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"soft power" 10-15 вв. 18 в. 19 в. 1921-1929 1941-1944 1997 г. 1C: Бухгалтерия 1C: Предприятие 1С-программисты 1С: Бухгалтерия 7. 7 1С: Предприятие 8.2 1С:Бухгалтерия 20 в. 2PL-услуги 3D 3D technology 3D-печать 3D-принтер 3D-технологии 3PL-услуги 4PL-услуги 6 sigma 9 мая a crisis Aarhus Convention abbreviations ABC-analysis ABC-анализ aberration coefficient abortion abrupt stop absolute values abstract reading abstracting abstraction abstracts academic adaptation academic discipline academic disciplines academic institutions academic mobility academic reading academic texts academic writing Academy of sciences accentuation acceptance of goods accessibility account account plans accountability accountancy accountant judgment accountants accounting accounting (financial) reporting accounting activity accounting analysis accounting and analytical information accounting and analytical system accounting and reporting accounting assets accounting automation accounting categories accounting concept accounting containers accounting control accounting course accounting depreciation accounting development accounting documents accounting education accounting finance accounting for calculations accounting for liquidation accounting for subsidies accounting forms accounting functions accounting informatics accounting information accounting legislation accounting method accounting methodolog accounting methodology accounting of arguments accounting of customs payments accounting of distribution costs accounting of economic activities accounting of expenses accounting of funds accounting of goods accounting of precious materials accounting of repairs accounting of settlements accounting of transactions accounting operations accounting packages accounting policies Belarusian banks accounting policy accounting principles accounting products accounting profit accounting records accounting registers accounting revenue accounting risk accounting risks accounting shortages accounting software accounting standardization accounting standards accounting standards system accounting statements accounting system accounting systems accounting technology accounting theory accounting value accounts accounts payable accounts payable management accounts receivable accrual of dividends accrued payments accumulation fund accumulation of funds accumulation of human capital accumulative system accurate regulation of prices achievement tests achievements acmeology acquiring acrobatic art acrobatic theater acrobatics acrobats acrostic acrylic paints actionims activation of educational activity active learning active packaging active policy active politics active polymer packaging active sales activities of enterprises activities of students activities of the company activity of enterprises activity of innovation activity of president activity planning activités innovantes activization of innovative activity activization of investment process acts actual cost actual partitioning acupuncture adaptability of enterprises adaptation adaptation students adaptation company adaptation of enterprises adaptation of labor adaptation of students adaptation of the original texts adaptation of young specialists adaptive activity adaptive agriculture adaptive approach adaptive case management adaptive marketing adaptive systems added value addiction addictive behavior additional activity additional education additional pension additional profit additive technologies additive technology adjectives adjustment indicators ADL-модели administrative barriers administrative contract administrative control administrative detention administrative division administrative expenses administrative law administrative legal personality administrative legislation administrative liability administrative management administrative offense administrative offenses administrative penalties administrative penalty administrative procedures administrative process administrative recovery administrative reform administrative responsibility administrative work administrative-command system administrative-territorial division adopting factory inspection functions adult education adulterated products advance payments advanced education advanced information technology advanced technology advanced training advantages advertisement advertisers advertising advertising activity advertising agencies advertising agency advertising appeal advertising as a mechanism advertising budget advertising business advertising campaign advertising campaigns advertising communication advertising communications advertising companies advertising company advertising costs advertising discourse advertising education advertising effectiveness advertising field advertising information advertising market advertising means advertising messages advertising of banking services advertising of goods advertising policy advertising process advertising production advertising projects advertising promotion advertising strategies advertising strategy advertising technologies advertising technology advertising work advisory activities advocacy aeronautics aesthetic education aesthetic value aesthetics aesthetics of extinction affective components affiliated persons aforistiki after-sales service after-sales services age category age of consent age pyramids aged people ageism agency activities agency conflicts agent aggregate weighted indices Agile Agile-концепция aging of the population aging population agitation agrarian business agrarian crisis agrarian economy agrarian education agrarian enterprises agrarian law agrarian organizations agrarian policy agrarian production agrarian protectionism agrarian reform agrarian reforms agrarian revolution agrarian sector agrarian sphere agreement agreement on trade agreements of participants agri-business agri-food market agri-food sector agri-food system agribusiness agribusiness companies agricultura agricultura ecologica