protection administrative arrest administrative ban administrative barriers administrative contract administrative economic offences administrative jurisdiction of cases administrative justice administrative liability administrative offense administrative process administrative processes administrative regulations administrative responsibility administrative work adoption adoption of Christianity advantages of advertising advantages of contracts advantages of marketing advertisement advertisements advertising advertising activity advertising agencies advertising art advertising banners advertising budget advertising business advertising campaign advertising campaigns advertising communication advertising discourse advertising effectiveness advertising games advertising image advertising images advertising industry advertising market advertising media advertising message advertising messages advertising performance advertising policy advertising products advertising slogans advertising strategies advertising strategy advocacy affect Africa african English Afrique after-sales service aged people agences de publicité agentes sociales aggressive behavior Agile agrarian business agrarian economy agrarian marketing agrarian policy agrarian reform agrarian sector agrario agreement agreement of the parties agribusiness agricultura agricultural agricultural aviation agricultural engineering agricultural enterprises agricultural industry agricultural insurance agricultural machinery agricultural marketing agricultural organizations agricultural output agricultural policy agricultural product market agricultural production agricultural products agricultural science agricultural sector agricultural tourism agricultural waste agriculture agriculture in Belarus agriculture of Belarus agritourism agro ecotourism agro tourism agro-ecotourism agro-industrial complex agro-industrial complexes agro-tourism agrobusiness agroecotourism agroindustrial complex agromarketing agrotechnics agrotourism agrotouristic complexes AIDMA-цикл AIDS air air pollution air service air transport air transportation airlift airline branding airline companies Al-Qaeda Albrecht Gashtold alcohol alcohol abuse alcohol products alcoholic beverages alcoholic drinks Alexander II algorithms Alibaba Alibaba Group alienation phenomenon Alizarovskiy A. alkohol AllFusion Process Modeler Alpen Gold alternative agriculture alternative disputes alternative energy alternative Investments alternative methods alternative service alternative tourism altersgruppen altruism amaranth Amazon Amazon Go ambassade AMD amenities America del Sur american business customs american democracy american economy american English American gangsta rap American models American movies americanisms ammunition amortization policy amortized cost of accounts receivable amusement parks América Latina analogy of law analysis analysis of alloys analysis of asset quality analysis of competitors analysis of economic activity analysis of economic trends analysis of energy saving system analysis of financial results analysis of retail turnover analysis of the material analysis of the service culture analysis of the use of the principles analysis of use analysis of variance analytic center analytic centers analytic hierarchy process analytic products analytical accounting analytical accounts analytical centers analytical models analytical tools Ancient Rus ancient thinkers Android anelik Angels Band anglicismes anglicisms anglizismen animal cruelty animal husbandry animal protection animals animation activity anonymity anthocyanin anthropocentric paradigm anthropological approach anthropomorphen metapher anti-advertising anti-corruption anti-crisis business support anti-crisis management anti-crisis programmes anti-crisis strategy anti-crisis tools anti-dumping regulation anti-inflation policy anti-rent payments antidumpiпg antiglobalism antiglobalismus antiglobalización antimonopoly authorities antimonopoly legislation antimonopoly policy antimonopoly regulation antiquity of the custom antisocial actions ANTISWOT-анализ antitrust control antitrust laws antitrust policy antitrust protection antitrust regulation anwendungsprogramme análisis sociología anάlisis econόmicos apartment building apartment market apartments Apparel Apple apple fiber Apple iPad appliances applicants rights application of assignment application programs application testing applied information technology approaches approaches to restructuring approaches to understanding law apps aquaponica Aquinas F. arbeit arbeitslosigkeit arbeitsmarkets arbeitsmarkt arbeitspotential arbeitstätigkeit arbitrage practice arbitration court arbitration courts archaeological materials architect Glaubitz architecture area of territorial development Argentina argument armament armed armed conflict armed conflicts armed forces armed struggle armored vehicles arms exports army arm’s length range aromamarketing aromen art art of persuasion artificial intelligence artificial meat artificial neural network artificial neural networks artisans artist and sculptor Bykov artistic images Artnet ArtService ascenso económico ASEAN assembly of shoes assessment methodology assessment methods assessment of competitiveness assessment of debt assessment of profitability assessment of the level of quality assessment strategies assets assets of the company assignment assignment of a claim assistance psychologique Assistant Choice Association of South East Asian Nations associative reactions assortment assortment dies assortment groups assortment management assortment of goods assortment of oil products assortment of products assortment of tea assortment optimization assortment policy assortment portfolio athlete nutrition Atlant ATM fraud atmosphere atmospheric air atmospheric change atmospheric pollution ATMs atomenergie sowie atomic energy atracciόn de las inversiones attacks on ATMs attitude to motivation attitudes attracting consumers attracting customers attracting investment attracting tourists attracting visitors attraction of investments attraction of investors attractions attractiveness of the product attribute table atypical client atypical development atypical employment auction auctions audio audio guides audiomarketing audit audit expert audit firms audit system auditing auditing services augmented reality August channel Augustow canal aujourd’hui la liberté d'expression ausländische investitionen ausländische Investoren ausländischen investitionen authorities authorized fund auto carriers auto dumping auto-organisation Autocad autoimmune disease automate the workflow automated banking systems automated programs automated systems automated warehouse systems automated workstations automatic exchange of information automation automation business analysis automation of accounting automation of production automation of restaurants automation of trade automation system automation systems automatisierung automobile manufactures Autonomous enterprises außenwirtschaftspolitik aviation aviculture Aгgentina aнтикоррупционная политика B2B baby cosmetics baby food Backstage bacteria bakery products baking industry baladeur numerique balance model balance models of risk management balance of payments balance of payments adjustment balance of the enterprise balance of the rights balance sheet balance sheet profit balance studies balanced diet balanced indicators balanced scorecard Baltic way bananas banca internacional Banco Santander bancos bank account bank accounts bank assets bank bills bank capital bank cards bank competition bank customers bank deposits bank guarantees bank innovation bank liquidity bank loans bank marketing bank operations bank practice bank secrecy Banken banking banking activities banking activity banking business banking crisis banking development banking industry banking law banking policy banking secrecy banking sector banking service banking services banking system banking systems banking technology banking transaction bankruptcies bankruptcy bankruptcy diagnostics bankruptcy of enterprises banks banks in Belarus banks of Belarus banner advertising banner blindness banque centrale banкing sectors baptists bar codes bar coding Baranovichy region barbarization bare-boat charter bargaining barrier-free environment barrier-free tourism bars barter basic income basic production forms basis of bioproduct Batory S. battle of stalingrad bauern Bayesian network beauty blogging beauty ideal beauty products beer beer production behavioral economics behavioral effects behavioral psychology behinderten Belarus belarus goods Belarus Renaissance Belarus XV-XVI Belarusbank belarusian catering market Belarusian Children's Hospice Belarusian commercials belarusian consumers belarusian cuisine belarusian culture Belarusian economic model Belarusian economy Belarusian enterprises belarusian exporters Belarusian exports Belarusian folklore belarusian goods belarusian grammar belarusian historical science Belarusian hotels belarusian inbound tourism Belarusian joint stock company Belarusian justice belarusian language Belarusian law belarusian legislation belarusian literature belarusian logistics companies Belarusian mentality belarusian nation Belarusian national cuisine Belarusian national revival Belarusian nuclear power plant Belarusian Nuclear Power Station Belarusian oil products belarusian painting Belarusian people belarusian phraseological Belarusian power plant Belarusian producers Belarusian production Belarusian restaurant business belarusian ruble Belarusian rubles Belarusian science Belarusian socialist Assembly Belarusian Soviet state Belarusian State Belarusian statehood belarusian student belarusian students belarusian tax authorities belarusian theaters belarusian thinkers Belarusian tourism belarusian trademarks Belarusian village Belarusian volunteer brigade belarusian wallpaper market Belarusian world order belarusian writers belarusian youth belarusiaп nuclear power Belaruskali belarussian enterprises belarussische studenten belarussische Wirtschaft belarussischen Sprache Belarús BelAZ belief system Beliefs Belita Vitex belorussian plastic cards belorusskogovoryaschie customers Belovezhskaya Pushcha Belovezhsky agreement benchmarking beneficial owner beneficial owners benefits benefits of Big Data Benyash Budnyy Bergel, J. L. Berlin wall beschäftigung best route betriebskapitals beverages BI-системы BI-технологии Bibel Bible biblical phraseology Biblicisms bicycles Big Data Big Data in business Big Data в бизнесе big landlords BigBon bike infrastructure bike roads Bilancio della Chiesa Cattolica bildung bildungserfolg bildungssystem bilingualism bill circulation bill payments billboards bills bio products bio-produkte biochemistry bioenergy bioethics biofuels biogas plants biographical information biography biography of Lvа Sapegi biography of Melezh biography of Polockoy biography of Sapieha biography of Sapieha P. Ya. biography Tadeusz Reitan biokraftstoff biological warfare biological waste biologically active additives biometric sensors biometric technologies biometric technology biometrics biomimetics bioproduct bioproducts biosafety biotechnics biotechnologien biotechnology bioéthique birth rate birth rate of the population Bisuness Intelligence Bitcoin bitcoins Bitrix24 black accounting black bookkeeping black market black PR black tea block blockchain BlockChain system blockchain technology blocking advertisements blogs bloodletting blue collar workers blue economy blue ocean strategy BMW Bobruisk Boden S. bodies of internal Affairs bods