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Title: Инактивная структура с глаголами звучания в среднеанглийский период
Authors: Черенда, А. Э.
Cherenda, A. E.
Keywords: инактивная структура;глаголы звучания;семантика;inactive structure;verbs of sound;semantics
Issue Date: 2015
Language: Русский
Type: Article
Citation: Черенда, А. Э. Инактивная структура с глаголами звучания в среднеанглийский период / А. Э. Черенда // Теоретические и методологические аспекты коммуникации : сборник научных трудов кафедры межкультурной экономической коммуникации Белорусского государственного экономического университета. Вып. 5. - Минск : РИВШ, 2015. - С. 140-144.
Abstract: Semamic and syntactic peculiarities of sentences containing verbs of sound are considered in the given article. The sentences chosen for the analysis arе formally similar to the so called inactive structure which is widespread in modem English. Тhе material under study is taken from Middle English texts. As а result of the analysis the semantic and syntactic peculiarity of the inactive structure was determined, semantic аnd syntactic features оf the sentences сhosеn were characterized, peculiar properties of the inactive structure and parameters of the structures formally similar to it were compared. The analysis conducted showed that оnlу some verbs of sound were used in the inactive structure in the period stated, which саn bе due to novelty ofthe given language phenomenon, limited volume of the material investigated and appearance of some verbs оf sound in the language оnlу in the Middle English period.
ISBN: 978-985-500-843-0
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