agricultural activities agricultural business agricultural commodities agricultural complexes agricultural cooperatives agricultural corporations agricultural credit agricultural economy agricultural engineering agricultural enterprise agricultural enterprises agricultural goods agricultural grounds agricultural holdings agricultural industries agricultural industry agricultural insurance agricultural land agricultural law agricultural loans agricultural machinery agricultural Management agricultural market agricultural marketing agricultural organizations agricultural output agricultural policy agricultural potential agricultural producers agricultural product agricultural production agricultural products agricultural professions agricultural raw materials agricultural regions agricultural resources agricultural sector agricultural students agricultural technology agriculture agriculture EU agriculture of Belarus agriculture organization agrifood complex agritourism agro ecotourism agro management agro-ecotourism agro-food business agro-industrial complex agro-industrial complexes agro-industrial enterprises agro-industrial integration agro-industrial production agro-industrial products agro-industries agro-industry agro-leasing agrochemical service agroecosystem agroecotourism agroholdings agroindustrial complex agroindustrial formations agroindustrial production agroleasing agromarketing agroservice enterprise AHP AIDS air fresheners air pollution air transportation air travel booking aircraft repair plant aircraft systems airline AIS AkelPad alcohol alcohol enterprises alcohol in Belarus alcohol industry alcohol market alcohol products alcoholic beverages alcoholic beverages market alcoholic drinks alcoholic market alcoholic products algorithmic marketing algorithms Alibaba alienation of shares AliExpress alimony alimony duties AllFusion Process Modeler 7 alliances allied construction allied investment allied state allocation allocative efficiency allowance for reserves alloy metals alphabetic dictionaries Altai region alternative advertising alternative dispute resolution alternative energy alternative energy source alternative energy sources alternative financing alternative fodder production alternative fuels alternative marketing alternative suits amateur tourism amelioration ameliorative systems american philosophers american press americanism amicable agreement amortization policy amortization processes amortized cost amount of coverage amount of customs payments amount of loss amount of one's own deduction amplitude of inequality analogy of law analysis analysis methods analysis of alternatives analysis of bank activities analysis of banks' activities analysis of economic activity analysis of financial flows analysis of financial results analysis of information systems analysis of prices analysis of range analysis of solvency analysis of the commercial history analysis of the creditworthiness analysis of the distribution network analysis of the effectiveness analysis of the use of analysis of variance analysis of works analysis process analytic hierarchy process analytical accounting analytical assessment analytical calculation analytical diagnostics analytical models analytical search analytical systems analyze ancient games ancient philosophy anecdotes anglicisms animal feed animal feeding animal husbandry animal production animal waste animated movie anniversaries anniversary dates annotation annotations annual inventory annual reporting annuity contract anomie antagonism anthropogenic factors anthropogenic load anthropogenic soils anthropology anthroponomy anti-corruption anti-corruption policy anti-crisis diagnostics anti-crisis enterprise management anti-crisis financial management anti-crisis logistics anti-crisis measures anti-crisis policy anti-crisis process anti-crisis regulation anti-crisis strategies anti-crisis strategy anti-doping control anti-dumping legislation anti-dumping measures anti-inflation regulation anti-militarism anti-sanction policy antibiotics anticipatory governance anticompetitive agreements anticrisis communications antihumanism antiinflationary policy antimonopoly legislation antimonopoly policy antimonopoly regulation antipolitics antisocial behavior antisocial investment antisocial phenomenon antitrust antitrust activities antitrust law antitrust laws antitrust policy antitrust regulation antonymic relationship antonymic translation antonymy apartment buildings APK taxation appeal appearance carrots apperception appliances application programs application prospects applied aesthetics applied Informatics applied science applied statistics apportionment of costs appraisal activity appraisal concepts approaches to assess sustainability approaches to learning approaches to reading approaches to risk assessment approbation aprendizaje de los estudiantes APTA aquatic vegetation aquiring business Arab countries arbeitsmarkt arbitrage practice arbitration arbitration agreements arbitration awards arbitration commission arbitration court arbitration courts arbitration institutions arbitration proceedings arbitration process arbitration trial arbitration tribunal archetypes architectonics architecture architecture supplies Arctic arctic tourism areal relationship areas of cooperation argentine tango argumentation arithmetic devices armed conflict armed conflicts Armed Forces Armed Forces of Belarus armed struggle aroekoturizm aroma marketing aromamarketing aromatic substances arrears art art markets art picture articles artificial fur artificial hydrosystem artificial intelligence artificial intelligence methods artificial knitted fur artificial leather artificial neuron networks artificial systems artistic text artistic texts artists Asia-Pacific trade Agreemen Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement Asian countries Asian economy aspect teaching assessment Manager assessment of competitive advantages assessment of competitiveness assessment