market body modification bogus documents Bogushevich, F. B. boiled sausage boiled sausages Bologna declaration Bologna process bolsa Bona Sforza bonds bonus depreciation bonuses book trade booking systems books A. Volana border areas border culture border guard Borodin P. P. borrowed capital borrowed funds borrowed terms borrower creditworthiness borrowers borrowing borrowing groups boulders bourgeoisie bourreau de travail BPWin brain drain branch structure brand brand as tool brand influence brand management brand name brand names brand of employer brand recognition brand store brand trade brand-name branded products branded shops branding branding in Belarus branding of territories branding system brands brands of Belarus Brasil breach of contract bread bread quality breadstuff break-even point Breakfast menu of the restaurant breakfast menus breeding products Brest Brest Church Unia Brest Fortress brewing brewing industry Brexit Brita british business customs British movies broadcasting brokerage services bruttoinlandsprodukts BSEU BSSR BTL BTL-реклама buchhaltungssystem buckwheat budget budget companies budget control budget deficit budget expenses budget financing budget management budget planning budget policy budget process budget resources budget revenues budget security budget system budgetary institutions budgetary resources budgeting budgets budgets of subjects Budnyy S. buffet breakfast building building complexes building industry building information model building materials building sector buisness process bullwhip effect bund hierfür bundesregierung bundesrepuЫik Deutschland Bundestag bureaucracy business business activities business activity business analysis business analyst business applications business area business centers business coaches business coaching business communication business community business commurucations business companies business competitiveness business conversation business cooperation business correspondence business culture business cycles business development business economics business education business entities business entity business entrepreneurs business environment business ethics business etiquette business events business finance business financing business games business hotels business ideas business in Belarus business in Kazakhstan business in Russia business incubation business incubators business intelligence business law business leadership business letters business life business management business management of a bank business meal business meeting business meetings business model business models business negotiations business Partnerships business performance business plan business planning business planning organizations business plans business portfolio business principles business process business processes business processes of organizations business projects business promotion business psychology business qualities business regulation business relations business reputation business research business risks business sector business services business sphere business strategies business strategy Business Studio business success Business Systems business taxation business tourism business valuation business venture business сulture business-incubators businesses businessmen busiпess but de la publicité butter buyers Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic bénévolat bénévoles cabinetmaking cadastral cost cadastral valuation cadastral value Cadbury cafe cakes calculation calculation methods calculations calendar of events call-centers call-центры CALS-технологии cameras Camille Martsinkevich campagne publicitaire campagnes publicitaires camping Canada cancellation expenses canciónes canned cucumbers canned fish capacity capital capital account capital extranjero capital humano capital investments capital of organizations capital structure capital turnover of the organization capital-intensive resources capitalization capturing the evidence car filling stations car market car roads car services car tires caramel caravaning card products card system cardboard cards system career career navigator in IT career orientations cargo delivery cargo transportation carriere cars cartoon case studies CASE-средство ERwin cash cash & carry cash books cash equipment cash expenses cash flow analysis cash flows cash management cash operations cash payments cash register equipment cash service cash transactions Cashback Cashback-сервис cashless payments cashless settlement market cashless transactions cassation appeal castles Catalonia category distance category management catering catering business catering enterprises catering establishments play catering facilities catering industry catering services catering-service catholic ideologue cattle cattle breeding causes du suicide causes of hunger causes of unemployment CD-ROM CEI celebrity cellular market centrale nucléaire de Chernobyl centralization of procurement centres de traitement ceramic paint ceramic tableware ceramic tile cereal crops certificate certification certification of civil servants certification of goods certification of services chairmans chamber chambers of commerce chancellors change in demand change in production volumes changes changing properties of materials characteristics of Big Data characteristics of natural law characters charitable activities charity charter capital chat bots check order cheese cheese making cheese products cheesemaking cheeses chemical industry chemical market Chemobyl accident in Belarus Chemobyl nuclear power station Chernobyl accident Chernobyl catastrophe Chernobyl disaster chewing gum child Labour childbirth children children food children in the village children work children's health Chile China China's economy Chine chinese civilization chinese cooking chinese economy chinese education Chinese language chinese market chinese medicine chinese nation Chinese relatives chinese students chinese tea chinese tourists chocolat chocolate choice of profession christianity Christie's church Union chômage cigarette cinema circular economy circulation monétaire circulation of capital circulation of money citizen health citizens' appeals citizenship citrus juices city culture city's parks civic culture of youth civic education civil cases civil law civil liability civil position civil proceedings civil process civil relations civil responsibility civil rights civil socialization civil society civil war in Spain civility clash of civilizations class of engine classic tax planning classification approaches classification of accounts classification of cakes classification of crimes classification of expenses classification of inventory classification of presumptions classification of revenues clearing accounts client Clientele clienting clients climate climate change climate protection climatic potential clinical training clonage cloning close relatives clothes cloud computing cloud solutions cloud storage cloud technologies cluster cluster analysis clustering clusters CMS Joomla CMS-системы co-marketing projects co-working co-working spaces coaching cobalt chrome COBIT Coca-Cola company cocina bielorrusa codification of the law coffee coffee houses coffee industry coffee market coffee production coffee quality rating cognitive analysis cognitive enhancers cognitive principles cognitive resources cohabitation colaboración internacional collaboration collaborative platforms collapse of the USSR collateral system collection collective dispute collective labor disputes collectivism collectivization color color effect color in advertising color language color marketing color perception color semantics colour combinations colours combat drug addiction combat fraud comercio comercio electrónico comercio internacional comercio mundial COMFAR commerce commerce and industry commerce electronique commerce extérieur commerce international commercial activities commercial activity commercial arbitration commercial assortment commercial banks commercial business commercial court commercial disputes commercial enterprises commercial espionage commercial logistics commercial network commercial operations commercial organizations commercial process commercial properties commercial property commercial proposal commercial real estate commercial relations commercial risks insurance commercial service commercial site commercial space commercial vehicles commercialization commercialization models commercials commission agreement commodities commodity commodity circulation commodity demand commodity exchange commodity exchanges commodity expertise commodity markets commodity output commodity policy commodity portfolio commodity producers commodity resources commodity science commodity software commodity stocks commodity strategy commodity supply commodity turnover commodity value common cultural space common currency common economic space common market communal property Communauté des États indépendants communication communication activities communication cellulaire communication channels communication internationale communication linguistics communication media communication policy communication psychology communication services communication skills communication strategies communication tactics communication technology communication theory communications communications marketing communicative competence communicative differences communicative policy communicative tolerance communicative understanding of law communicators communist society compagnie de France companies company company "Belshina" company D. Eisenhower company image company management company Nvidia company of the future company staff company tax company trade company's products company's success comparative analysis comparative characteristics comparing mobile networks compensation compensation for moral damage competence of the person competition competition of banks competition of enterprises competition policy competitive ability competitive advantages competitive devaluation competitive environment competitive fight competitive positioning competitive products competitive relationship competitiveness competitiveness assessment competitiveness indicators competitiveness of enterprises competitiveness of export goods competitiveness of goods competitiveness of organizations competitiveness of products competitiveness of staff competitiveness of the cosmetics competitiveness of the economy competitiveness of the enterprise competitiveness staff competitors camera complex economy compliments components of economic security components of happiness composition of costs composting compromise comptabilité computable model computer addiction computer algorithm computer corporate systems computer crime computer crimes computer engineering computer games computer industry computer modelling computer networks computer programs computer services computer simulation computer software computer sport computer systems computer technologies computer technology computer techologies computer viruses computer vision computerization computerization of education computers computers cooling computing concentration camp concept concept de sécurité concept of marketing management concept of punishment concepto del amor conceptosphere conceptual device conciliation conciliation procedures concubinage condamnations à mort conditional variable reference conditions of enforcement confectionary industry confectionary products confectioneries confectionery confectionery companies confectionery industry confectionery market confectionery production confectionery products conflict conflict management conflict resolution conflicts conflicts in tourism confluence conférence conjunctural fluctuations conjuncture factors of export dynamics connotation conscription consent of the victim consequences of globalization consignment transactions consolidated group consolidated group of taxpayers consolidated regional budget consolidation constant angular velocity Constitution Constitution of 3 may 1791. Constitution Of Poland 1997 constitutional changes constitutional court constitutional history constitutional justice constitutional law constitutional legislation constitutional reform constitutional regulation constitutional state constitutional-legal responsibility constitutionalism constitutions constructing analytical solutions construction construction industry construction markets construction Materials construction of Belarus construction organizations consultations consulting consulting firms consulting in Belarus consulting market consumer consumer activities consumer assessment consumer behavior consumer choice consumer cooperation consumer cooperatives consumer decision-making consumer demand consumer experience consumer extremism consumer goods consumer interests consumer loyalty consumer loyalty index consumer market consumer needs consumer perception of packaging consumer preferences consumer price index consumer prices consumer properties consumer protection consumer public relations consumer purchases consumer rating toys consumer requests consumer rights consumer rights protection consumer services consumer society consumer solvency consumer survey consumer testing consumer value consumer values consumer waste consumer's rent consumers consumers international consumers of products consumers’ product consumption conséquences de l'accident contactless banking payments contactless payments container shipping container transportation contaminated areas content content analysis content management system content marketing contents contests contextual advertising continental system of law continuous markets contract of employment contract of purchase and sale contract of sale contract relations contracts contractual relationship contractual work contrats informatiques control activity control signs control system control systems controlled foreign company controlling controlling company controlling powers controlling system convection drying conversation conversations conversion conveyor calculation convicted convicted labor convicted women Cook&Chill cookies cooking cooperación industrial cooperation cooperative movement cooperative organizations cooperative relations cooperative society cooperatives coopération commerciale coopération culturelle coordination council coordination of activities copyright copyright infringement copyright protection corporate bankruptcy corporate bond market corporate bonds corporate communications corporate crime corporate crimes corporate culture corporate donations corporate financial reporting corporate governance corporate identity corporate image corporate information systems corporate language corporate liability corporate management corporate meetings corporate patriotism corporate policy corporate relations corporate responsibility corporate risk management corporate social responsibility corporate tax avoidance corporate websites corporation corporations corporatization correlation analysis correlation coefficient correspondence production correspondent accounts corrida corrupt politicians corrupt states corruption corruption administrative offense corruption crimes corruption impacts corsetry cosmeceuticals cosmetic industry cosmetic market cosmetic products cosmetics cosmetics market cosmetology cosmos cost cost accounting cost accounting system cost analysis cost control cost estimate cost group cost management cost management methods cost of fixed assets cost of goods cost of production cost of the banks cost of transportation cost optimization cost price of services cost reduction cost system cost-effectiveness costa mediterránea costing costs costs of enterprises costs of the enterprise cotton counter-terrorism strategy counter-trafficking counterfeit products countermeasures counting countries with economies in transition country estate country image country of the Customs union country's economy country's image countryside county courts couple Nagornye courage court case court decisions court orders courts courts in England courts of appeal coverage of conflicts CPLEX CPSA craft activities craftsman create triggers creating brands creating knowledge creation of bioproduct creation of commodity exchanges creative activity creative economy creative life creative management creative space creative technology creative tourism creative work creativity Bogushevich creativity Mulyavin creativity of jurists crecimiento econόmico crecimiento permanente credit brokerage credit cards credit debt credit funds credit institutions credit market credit markets credit money credit monitoring credit operations credit organizations credit policy credit program credit regulation credit relations credit resources credit risk credit risks credit scoring credit support credit systems credit workflow credit оperations crediting credits creditworthiness creditworthiness of enterprises creditworthiness of the recipient crew’s motivation crime crime among the youth crime in Belarus crime prevention crimes criminal activity criminal case criminal code criminal courts criminal defense criminal law criminal law aspects criminal law in the Statutes criminal legislation criminal liability criminal matter criminal penalty criminal proceedings criminal process criminal prosecution criminal-legal compromise criminalidad criminalistics criminality criminological research crises crisis crisis económica crisis económica mundial crisis management crisis management processes critical thinking CRM system CRM-system CRM-система CRM-системы croissance des ventes croissance économique crop production crops cross-border cooperation cross-border disputes cross-border tourism cross-border trade cross-cultural competence cross-docking Cross-Promotion crowd economics crowdaming platforms crowdfunding crowdinvesting crowdinvesting platforms crowdsourcing croweding cruel treatment crypto-currencies crypto-currency cryptocurrency cryptographic techniques cryptography cucumber business cucumbers cuisine cuisine française cuisine moléculaire cuisine of Belarus cultura cultura de negocios cultura empresarial cultura empresarial china cultural attractions cultural community cultural differences cultural dynamics cultural elite of Belarus cultural event cultural features cultural heritage cultural identity cultural integration cultural life cultural monuments cultural stereotypes cultural studies cultural tourism cultural tradition cultural traditions cultural values culture culture de travail culture israélienne culture of behavior culture of Belarus culture of Russia culture of serving the population culture of speech culture shock currency currency and stock exchange currency exchange currency issue currency market currency markets currency quotes currency regulation currency relations currency repatriation currency risks currency system currency unit current assets current bank account customer business analytics system customer concession customer credit customer demand customer loyalty customer needs customer relationship management customer requirements customer satisfaction customer service customer service quality customer trust customer WOW customers customs customs affairs customs authorities customs bodies customs border customs borders customs business customs clearance customs control customs duties customs legislation customs offences customs payments customs policy customs regulation customs services customs tariffs customs territory customs transit customs union CVP-анализ cyber defence ATM cyber encroachment cyber fraudsters cyberbullying cybercrime cyberfraud cybernetic systems cyberphysical systems cybersecurity cyberthreats cycle routes cyclical economy cyclical nature of production cycling Czech Republic cлияние компаний Dagestan dairy dairy and grocery complex dairy cattle dairy cattle breeding dairy drinks dairy farming dairy industry dairy organizations dairy plant dairy production dairy products dairying damage Danone das alltägliche leben data centers data mining data modeling data processing data protection data streams data warehouse database Database Marketing database protection David R. de marca de-capitalization value funds de-dollarization dealer network dealer networks death camp death penalty debate debentures debit card debt debt collection debt crisis debt management debt refinancing decapitalization decent work decision tree decision-making process declarative programming declaring decorative cosmetics decrees deduction of part of profit deduction of taxes deep learning defective products defense of law deficiencies organizations definitions degeroizatsiya delegation delincuencia organizada delinquency prevention delivery area services demand demand formation demand records demanda democracy democratic governance democratie demografischen statistik demografischer Wandel demographic crisis demographic phenomena demographic security demographic situation demographic studies demographics demographie demography demokratie demonopolización denim clothing dentavit dentistry deoffshorisation deoffshorization departmental control dependence of the ruble deporte deposit operations deposit policy depositary activity deposits depreciation depreciation charges depreciation deductions depreciation of equipment depreciation of money depreciation of property depreciation policy depreciation policy of Belarus depreciation premiums depression deprivation of liberty deregulation derivacion semantica derivative accounting derivatives balances desarrollo economico desigion-making design design rules desorganización destination destruction of villages destructive activities Desys detergents determinism deutsch unternehmen Deutsch Wirtschaft deutsche sprache deutsche unternehmen Deutsche wirtschaft deutschen Iпvestitioпen deutschen sprache deutschen sprachkultur Deutscher Wortschatz deutschland deutschunterrichts devaluación devaluation devaluation processes devaluations developed countries developing countries development development agrocomplexes development expertise development initiatives development of accounting development of advertising development of computer programs development of cycling development of factoring development of regions development of society development of technologies development of the law development of tourism development of trade development process development prospects development strategy development trends deviant behavior device radio devices diagnostic prénatal dialekts Dialogkommunikation dienstleistungen differential equations differentiated marketing digesty digesty Justinian digital banking digital channels digital city digital cooperation digital currency digital economy digital machines digital marketing digital money digital out-of-home media digital platforms digital production digital public services digital technologies digital technology digital transformation digital-маркетинг digitale medien digitalen wirtschaft digitization dignity diplomatic service direct costing direct foreign investments direct investment direct investments direct marketing direct sales directions dirigeante disability disabled disabled