of dynamics assessment of knowledge assessment of market capacity assessment of personnel assessment of progressivity assessment of regions assessment of reserves assessment of solvency assessment of the reality of the loan assessment system assessment tools assessment-center asset accounting asset liquidity asset management asset pricing asset quality assessment asset school asset turnover asset valuation assets assets of enterprises assignment agreement assignors Assistant Choice assisted reproductive technologies association association of cities associations associative rules assortment assortment concept assortment formation assortment indicators assortment management assortment nomenclature assortment of cheeses assortment of goods assortment optimization assortment planning assortment policy asymmetric competitiveness asymmetric development asymmetric economic integration asymmetry asymmetry of information asynchronous communication asynchronous transfer mode athlete athletes athletic education Atlant ATM fraud atmogramme atmosphere atomic accidents atomic energy atomization production Atriax attendance rating attitude of the population attract money attracting customers attracting fans attracting foreign investment attracting investment attracting investments to Belarus attracting visitors attracting young professionals attraction of capital attraction of direct investments attraction of investments attraction of investors attractive industries attractiveness of the markets atypical contracts atypical employment auction auctions audiobooks audiovisual clarity audit audit activity audit associations audit evaluation audit evidence audit firms audit investment audit methods audit of banks audit of calculations audit of foreign economic activity audit organization audit organizations audit performance audit planning audit procedure audit risk audit services audit system audited financial statements auditing auditing activities auditing company auditing services auditing standards auditor auditor's activities auditors auditors' activities auditors-individual entrepreneurs auditory lessons auditory perception audits augmented reality Austrian school of economics authentic documents authentic film text authentic learning tools authentic materials authentic poems authentic texts authentic videos author's modality authoritarianism authorities authority authorized capital authors auto shops automated accounting automated accounting systems automated control systems automated data processing automated form of accounting automated information system automated information systems automated system automated systems automated testing automated training systems automatic controls automatic design systems automatic purchase of advertising automatic translation automating processes automation automation of accounting automation of auditing automation of calculations automation of control automation of technology automation registers automation systems automobile transport automotive industry automotive markets autonomous learning activities autonomous organizations autonomy availability of services average salary aviation aviation companies aviation industry aviculture axiology Azerbaijan azerbaijan's economy b2b B2C baby clothes baby food baby food products baccalaureate bachelors of Economics background of the crisis background vocabulary backup system bad debt badminton bail bail bond bakeries of Minsk bakery bakery industry bakery production bakery products balance balance analysis balance of interests balance of payments balance of trade balance policy balance sheet balance sheet liquidity balance sheet policy balance sheet profit balance sheet structure balanced diet balanced indicators balanced scorecard balitorinae use balkan crisis Baltic countries Baltics Bangkok agreement BANI bank accounts bank activities bank advertising bank assets bank branding bank capital bank card bank cards bank clients bank crediting bank customer loyalty bank deposits bank employees bank equity bank failure bank failures bank fees bank financing bank fund raising rates bank guarantee bank income bank ingots bank innovation bank insurance bank interest bank interest rates bank leasing bank lending bank liquidity bank loan bank loans bank management bank management funds bank marketing bank operations bank payment bank payment cards bank payment systems bank performance bank personnel bank plastic cards bank portfolio bank production bank rating bank ratings bank reporting bank resources bank risk management bank risks bank security bank services bank statement bank supervision bank's financial condition banking banking activities banking activity banking business banking business processes banking credit services banking economy banking education banking globalization banking information technologies banking information technology banking innovation banking innovations banking insurance banking law banking legislation banking logistics banking management banking mediation banking operations banking payment cards banking policy banking product banking products banking regulation banking relations banking risks banking science banking sector banking service banking services banking specialists banking structure banking supervision banking supervision in Belarus banking system banking systems banking technologies banking technology banking transaction bankowy bankruptcy bankruptcy analysis bankruptcy law bankruptcy of an enterprise bankruptcy of enterprises banks banks activities banks in Belarus banner advertising bar coding barcodes bargaining bargains barrier-free environment bars barter barter operations barter relations base capital base rate bases of legislation basic capital battery company Battle of Grunwald battle panorama BCC-CR BCG matrix BDS-тест bean grass beef beef cattle beef production beekeeping beekeeping products beer beer market beet beet production beet-sugar industry behavior behavior correction behavior