people disabled travelers disadvantages of advertising disaster disaster of Belarus disciplinary action disciplinary liability disciplinary practice disciplinary responsibility discount discount system discounts discriminación discrimination discrimination against women discriminatory conditions discurso político discussions disequilibrium dishonesty disloyal competition dismissal display of goods disposable tableware dispute resolution disputes distance education distance learning distressed assets distribuidores distribution agreement distribution channels distribution costs distribution network distribution of duties distribution of students distribution sector distributive relations diversification diversified farming dividend policy dividends divine law divorce divorce rules document documentary credit documents for services documents processing doing business dolarización dollar dollarization dollars domain name domestic economy domestic products domestic tourism domestic trade domestic violence domination donat donation donations doping double standards double taxation doubtful debt Dovnar-Zapolski M.V. downgrading phrases DPRK dream weave Dreamland dress code drinking alcohol drinking products Drobyazko S. G. drogas drogen drogues droit droits droits culturels droits d'auteurs droits de l'homme droits des consommateurs droits sociaux droits économiques drones dropshipper drug drug abuse drugs Dublin-Abkommen dufte dumping dutch disease duties of parents duty free trade duty managers dwelling Dyatlov pass dynamic load dynamic pricing dynamic systems dynamics of mortality dynamics of prices dynastic marriages dysbacterioses dystopia Dzerzhinsky F. E. déclaration des droits démographie dépendance dólar e-business e-business techniques e-cash e-commerce e-commuting e-government e-health e-justice e-learning e-mail e-mail реклама e-money e-services e-trade e-work EAN.UCC earnings earth easements eastern partnership eastern workers easypay eco products market eco-building eco-business development eco-efficiency eco-friendly transport eco-tourism ecological catastrophe ecological certification ecological culture ecological disasters ecological farming ecological management systems ecological perspectives ecological problems ecological products ecological programs ecological situation ecological tax ecological tourism ecologie ecology ecology and economics ecology of city ecología econometric methods econometric models econometrics economia economia americana economia de Belarus economia digital economic economic accounting economic activity economic agents economic analysis economic aspect economic behavior economic boom economic categories economic changes economic climate economic communication economic community economic competence economic competition economic complexes economic conditions economic connection economic cooperation economic crimes economic crises economic crisis economic decisions economic depression economic development economic diagnostics economic differentiation economic education economic efficiency economic environment economic equilibrium economic failure economic forces economic forecasting economic forecasts economic functions economic globalization economic growth economic history economic impact economic incentives economic indicators economic informatics economic insolvency economic institutions economic integration economic integrations economic liberalization economic management economic management system economic mechanism economic migration economic model economic models economic of Belarus economic operations economic output economic partner economic paternalism economic policy economic policy institutes economic problems economic profitability economic proposition economic psychology economic realities economic recovery economic reform economic reforms economic regulation economic relations economic research economic resources economic restructuring economic risks economic sanctions economic security economic services economic situation economic solutions economic sphere economic status economic strategies economic sustainability economic system economic terminology economic terrorism economic theory economic ties economic tools economic transformation economic trends economic turmoil economic union economic unions economic value economic value added economic values economic violence economic zones economic-psychological modeling economics economics forecasting economie Economie du Bélarus economist economy economy in Belarus Economy in Latin America economy of Belarus economy of exchange economy of impressions economy of tourism economy of trade economy's productive capacities economía economía de belarús economía global economía ilegal economía regional economías nacionales económica econόmicos españoles ecoservices ecosystem ecosystem services ecotourism ecoturismo ECR edge project education education abroad education funding education in Belarus education in the family education of young people education policy education services education system education systems education technologies educational activities educational establishments educational exchange educational platforms educational policy educational process educational program educational services educational tourism educationnel enfants educators Belarus efectivo effect of advertising effective ads effective demand effective leadership effective management effective planning effective selling effectiveness of sanctions efficiency efficiency evaluation efficiency mark efficiency of enterprises efficiency of investments efficiency of labor efficiency of production efficiency of use Efficient Customer Response egal framework Egypt ehrenamtliches engagement ehrungen einkaufsentscheidung einkommensungleichheit einwanderung einwanderungsdebatte El banco de México el banquero el medio ambiente El Plan Real elasticity of demand elderly people electioneering elections electoral processes electoral system electric car electric kettles electric kettles with temperature control electric power electric vehicles electrical engineering electrical goods electricity electricity export electrography electrojuice extractor electromagnetic influence electronic archives electronic auction electronic auctions electronic business electronic calls electronic commerce electronic commerce. electronic currency electronic declaration electronic document electronic document management electronic document management systems electronic documents electronic exchanges electronic games electronic invoices electronic loans electronic manuals electronic media electronic menu electronic money electronic money market electronic payment systems electronic payments electronic postal services electronic publications electronic services electronic signatures electronic state electronic stores electronic systems electronic technology electronic trading floors electronic trading platforms electronic treatment electronic wallets elements of Economics elite of Belarus abroad email email marketing emancipation embryon emigrants emigration emigration behavior emigration process emission emotional intellect emotional intelligence emotional life emotional marketing emotional state emotions empathy emperor Alexander emplois employee management employee motivation employees employer branding employer ratings employers employment employment contract employment contracts employment law employment of citizens employment of the population employment policy empresa empresario empresas multinacionales emprunts lexicaux enabling environment encashment energetic resources energetics energieerzeugung energien-sollen energiequellen energiesparmassnahmen sind energy energy Belarus energy consumption energy costs energy efficiency energy enterprises of Belarus energy imports energy in Belarus energy market energy policy energy resources Energy Saving energy saving activity energy saving projects energy saving technologies energy savings energy security energy supply of Belarus energy technology energía engage customers engineering England English English borrowings english language english paremias english-language Englishes ENIAC enterprise enterprise competitiveness enterprise costs enterprise culture enterprise finance enterprise information system enterprise integration enterprise management enterprise management system enterprise planning enterprise policy enterprise productivity enterprise property insurance enterprise reorganization Enterprise Resource Planning Enterprise Resources Planning enterprise restructuring enterprise strategy enterprises enterprises in Belarus enterprises modernization enterprises of agroindustrial complex enterprises of Belarus entertainment complexes entities entlehnungen entrepreneurial activity entrepreneurial activity of women entrepreneurial potential entrepreneurs entrepreneurship entrepreneurship in Belarus entrepreneurship training entreprises entreprises françaises entspannung entwicklung des unternehmens entwicklungslaender environment environment in the Byelorussian SSR environment protection environmental activities environmental agreements environmental audit environmental awareness environmental certification environmental costs environmental damage environmental education environmental information environmental law environmental legislation environmental management Environmental Performance Index environmental policy environmental pollution environmental problems environmental protection environmental resources environmental Responsibility environmental rights environmental rights of citizens environmental risks environmental safety environmental security environmental services environmental tax environmental taxation environmental taxes environmental tragedy environmental treaties environmentally clean products environnement enzyme analysis EOQ EPAM Ephraim Korneichik Epic Games equal payments equal society equality equation equipo equipos у materiales equity equivalency ergonomics Erlikh E. Ermakova, E. V. ERP ERP системы ERP-система ERP-система SAP ERP-системы ERPII espace socio-économique Espana España Español Espańa espionage esprit marketing essential oils establishment of human rights Estados Unidos estate estate market Estats-Unis estimation of life expectancy estonian literature estrategia económica ESWin Etats-Unis ethics ethics in business ethics of business ethics of non-violence ethnic ethnic conflicts ethnic interaction ethnic self-awareness ethnic tourism ethnische minderheiten ethnocultural consolidation ethnoculture ethnography etiqueta de negocios etiquette ETL-процессы etymology of the word EU Euphrosyne Of Polotsk Eurasian economic union eurasian integration euro euro banknotes euro zone eurobonds eurodollar euromanager Euromoney Euromonitor International Euronews Europaische Union Europaischen Union Europe European Bank for Reconstruction and Development European Central Bank European court European integration European models european monetary sistem European union European Union enlargement European Voluntary Service Europeischen Union Europäische Union europäischen union euthanasia EVA-method EVA-метод evaluation of assets and liabilities evaluation of attractiveness of evaluation of materials evaluation of the effectiveness EVC-анализ event events event greening event management event marketing event sponsorship event tourism event-management event-marketing event-маркетинг event-реклама events everyday communication evidence eviews evolution of Institute of presidency examination Excel excess exchange exchange activity exchange differences exchange markets exchange rate exchange rate regime exchange rates exchange trade exchange trade goods exchange transaction exchange warehouses exchanging information excise excise tax excise tax on fuel excursion excursion routes excursion service excursion tourism excursions execution of sentences executive executive authority executive branchexecutive branch exhibit space exhibition exhibition activities exhibition activity exhibition business exhibition complexes exhibitions exogenous variables exotismen expansion économique expansión internacional expenditure records expense planning expenses experience economy experienced Immigrants experiential economy experimental computer calculations experimental economics experimental funding system expert devices expert methods expert system ESWin expertise exploits children export export activities export business export commodities export contracts export crediting export diversification export financing export insurance export marketing export of educational services export of finished products export of goods export of milk export of plywood export of products export operations export policy export potential export promotion export quotas export risks export sales to Russia export services export the maneuver export-import relations export-oriented shops exportación exports exports of goods exposition de la population express delivery expression Exrate extermination camp external debt external debts external demand external economic balance external links external migration external regional policy external-economic potential extra-budgetary funds extrapolation eye tracking eye-tracking E·commerce fabricantes de exportación Facebook fachkräftemangels factor analysis factoring factoring operations factoring services factoring transactions fair activities fair value fake ATMs fake money fake news fallstudien falschen finanzplanung falschgeld falsification falsification of information falsification of toys falsified goods familienunternehmen famille family family budget family business family economy family farms family life family relationships family restaurants family tourism fare farm farm tourism farmers farming farming system farming units farms fascism fashion fashion industry Fashion Snoops fashion-индустрия fashion-компании fast food fast-fashion fat and oil industry fat products fatty goods faux leather FBI FDI fear features decision tree features interpretations features of perception Federal government feed additives feedback FEFO female crime female employment female generation female managers female snipers female unemployment feminism feminization femme fenómeno fenómeno de liderazgo Fernando Henrique Cardoso fertility festivals fiction field service fiesta taurino fight against crime fight against human trafficking figure skating film discourse filter knitwear filtration partition finance finance companies finance company Finance enterprises finance management finance of enterprises finance organizations finances financial accounting financial activities financial aid financial analysis financial and economic activity financial assets financial behavior financial compensations financial condition of enterprises financial control financial controlling financial crimes financial crises financial crisis financial decisions financial development financial diagnostics financial documents financial education financial engineering financial expenses financial flow financial flows financial globalization financial groups financial incentives financial indicators financial industry financial instability financial institution financial institutions financial instruments financial investment financial investments financial literacy financial loans financial management financial management system financial management tools financial market financial mechanism financial methods financial obligations financial operations financial performance financial plan financial planning financial policy financial position financial potential financial recovery financial regulation financial relations financial reports financial reserves financial resources financial results financial right financial risk financial risks financial sanctions financial sector financial security financial services financial stability financial stabilization financial statements financial status financial strategies financial strategy financial support financial sustainability financial system financial systems financial tactics financial technology financing financing of investment projects financing of organizations financing systems Finantial Action Task Force finanz-und wirtschaftsbeziehungen finanzen finanzielle risiken finanziellen schwierigkeiten eines Finanzkrise FindFace fingerprint identification fingerprints finished products Finland fire formation fire systems firms in the institutional environment first-year students fiscal accounting fiscal incentives fiscal policy fiscal policy of Belarus fiscal regulation fiscal responsibility fiscal system fiscalité écologique fish industry fish meat fish products Fisher fitness tourism fitness tours fixed asset accounting fixed assets fixed assets of industrial organizations flaggen flags flat design flat дизайн flavoring products flavors flax cultivation flax industry flint mining flipped model flores flour fluctuations flüchtlinge fodder production folklore folkloristik food food additives food consumption food culture food culture of Belarus food demand food festivals food industry food market food markets food networks food of population food packaging materials food processing industry food products food safety food security food service industry food technology food waste food-processing industry foods foodstuff foodstuffs football football business football professionnel footwear footwear industry forced liquidation forced migrants forecast calculations forecast estimate forecasting forecasting and planning forecasting of dynamics forecasting of economy forecasting processes forecasting profits foreign investment foreign capital foreign citizens foreign culture foreign currency earnings foreign currency exchange foreign currency financing foreign development experience Foreign direct investment foreign direct investments foreign economic activity foreign economic policy foreign economic relations foreign economic transactions foreign economics foreign economy foreign exchange markets foreign exchange policy foreign exchange regulation foreign experience foreign investment foreign investments foreign investors foreign iпvestors foreign languages foreign law foreign loans foreign market foreign markets foreign nationals foreign policy foreign states foreign students foreign tourists foreign trade foreign trade activity foreign trade analysis foreign trade contracts foreign trade exchange foreign trade income foreign trade of Belarus foreign trade partners foreign trade policy foreign trade potential of Belarus foreign trade relations foreign trade transactions foreign trade turnover foreign-language competence foreigners forensic forensic accounting forensics forest conservation forest enterprises forest growing forest industry forest law forest products forest resources forestry forestry complex forestry in Belarus forestry industry forestry market forestry production forests Forex forfaiting companies forgery of money form style forma de comportarse formal institutions formation of citizenship formation of personality formation of the CIS formats of trading objects forms of competition forms of disputes forms of employment forms of law forms of marriage forms of ownership forms of terrorism formula fortschritte foster care foster family fourth industrial revolution fourth-age tourism fraktionen vertreten frames franc français France France24 franchise franchise agreement franchise business franchise system franchises franchising franchising relations Francis Skaryna Franglais français fraud frauen free air free cash free economic zone free economic zones free flow free tourist space free trade freedom of religion freelance freemasonry freight freight transportation freiwillige freiwilligenarmee fremdsprache French economy french language French policy fromage front letters front songs frontpage frozen convenience foods frozen fish fruit fruit juices fruits fuel and energy balances fuel and energy complex fuel and energy costs fuel and energy resources fuel market fuels and lubricants fuhrung fulfilment functioning of enterprises functions functions of law functions of mass media funded pension system funding funding of science funds fur fur clothes fur farms furniture furniture clusters furniture companies furniture company furniture enterprises furniture industry furniture manufacturing furniture market furniture products future professionals futures futures trading futurology fuzzy logic fuzzy-technology fuzzy-технологии fußsoldaten gadgets gambling gambling addiction gambling area gambling business gambling establishments game addiction game industry game theory game tourism games of chance gamification gaming gaming platforms GAP-анализ gaps in law garbage gardening gasentladungslampen Gashtold, A. Gastrofest gastronomic tourism gastronomie gastronomischer tourismus gathering information gazlega eastern geburt gehim geldscheine geldstromverwaltung gemeinsamen agrarpolitik gender gender dimension gender discrimination gender diversity gender division gender economy gender equality gender identity gender inequality gender justice gender policy gender roles gender segregation gender socialization gender stereotypes gene mind General Electric general secondary education general socialization generation Z generation Х generational theory generations genes genesis genetic engineering genetic engineering activity genetically engineered organisms Genetically modified foods genetically modified organism genetische Krankheiten Geneva Convention genocide gentry genuine leather geo-branding geographic clustering geographic information system Geographic Information Systems geoinformation resources geoinformation systems geomarketing geomarketing research geopolitics German german history german occupation gerontological crime geschichte geschlechtsspezifische ungleichheiten geschäft geschäftstätigkeit gesellschaftlichen lebens gestion d'entreprise gestion du temps gesture gestures gesunde ernährung gesundheit gesundheitssysteme geymifikatsiya gifted children GIS technology glass glass ceramic products glass industry glassware Glinski, M.L. global climate change global competition global crisis global economic global economic integration global economic system global economy global financial market global hunger global index global information space global politics global positioning system global problems global reservation system global strategy global terrorist index global travel market global warming globalisierung globalizacion mundial globalización globalizaciόn globalization globalization of competition globalization process glossators gluten free products glycerol glück der bevölkerung GMO GnuPG goal planning goat milk gold gold alloys gold market gold standard system golden standard golf good faith good manners goods goods and services goods delivery goods packaging goods supply goods-competitors goodwill Google Google Analytics Google chrome Google Docs Google services google wave google диск Google+ governance system governing bodies government government agency government bonds government duty government policy