of entrepreneurs behavior of leaders behavioral analytics behavioral culture behavioral differences behavioral economics behavioral factors behavioral features behavioral finance behavioral research behaviorism behaviour management Belagroprombank Belagroservis Belarus Belarus and China Belarus hospitable Belarusbank Belarusian Academy of Music Belarusian companies belarusian cosmetics Belarusian enterprises belarusian exhibitions Belarusian exports Belarusian folk calendar belarusian industry Belarusian Internet trade belarusian language Belarusian law belarusian lawmaking Belarusian leasing market belarusian legislation belarusian linen belarusian mail belarusian market belarusian mentality belarusian newspapers belarusian parliament belarusian people Belarusian Polesie belarusian politics Belarusian Popular Front belarusian power system belarusian production belarusian products Belarusian railway Belarusian railways belarusian ruble Belarusian science belarusian society Belarusian SSR Belarusian State Economic University Belarusian state ideology Belarusian state Institute of national economy named after V. V. Kuibyshev belarusian students Belarusian television Belarusian universities belarusian village Belarusian villages Belarusian youth Belarusian-Chinese relations belarusian-german relations Belarusian-language high school belarusian-polish relations Belarusian-Russian relations belarusization belarussian language belarussian people Belgorod oblast Bell D. Belneftekhim Belpromimpeks Belt and Road benchmark benchmarking benefit benefits benefits of flexible forms of employment benefits of integration processes besteuerung bezpieczeństwem produktów spożywczych bezpieczeństwem źywności bezrobocie BI BI-технологии Bialowieza Forest biathlon Bible bidding bifurcation bifurcation point big data bilateral agreements bilateral cooperation bilateral diplomatic relations bilateral relations bilingual dictionaries bilingual subject matter expertise bilingualism bill bill circulation bill fees bill of exchange bill payments billing of works bills binary classes biodegradable packaging biodiversity bioeconomics bioenergetics bioenergy biofuel biofuels biogas biography biological assets biological diversity biological industry biological protection biological safety biologization biomedical research biometeorologia biosphere biotechnology biotransformation birth rate bitcoin platforms bitcoin-system bitcoin-кошельки bitcoin-система Bitrix 24 bits matrix blended learning blockchain blockchain technology blockchains blogging BMP-технологии bods market body-building Bologna Process bona fide purchaser bond loans bond yields bonds bonds market bonus depreciation bonuses bonuses as the management book book community book exhibitions book of comment book publishers book publishing book value book-publishing business bookselling bookvalue boolean function Boolean functions boolean vectors border border areas border crossing border service borrowed capital borrowed funds borrowed funds businesses borrowed resources borrowed vocabulary borrowers borrowing from other languages borrowing of words borrowings in language Boston consulting group boundary courts boundary scan BPM systems brain drain brainstorm brainstorming branch features branch management branch science branch structure branch structures brand brand communication brand creation brand development brand equity brand logo brand management brand name brand promotion brand sales brand shops brand strategy brand trade brand value brand-focused marketing branded advertising Branded House branded trade branding branding issues brands braucht zufriedenheit bread break-even break-even of enterprises Brest region brewing companies brewing industry BRICS britich people broadband access to the network broadcasting BSC BSC (ССП) BSEU BSS BSSR buddying budget budget accounting budget allocations budget analysis budget companies budget control budget deficit budget expenditures budget financing budget flows budget formation budget funds budget legislation budget liquidity budget management budget of Belarus budget of Minsk budget of the union state budget organizations budget plan budget planning budget policy budget process budget programs budget receipts budget resources budget revenues budget risks budget rules budget security budget system budgetary efficiency budgetary financing budgetary institutions budgetary management budgetary organization budgetary organizations budgetary policy budgetary regulation budgetary relations budgetary resources budgetary system budgeting budgets building building algorithms building complex building complexes building financial regulations building implementation building materials building sector building system buildup of public debt buisness process business business - courses business accounting business activities business activities and risks business activity business activity monitoring business activity organization business activity organizations business administration business analysis business analytics business and law business angel business associations business capital business card business career business cases business climate business combination business Communication business communications business communities business community business companies business consulting business contacts business context Business Continuality Management business continuity of organizations business conversation business correspondence business culture business cultures business development business digitalization business digitization business discourses business e-mail business economics business education business efficiency business engineering business english business entities business entity business environment business ethics business etiquette business expenses business finance business firms business foreign language business game business Games business games in education business history business ideas business