government program government regulation government short-term bonds government support program governmental policy governmental support governments GPS grading grading system graduates graduates of universities graffiti grain farms grain processing company grammatical composition grammatik Grammy-Verleihung Gran Público Grand Duchy Of Lithuania grants grape wines gratuitous transfer property Great Britain great Patriotic war Greek lawmakers green green camouflage Green Cargo green chemistry green consumers Green Customs green economy green event green industry green logistics green marketing green roof green tea green technologies green tourism green washing greenmailing greenwashing greeting sheets groceries grocery complex Grodno Grodno region Gross domestic product gross profit gross regional product ground rent group financial results group of buyers growth of birth rate Grupo Santander grünes marketing guarantee funds guardianship guerre guerrilla marketing guerrilla movement guerrillas vacation gypsum production gypsum products género usados Gόmel-Ratόп hacker hackers handelsbeziehungen Handelspolitik handheld computers handicapées handicraft activity handling costs handlungsfelder handys Hanseatic league happy planet index hardware Haribo harm harvesting aggregates haunted house headlines headphones headset healing health health care health care system health insurance health of the nation health tourism health-improving services healthcare healthy eating healthy food healthy lifestyle healty heat exchange heavy metals hedge funds herbal medicine herbs heritage hermeneutics heroes of war heroism heuristic management heutiger technik hi-tech parks hi-tech sector hidden advertising high education high speed trains high tech high tech parks High Technology Park high-tech high-tech park high-tech parks high-tech products higher education higher education institutions higher egg production hiring form hiring workers hispanos historical and cultural heritage historical memory historical monuments historical objects historical places historical policy historical research historical sites historiography historische stätten history history of banking history of Belarus history of development history of economy history of insurance history of law history of philosophy history of state and law HIV infection hochschulsystem hockey Hockey World Championship holacracy holding company holdings holograms home exchange home expectations home worker homo sapiens honour HoReCa horseflesh hospitality hospitality industry hospitality sphere hostel buildings hostels hostilities hotel hotel activities hotel alliance hotel and restaurant complexes hotel business hotel chains hotel complexes hotel enterprise hotel enterprises hotel facilities hotel for flowers hotel industry hotel infrastructure hotel managers hotel residents hotel safety hotel sector hotel service hotel services hotel staff hotelindustrie hotels hotels in Belarus hotelwesen HouseExpo-2016 household appliances household chemicals household deposits household incomes household soap households houseplants housing housing affordability housing and communal services housing and utilities housing bonds housing construction housing disputes housing fund housing loans housing management housing market housing services housing stock HR department HR-management HR-бренд HR-специалисты HTML human capital human development human development index human energy human health human impact human life human need human needs human performance human potential human psyche human psychophysiology human resources human resources management human rights human rights and freedoms human spirituality human trafficking human values humanism humanitarian problems humanitäre hilfe humanization of education hunting facilities hunting farms hunting tourism hybrid electric vehicle hydrobiology hydrocarbon feed hyperinflationary economy hypermarkets hypertext hypothèque hégémonia hôtels IAS IBA ice cream ice cream assortment ice hockey world championship 2014 ICT idealization of the person identity ideological influence ideology ideology of national socialism IFRS IFRS 15 III Статут ВКЛ illegal downloading illegal immigrants illegal migration illegal tourists illegal traffic illegal weapons illicit traffic illiquid stocks IMac image image evaluation image of a person image of state capitals image of the country image of the museum image of the organization image of women image-work imagen imagen verbal de los deportistas IMAGURU immigrants immigration immigration policy Immobilien immobilienmarkt immobilienmarkt betrachtet immunity of a foreign state impact loads impact of color impairment of financial investments imperfect competition implementation mechanism implementation of tax planning implementation services implicitness of persuasion import import of goods import products import substituting products import substitution import substitution policy imported production imports improvement of population improvement of quality improvement of the enterprise improving accounting improving systems improving the efficiency improving the pension system improving the quality of improving the quality of products improving the structure imputed tax inbound tourism incentive mechanism incentive objects incentive principle incentives offered to consumers incident management inclusive tourism income income distribution income legalization income of enterprises income of the population income tax income taxation income utility income utility functions incomes incoming incompetent enterprises increase in crime increase of efficiency increase profits incubator indemnification independence of Belarus independence of states independent examination independent statehood independent states independent tourism indeterminism index differentiation index insurance index of civilian assistance index of democracy indexing India's economy indicateurs démographique indicators of statistical reporting indirect costs indirect method indirect taxes individual behavior individual entrepreneurs individual entrepreneurship individual property tax individuals industrial capital industrial complex industrial countries industrial emissions industrial enterprises industrial espionage industrial gymnastics Industrial park industrial physical culture industrial policy industrial poultry industrial production industrial products industrial property industrial revolution industrial robots industrial sector industrial technologies industrie automobile industrie française Industrienationen industry industry in Belarus industry of Minsk industry organization industry risks industría de Europa inefficient organization inequality infant mortality infanticide infantilism inflation inflation targeting inflationary processes influence of advertising influence on the behavior influencer marketing infocommunication innovations informal institutions information information age information and communication technologies information and communication technology information and computer technology information and legal systems of Belarus information exchange information impact information infrastructure information kiosks in museums information management systems information needs information noise information processing information quality information resources information risks information security information society information sources information space information sphere information support information system information systems information systems of companies information technologies information Technology information warfare information work information рrotection information-oriented society informational resources informational systems informationstechnik informationstechnologie informationstechnologien informatique informatization Informatization of medicine infrastructure infrastrukturgesellschaft init-linked insurance plan inmigrante inmigrantes inmuebles Innere innovaciones innovation innovation activities innovation activity innovation activity of enterprises innovation cluster innovation hotel innovation implementation innovation in banks innovation management innovation policy innovation potential innovation processes innovation projects innovation strategy innovations innovations in Belarus innovations in hi-tech Innovationsaktivitäten innovationspolitik innovative activities innovative activity innovative activity in Belarus innovative attachments innovative behavior innovative competitiveness innovative complexes innovative contributions innovative development innovative economy innovative education innovative enterprises innovative entrepreneurship innovative export services innovative financing innovative ideas innovative marketing innovative methods innovative modernization innovative potential innovative processes innovative products innovative project innovative projects innovative solutions innovative startup innovative strategies innovative strategy innovative systems innovative technologies innovative types innovatives potenzial von unternehmen innover insolvent enterprises Instagram installment cards instant payments Institute maslyata Institute of intellectual property Institute of world judges Institute property rights institution of marriage institution of the marriage contract institution of the presidency in Belarus institutional environment institutional risks institutionalization institutions institutions compensation instruments de paiement insurance insurance activity insurance claims Insurance companies insurance companies of Belarus insurance compensation insurance contracts insurance contributions insurance funds insurance in the Republic of Belarus insurance indemnities insurance industry insurance intermediation insurance market insurance markets insurance medicine insurance operations insurance organizations insurance payments insurance services insurance supervision insurance system intangible assets intangible cultural heritage intangible motivation integracion integrated communications integrated development integrated marketing communications integrated power management integrated quality management integrated reporting integrated sales integration integration associations integration links integration of business entities integration of cultures integration of micro level integration of the economy integration process integration processes integration projects integrative approach integrative theory integrative understanding of law Intel inteligencia artificial intellectual activity intellectual capital intellectual labor intellectual migration intellectual property intelligence intelligent information technology intemational politics intemational terrorism intemet inter-lingual communication interacción cultural interactive content interactive tables interactive technologies InterBank interbranch balance interbrand interbudgetary relations interbudgetary relationships intercultural communication intercultural interaction interculturel offre interest rates interests of creditors interests of the individual intergenerational communication intergovernmental agreement Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change supports intergovernmental relations intergovernmental transfers interim measures interkulturelle kommunikation interkulturelle kompetenz interkulturellen begegnungen intermediation internacionalización internal affairs bodies internal audit internal environment internal market internal marketing internal marketing of companies internal rate of return International Energy Association international agreements International alliances international arbitration international business international business activity international business english international cashless payments international civil procedure international communication international community international competition international competitions international connections international cooperation international corporations International Corpus international court of arbitration international cultural cooperation International Day of Climate Action international economic international economic agreements international economic cooperation international economic partnership international economic relations international economy international education international environmental law international exhibition international exhibitions international experience international festivals international financial markets international financial reporting standards international hotel business international hotel chains international hotel operators international humanitarian law international integration international investment international investors international language international law international leasing international legal acts international lending international Management international manager international market international marketing International Monetary Fund international movement international organization international organizations international payments international project international purchase and sale international relations international relationships international responsibility international restaurants international road transport international sanctions international security international settlement systems international settlements international shipping international standards international talks international terrorism international tourism international tourism organizations international trade International trade in services international trading system international transaction international transportation international treaties international uncertainty internationale Beziehungen internationalen berechnungen internationalen Finanztransaktionen internationalen werbung internationalization internationalization of economic internautas internautes internet Internet addiction Internet advertisement Internet advertising internet banking internet business internet commerce Internet communication Internet Explorer internet insurance Internet market of Belarus internet marketing Internet of things internet payments internet projects Internet promotion Internet protocol internet resources Internet services internet sites internet slang internet space internet technologies internet trading internet users internet-banking Internet-caйт internet-werbung Internet-брэнд Internet-технологии Internetressourcenbenutzung Internetsprache internment interpersonal communications interpersonal conflicts interpersonal emotional intelligence interpersonal relationships interpretation interpretation of law interpretation of legal norms interpretation of the rulemaking interrupcion intersectoral balances interstate integration intertribal relations interview interviews introduction introduction of innovative technologies introduction of technology introduction of the JIT system intuitive right intégration politique invalid food invasion of English Inventor inventories inventories in retail trade inventory inventory bookkeeping inventory calculations inventory control inventory management inventory of property inverkehrbringen inversiones inversiones chinas inversiones transfronterizas investigative actions investing investing economy investissement investissement étranger investissements de l’environnement investisseurs investition investitionen investitionseffizienz investitionsklima investitionspolitik Investitionsprojekte investmant investment investment activities investment activity investment activity in Belarus investment activity of organizations investment attraction investment attractiveness investment attractiveness of enterprise investment attractiveness of the country investment banking investment Belarus investment business investment capital investment climate investment climate industry investment cooperation investment corporate investment forecasting investment formation investment influence investment management investment market investment planning investment policy investment portfolio investment potential investment process investment processes investment Projects investment rating investment resources investment risk investment sector investment sources investment tools investment transactions investments investments in long-term assets investoren investors invidious consumption invoice invoices inégalité économique IP telephony IP-адреса IPad IPO IR IR-activities IR-деятельность IR-службы irons IRR iscal authorities ISIS Islam Islamic banking Islamic countries islamic ethics Islám ISO Israeli economy IT IT audit IT industry IT market IT products IT projects IT- технологии IT-business IT-industry it-infrastructure IT-professionals IT-sphere IT-индустрия IT-отрасль IT-продукция IT-проекты IT-сфера IT-технологи IT-технологии Italy iterative development iusiness Ivan Groznyy Ivan Melezh IВМ iнстытут рэчаевага права iнтытут натарыята IоТ iпternational consultations Iпternet IТ-рынок IТIL Jackson M. Jamaican currency system Jamaika-Koalition Japan japan students Japanese advertising Japanese culture japanese economy japanese language Japanese models Java jeunes jewelery industry jewelry jewelry alloys jewelry industry jewish people Jewish population jewish state JIT system JIT system in Belarus Jnversion job evaluation job market job search Johannes Glaubitz joint ownership joint projects joint purchases joint stock companies joint stock company joint ventures judges judgments judicial branch judicial decisions judicial defense judicial interpretation judicial interpretation of the right judicial investigation judicial law-making judicial mediation judicial practice judicial protection judicial reform judicial reform of 1864 judicial system judicial system of Belarus judicial systems judiciary jugend jugendliche jugendlichen jugendsprache juices jurisprudence jurisprudence of England juriste juristische erfahrung jurists jury jury Trials just in time justice justice rules justice system Justwork juvenile delinquency juvenile justice juventud Kaizen Kalinowski, K. kampf für Freiheit kampfflaggen Kanban katastrophe in Tschernobyl Kazakhstan kefir kennzeichnungen key performance indicator key performance indicators Keys A. Kickstarter kiezdeutsch killing a child kinder kinds kinship Kirill Turovsky Kit B. kleinstädte kleinuntemehmen Klingeltöne knitwear know how knowledge knowledge management Koevoet Kollontay G. Kommunarka kommunikation kommunikationsfehle kommunikatives verhalten kommunismus kompetenz konkurrenzfähigkeit konkurs Konstantin Ostrozhsky Korean stock exchange KPI kraft der farbe krankenversicherung kraudeconomika in Belarus Kreditvergabe kulturellen eigenschaften kulturerbes kulturtradition kwalifikacji personelu künstliche Intelligenz l'apprentissage des langues L'ONU L'Union européenne l'économie de la France l'égalité des sexes la ecologia labor labor activity labor adaptation labor agreements labor contract labor contracts labor cooperation labor costs labor discipline labor disputes labor division labor economics labor efficiency labor law labor market labor migrants labor motivation labor organization labor potential labor productivity labor rate labor rationing labor records labor regulation labor relations labor resources labor rights labor sphere labor stimulation labor-intensive production labour labour economics labour law employees labour market labour organization Lamoda land land disputes land markets land plots land reforms land relations land resources land tax land use landlocked countries landscaping landwirte landwirtschaft Langbard, I. G. language language competencies language dialect language discrimination language interoperability language means language of headlines language personality language policies language tools languages langue française langue litttéraire langues officielles Large Hadron Collider explosion largest hotel chains las exportaciones las plazas financieras laser equipment last king Latin American latinoamericanos Latinoamérica Latvia law law and Economics law and legislation law and order law and youth policy law becoming law degree law enforcement law of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania law schools law students lawfulness lawmaking laws lawyer lawyer Bogushevich lawyers lay assessors layered printing layout of goods le forme leader of Soviet Belarus leaders leadership leadership qualities leadership skills lean production learning foreign languages learning process learning style of kyudo lease lease accounting lease agreement lease contract lease payments lease relations leases leasing leasing activity leasing business leasing companies leasing markets leasing operations leasing portfolio leasing recipients leasing relationships leasing transaction leasing transactions leather case leather goods leather industry leather shoes leben-balance lebensmittel lebensqμalitat lebensstandards LED products legacy of Poulantzas N. legal acts legal advice legal aid legal analysis legal assistance legal awareness legal capacity legal case legal category legal clinic legal clinics legal conflict legal conflicts legal consciousness of youth legal construction legal culture legal defense legal disputes legal doctrines legal education legal entities legal entity legal ethics legal expertise legal forms legal framework legal heritage Oginski, M. K. legal ideology legal incentives legal information legal institutions legal issues of market legal knowledge legal liability legal mentality legal nature legal nihilism legal norms legal practice legal practices legal presumption legal protection legal protection in Belarus legal regime legal regulation legal regulation of business legal regulations legal relationship legal relationship of spouses legal representation legal responsibilities legal responsibility legal science legal security legal services legal status legal status of an individual legal support legal system legal systems legal tax construction legal terminology legal uncertainty legal understanding legal views Skaryna legality legalización de las drogas legalization drug legalize business legislation legislation and law legislation for businesses legislation of Belarus legislation of the Byelorussian SSR Legislation of the Republic of Belarus legislative activity legislative acts legislative powers legislative regulation legislative support legists and normativisty legitimate interest leisure leisure activity lenders lending lending customers lengua lengua española lenguaje juvenil Lenin, V. I. les droits de l'homme les marques les petites entreprises lessor letters of credit Lev Sapieha level of culture level of GDP level of shadow economy lex societatis lexeme lexical borrowing lexical units liabilities liabilities of the bank liability insurance liable men liberalismo de mercado liberté de la presse liberté du débat library accounting library automation library WEKA Libya licencja praktykanta licenses licensing licensing of activities licensing regulation licensing system lichttechnik Life life cycle life expectancy life insurance life insurance in Belarus lifestyle lifetime light industry light industry in Belarus light source market lighting lighting