image business immigration business in Belarus business in Latvia business in Poland business income business incubators business Informatics business information technology business initiative business integration business intellegence business intelligence business landscape business language business law business letter business letters business loans business management business management careers business marketing business model business models business operation business organizations business owners business performance Business Performance Management business philosophy business places business plan business plan of insurance companies business planning business planning of enterprises business plans business plans development business policy business practice business process analysis Business Process Management business process management suite business process reengineering business processes business reengineering business regulation business relationship business reputation business risk business risks business school business sector business services business situations business solutions business solvency business speech business stories business strategies business strategies of enterprises business strategy business structure Business Studio business support business talk business tourism business training business transactions business transformation business transport business unions business universities business vocabulary businesses businessmen busyness buy-back buyers buying behavior buying power buzz marketing cabinetmaking caching CAD cadastral valuation calculating calculation calculation algorithm calculation formulas calculation method calculation methods calculation of coefficients calculation of compounding calculation of cost calculation of expenses calculation of financial results calculation of indicators calculation of losses calculation of profit calculation of profitability calculation of staff calculation of the cost of calculation of the cost of production calculation procedure calculation systems calculations calibration calibration interval call center call-центры CALS-technologies CALS-технологии camp camps for children campus Canada canadian federalism canadian press candidates canned vegetables canning canonical correlation capacity assessment capacity of the market capital capital accounting capital adequacy capital appraisal capital circulation capital construction capital efficiency capital enterprises capital expenditures capital flow capital formation capital integration capital investment capital investments capital management capital market capital of an enterprise capital of enterprises capital of the organization capital optimization capital raising capital reserves capital structuring capital transnationalization capital turnover capitales capitalization companies capitalization of income car insurance car manufacturing car market car rental car rental companies car repair car roads carbon dioxide emissions carding cards-business career career development career guidance career guidance activities career management career planning cargo flows cargo transportation carpet making carriage contracts carriers carrots cars cars sale case studies case study case technology case-studies case-study cases cash cash assets cash collection services cash deposits cash expenditures cash expenses cash farm incomes cash flow cash flow analysis cash flow management cash flow matrix cash flows cash gaps cash income cash inflow cash issue cash management cash offer cash operations cash payments cash planning cash savings CashBack cashless payment cashless payments casual dining Catalan catastrophe categorical properties of words categories general theory categories of citizens category consumer preferences category formation category inheritance category of hotels category of ownership category philosophy category signs category theory catering catering business catering establishments catering services Catholicism cattle cattle breeding causal attribution cause marketing causes of crime causes of crises causes of insolvency causes of the crisis CDMA celebrity marketing cellular cellular operators cellular services cellular systems cellulose-containing products CEM-решения cement industry centers of excellence central bank central banks central depositories centralized management centre of business education ceramic tile ceramic tiles cereals ceremonies certification certification assessment certification of employees certification of executives certification of goods certification of packaging certification of services certification of workers certification specialists certification system certified firms certifying commission chain value creation challenging decisions change agents change management change the system of refereeing changes changes in marketing changes in value changing of the climate channels of connection character merchandising characteristic of the investment situation characteristics of clothing characteristics of services characteristics of the crisis characteristics of the efficiency rating charitable help charity chart of accounts charter capital chartering charts of accounts chat chatbot cheapfake checks cheerleading cheese chemical industry chemical products chemical-forestry complex chernobyl accident chess chief of department child care allowance child labour child protection child rights childbirth childhood childhood protection children children's community children's health improvement children's outerwear children's rights children's shoes children’s books china China’s China’s economic development chinese chinese ceremonies chinese character chinese chess chinese civilization Chinese Codes chinese corporations Chinese culture Chinese economic transition chinese economy chinese graduate students Chinese law chinese literature chinese market chinese medicine chinese national economy chinese painting Chinese price chinese products