of Minsk lighting projects limited liability company limits of protection linear algebra linear exchange model linear function linear functions linen production linguacultural environment linguistic analyses linguistic analysis linguistic consciousness linguistic science linguistics linguistik linguistische Informationen linguistische Korpora LinkedIn Linkedln liquefied gas liquidation commission liquidation of a legal entity liquidation of companies liquidez internacional liquidity of the company liquidity ratios liquidity the organization literary activity literary genres literary translation literature Lithuania litigation live aid livestock livestock sector living conditions living history of Belarus living standards living wage livraison livres imprimés livres électroniques loan administration loan agreement loan agreements loans lobbying local area network local authorities local budget local budgets local fees local government local government in Belarus local industries local loan bonds local taxes localization logical reasoning logistic operations logistic potential logistic robot logistic service logistic system logistic systems logistical costs logistical purchases logistics logistics companies logistics outsourcing logistics philosophy logistics services logistics systems Logistik logos lohn lohnspreizung long-lasting commitments long-term assets long-term assets accounting long-term debt long-term programs Lorentz model lorenz system los mercados de valores los mercados globales los paises industriales los servicios turísticos losses lost profit Lotterien lotteries lottery business lottery markets low low-value items lower prices loyalty loyalty program loyalty programs LPI Lucintel Luckevich, I. Lukashenko A.G. lumpsum tax lunch dishes Lutskevich, A. I. luxury housing législation líder l’environnement l’investissement direct l’ONU L’Oréal l’ubérisation l’ubérisation à l’économie M&A market machiavellianism machine building machine building factory machine learning machine translate macrodynamics macroeconomic models macroeconomic policy macroeconomic stabilization macroeconomics Maesens magdeburg law Magic Mouse MagicSlide magnitude of supply mail logistics main capital major repairs making decisions maladies male managers Malediven management management accounting management activities management approaches management basics management communication management costs management decisions management innovation management methods management models management of risks management organization management organizations management personnel management principle management science management strategies management system management technology management аccounting management’s role manager manager's image managerial competence managerial skills managers managing managing personality mandatory distribution manipulation mano de obra manor complexes manufactory manufacture manufacture manufactured products manufacturing control manufacturing process mapping marcheage marché biélorusse margarine products marginal income marginal revenue marginality marginalization marital and family relations maritime logistics marken markenpiraterie market market analysis market basket market capitalization market competition market conditions market demand market diversification market economy market fluctuations market infrastructure market institutions market mechanism market niche market power market price market reforms market relations market research market risks market securitization market segmentation market strategy market system market value marketers marketing marketing activities marketing activity marketing analysis marketing audit marketing businesses marketing campaigns marketing communication marketing communications marketing companies marketing company marketing concepts marketing environment marketing events marketing incentives marketing innovation marketing management marketing mindset marketing mix marketing of territories marketing personnel marketing planning marketing policy marketing pricing marketing research marketing risks marketing services marketing solutions marketing strategies marketing strategy marketing support marketing system marketing systems marketing technique marketing tools marketing-tools marketingstrategien marketiпg markets markets businesses markets of enterprises marking markov chains marktbedingungen marktwirschaft marktwirtschaft marktwirtschaftsbildung marmalade marques françaises marriage marriage contract marriage contracts marriage market marriage products marriageable population marriages marshmallow martial law mass communication mass consciousness mass consumption mass culture mass media mass media communications mass mood mass production mass sport events massenmedien material material benefits material costs material damage material expenditures material flows material liability material motivation material production material resources material values materiality level materials management MathCAD mathematical apparatus mathematical economics mathematical methods mathematical model matlab matrimonial law matrix models matrix theory mayonnaise McDonald's McDonald’s means of transport measuring systems meat industry meat products mechanical engineering media media communication media critic media discourse media planning media platforms media plaппing medianas empresas mediation mediation procedure mediators medical activity medical and health tourism medical crimes medical expenses medical institutions medical products medical services medical tourism medical workers medicamentos medications medicina medicinal herbs medicine medicines medien medientexte Mediterráneo medium business medium businesses medium enterprises medium-sized enterprises medizin meeting industry Melezh I.P. melon melting pot member countries meme memorials mencap menschen menschenfreundlichkeit mental map mental maps mental performance mental wellness mentality mentalität mentalité nationale menu mercado financiero mercado paralelo mercados de futuros mercenary mercenary units merchandise exports merchandising mergers mes MES-системы message messenger messengers metal tableware metallurgical enterprise metals metapher metaphoriques dans methods of advertising methods of motivating Mexico Miami MICE-events MICE-туризм Michael Glinski micro-enterprises microcredit microeconomic regulation microeconomics microfinance microleasing Microsoft Microsoft Excel middle ages middle east mietwohnungen migranten migrants migration migration flows migration policy migration processes migration regulation migrations intemationales migrationshintergrund military activity military awards military conflic military conflicts military counterintelligence military courts military crime military defense military developments military doctrines military equipment military exploits military figures military intelligence military lawyers military personal military personnel military team military-judiciary militärindustrie militärische аusrüstung militärischer organisationsbereich militärmanöver Militärunternehmen milk milk market milk production milk products millenium mind maps mind-set mindset mineral fertilizers mineral water mining minors Minsk minsk shops MIPS-анализ Mir Castle mittelklasse mobile tracker mobile advertising mobile application mobile applications mobile apps mobile banking mobile commerce mobile communication mobile communications mobile commurucation mobile connection mobile establishments mobile internet mobile network mobile operators mobile payments mobile phones mobile systems mobile technologies mobile technology mobile tourism mobile trading mobilization mobilnst unternehmen modal words mode mode unisexe model of management modeling modern culture modern economy modern head modern society modern technologies modern technology modernization modernization of enterprises modifications modèles économiques molecular gastronomy Molochnyi Mir monarchy Mondial mondialisation moneda monedas monetarias monetarism monetary crisis monetary emission monetary flows monetary integration monetary items monetary policy monetary reform monetary reforms monetary relations monetary system monetary systems monetary union monetary units monetary valuation monetization money money income money issue money laundering money management money psychology money supply money transfers money turnover money-credit policy MongoDB monitoring of enterprises monitoring theft monnaie monnaie nationale monnaie électronique monopolies monopolism monopoly monopoly enterprises monuments law moral categories moral criteria moral damage moral damages moral ideals moral injury moral qualities moral requirements moral standards morality morphology mortality mortgage mortgage credit lending mosaic tile motivate employees motivated workforce means motivating employees motivation motivation methods motivation of personnel motivation students motivational settings motivators motor company motor transport motor transport enterprises moyennes entreprises MRR Churn MS Office mujer mujeres multi-level marketing multifunctional residential complex multimedia works multimodal logistics centers multinational companies multinational corporations municipal dumas municipal law museum attendance museum marketing museums music music industry musical accompaniment muslim law mutual obligations mutual settlements mutual trade mystery shopper mythological märchen médicine México música Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz mопеу laundering nahrungsmitteln naming nanoindustry nanotechnologie narcotic drugs nation national account national accounting national bank national banks national calculations national capital national characteristics national cuisine national culture national currencies national currency national development national dishes national economic national economy national emblem national heritage national identity national income national innovation systems national law national legislation national minorities national movement national park national policy national security national system national tourism national tourism products national tourist national traditions nationalism nationality nationalparks native advertising natural disasters natural environment natural fats natural fur natural heritage natural law natural products natural resources nature management naturschutzgebiete Naumova S.F. nazism necessary defense needs needs of humanity negative sides negociación negocio negotiation negotiation of meaning negotiations neoconservatism Neolithic era neologisms Nestlé Nesvizh castle net assets net liabilities net profit Netherlands network business network marketing network organizations network retailer network technologies network technology network trade network trading network war networks neuerung neural network neural networks neuro enhancers neuro linguistic programming neurocomputers neuroecomics neurographics neuromarketing neurons new communication new economics new economy new technologies newborn baby news discourse newspaper newspaper headlines NFC Payment NFC технологии NFC-технологии niche market night clubs niños indigo nobel laureates Nobel prize noise pollution non-cash money non-cash payments non-cash settlements non-drink drinks non-food market non-govemmental sector non-grocery goods non-invasive glucometer non-state sector non-tariff measures non-verbal communication nonlinear equations nonlinear methods nonmaterial motivation nonverbal communication nootropick Nordic countries normative legal act