Chinese reform chinese society chinese students chinese studies chinese writing chocolate market choice of profession choreographic art choreography christian morality christianity cielan party cinema cinematic CIPА circuit of funds circular economy circulating capital circulation of money CIS CIS countries citizenry citizenship city area city economy city government city marketing city property city size city system city-forming enterprise civic identity Civil Code civil codes civil law civil law contracts civil law regulation civil legal relations civil legislation civil liability civil marriages civil matters civil procedure civil procedure law civil proceedings civil process civil relationship civil responsibility civil rights civil servants civil service civil society civil status civil suits civil-legal relations civil-patriotic education civilization civilizational approach civilizational coding civilizational concepts civilizational relations civilizational transformation civilized state classes of models classes on regional geography classic professiograme classical universities classification classification definitions classification of accounts classification of costs classification of crimes classification of industries classification of inventory classification of investments classification of production classification of reserves classification of risks classification of taxes classification of the banking system classification price group classroom teacher cleaning methods clearing clearing centers clearing settlements clearing system clerical work client base client databases client-oriented enterprises client-oriented relationships clienting clients climate climate change climate policy clip culture closed joint stock company cloth clothes clothes manufacturing clothes of the future clothing clothing care clothing industry clothing materials clothing on the market cloud computing cloud services cloud technologies cloud technology cluster cluster analysis cluster approach cluster development cluster mechanism of development cluster policy cluster structure cluster technology clustering clustering economy clustering enterprises clustering in Poland clusters clusters in Belarus clusters of enterprises clusters of small firms CMOS circuits CMR-технология CMS coaches coaching coaching institute coal coal industry Cobb-Douglas production function CoBiT CocaCola code on the ground codification codification of legislation coefficient method coefficient modeling coefficient of bankruptcy coffee coffee business cognitive activity cognitive activity of man cognitive aspects cognitive components cognitive elements cognitive factors cognitive linguistics cognitive modeling cognitive processes cognitive styles cognitive system cognitive technique cognitive technologies cognitive theory coherence collaboration collateral operations collateral system collection of accounting information collection of information collective agreement collective behavior collective enterprises collective farms collective investment collective potential collective property collective property of the enterprise collectivization college students Collegium of the Ministry of justice color correction color spectrum color terms color value combating crime combinatorial semantics combustible slates comedy comfortable illumination command performances comments commerce commercial activity commercial activity management commercial arbitration commercial assortment commercial bank commercial banks commercial business commercial calculation commercial connection commercial cooperation commercial enterprise commercial enterprises commercial history commercial innovation commercial law commercial lighting commercial loan commercial marketing commercial ncommercial network commercial network commercial operations commercial organizations commercial press commercial properties commercial property commercial register commercial relations commercial risks commercial service commercial sphere commercial transactions commercial universities commercial values commercialization commercialization of developments commercialization of ideas commercialization of innovations commercialization of projects commercialization of results commercials commission agreement commission on labor disputes commissions commissions lessor commitment commodity commodity assortment commodity balances commodity circulation commodity circulation channels commodity competition commodity conferences commodity demand commodity distribution network commodity distribution networks commodity exchange commodity exchange operations commodity exchanges commodity expertise commodity experts commodity export commodity flows commodity lending commodity loans commodity management commodity market commodity markets commodity movement commodity policy commodity producer commodity producers commodity research commodity resources commodity science commodity specialization commodity strategy commodity structure commodity super-cycle commodity supply commodity transactions commodity turnover commodity-money economy commodity-money relations common agricultural policy common currency area common economic space common information space Commonwealth of Australia communal payments communal property communicants communication communication abundance communication activities communication barriers communication competence communication competences communication culture communication environments communication expectations communication failures communication flows communication games communication hotel communication in business communication lines communication links communication management communication needs communication networks communication patterns communication policy communication processes communication services communication services market communication skills communication space communication strategies communication system communication technologies communication technology communication tests communication training communication with a child communications communications industry communications marketing concept communicative activity communicative approach communicative aspects communicative behavior communicative competence communicative competence diagnostics communicative competencies communicative culture communicative grammar communicative interaction communicative learning communicative linguistics communicative mastery communicative methods communicative motivation communicative needs communicative nominations communicative paradigm communicative policy communicative potencies communicative potential communicative situations communicative systematization communicative tasks communicative teaching methods communicative training communicativeness communism compact equipment compact production compact production system companies company activities company activity company capital company cars company costs company development company goals company image company in Poland company income company logos company management company name company personnel company policy company stores company strategy company team company towns company trade company valuation company value company value management concept company's debt company's products comparative analysis comparative characterization comparative evaluation comparative jurisprudence comparative linguistics comparative paradigm compare products comparison comparison shopping compensation compensation for damage compensation for moral damage compensation payments compensatory competence competence competence of intercultural communication competence relation competences of graduates competencies competency of students competency-based education competing companies competing goods competition competition in the labor market competition law competition policy competition strategies competitive advantage competitive advantages competitive bidding competitive brands competitive business strategy competitive economy competitive environment competitive fight competitive forms competitive goods competitive interactions competitive management competitive market competitive personality competitive positioning competitive potential competitive price competitive production competitive products competitive relations competitive relationship competitive space competitive strategies competitive works competitiveness competitiveness analysis competitiveness assessment competitiveness index competitiveness management competitiveness of caramel competitiveness of companies competitiveness of cosmetics competitiveness of countries competitiveness of enterprise competitiveness of enterprises competitiveness of footwear competitiveness of goods competitiveness of operators competitiveness of organizations competitiveness of products competitiveness of regions competitiveness of the economy competitiveness of the enterprise competitiveness of the organization competitiveness of the region competitiveness of the regions competitiveness rating competitor regions competitors compilation of balance of payments compilation of curriculum complaint management complaints complaints of citizens complementarity complex analysis complex methods complex modeling complex object complex sales complex variables complicity complimenting components of self-financing composite index composites based on waste composition of costs composition of the unemployed comprehensive assessment compression refrigeration devices compulsory insurance compulsory licenses compulsory reservation compulsory reserve computational costs computer addiction computer business games computer communications computer crimes computer data processing computer design computer discipline computer engineering computer experiments computer games computer graphics computer information technology computer integrated systems computer learning tools computer lexicography computer linguistics computer linguodidactics computer mathematics computer networks computer practice computer processing computer professions computer programs computer science computer security computer support computer system computer systems computer technologies computer technology computer techologies computer telecommunications computer testing computer textbooks computer texts computer training computer training program computer training system computer translators computer vocabulary computer-aided design computer-based learning tools computerization computerization of management computerization of production computerization of training computerization training computerized accounting computers computing devices comunicacion interpersonal comunicaciones interculturales concealed control concentration of population concentration risk concept concept of controlling concept of developing concept of efficient lighting concept of marketing concept of post-industrial society concept of regional development concept of right conceptual data model conceptual platform conceptual system concession concession activity concession agreement concession agreements concession assets concession contracts concession law concession legislation concessional lending concessions conciliation conciliation commission conclusion of contracts conditional generation conditions of uncertainty condo condominium condominium houses confectionary industry confectionery confectionery consumption confectionery enterprise confectionery enterprises confectionery goods confectionery industry conference conference interpreter conferences confessional lexicon confidence confidence in the banking system confidence radius configuration products confiscation of property conflict conflict management conflict of interest conflict of laws choice conflict regulation conflict resolution conflict rules conflict situations conflictological competence conflictology Conflicts conformity assessment confucianism Confucius Institute congratulations conjoint analysis conjuncture conjuncture market analysis conjuncture of the market conjuncture survey conscious consumption consequences consequences of bankruptcy consistency consistency of the carrots consolidated account consolidated adjustments consolidated budget consolidated financial statements consolidated policy consolidated purchases consolidated reporting consolidated statements consolidation adjustments consonance of words constituent documents Constitution Constitution of state constitutional amendments constitutional control Constitutional Court constitutional courts constitutional delicts constitutional economy constitutional framework constitutional law constitutional norms constitutional order constitutional principles constitutional reform constitutional regulation constitutional responsibility constitutional review constitutional rights constitutional state constitutionality constitutions of states constraint logic programming constraint system construction construction algorithm construction business construction companies construction contract construction cost construction demand construction firm construction industry construction machines construction materials construction of clusters construction of controlling system construction organization construction organizations construction production construction projects construction savings construction services construction works consularism consultancy market consultation of users consultations consulting consulting activities consulting companies consulting firms consulting for entrepreneurship consulting in the field of innovation consulting modules consulting projects consulting services consulting services market consumer consumer and product consumer appraisal consumer assessment consumer behavior consumer budget consumer choice consumer complex consumer concept consumer confidence index consumer cooperation consumer cooperative society consumer cooperatives consumer demand consumer evaluation consumer goods consumer groups consumer interests consumer leasing consumer loans consumer market consumer markets consumer perception consumer preferences consumer price index consumer prices consumer properties consumer protection consumer psychology consumer qualities of goods consumer requirements consumer rights consumer rights protection consumer satisfaction consumer segmentation consumer service consumer services consumer society consumer spending consumer standards consumer values consumer's solvency consumerism consumers consumers and marketing consumers and markets consumption fund consumption funds consumption market consumption of materials consumption of products consumption waste contact points contactless payments container transportation containerized cargoes containers contaminated areas content content analysis content management system content management systems content marketing content marketing activities content of the instructions content services contents contextual advertising contingent assets continuing education continuity principle continuous learning continuous system continuous time contract contract activity contract commission contract form of hiring contract law contract logistics contract manufacturing contract of agency contract of donation contract of sale contract rental property contract risks contract system contract theory contracting parties contracts contracts of carriage of goods contractual agreements contractual liability contractual obligations contractual relationship contrastive linguistics contributions contributions to innovation funds control control activities control activity control automation control bodies in Belarus control efficiency control environment control forms control functions control methods control of business entities control of corruption control of knowledge control of solvency control process control resolution control system control systems control tasks control theory control-licensees controllability of costs controlled chaos controlled choice controlled independent work controlling controlling innovations controlling process controlling service controlling system controversial conurbation convection drying kinetics convention conventional system converged services convergence convergence of interests convergence of networks convergence problems convergent model convergent nomograms conversation conversion marketing conversion of enterprises convertibility of currency conveyor system convicts cooperation cooperation of enterprises cooperation of organizations cooperation of universities cooperation training cooperative delivery cooperative economics cooperative enterprises cooperative farms cooperative game cooperative industry cooperative integration associations cooperative integration systems cooperative learning cooperative organizations cooperative partnership cooperative property cooperative sector cooperative trade cooperatives cooperatives efficiency coping coping strategies copyright copyright infringement copyright protection copyrights core inflation coreference corn coronacrisis coronavirus coronavirus infection corporate associations corporate bonds corporate business corporate charity corporate citizenship corporate collaboration corporate communications corporate computer networks corporate conflicts corporate culture corporate debt corporate dispute corporate education corporate entrepreneurship corporate ethics corporate foresight corporate formation corporate governance corporate governance system corporate identification corporate identity corporate information corporate information system corporate information systems corporate interaction corporate liability corporate management corporate movies corporate networks corporate philosophy corporate planning corporate portals corporate property corporate relations corporate reporting corporate responsibility corporate rights corporate science corporate sector corporate server corporate sites corporate social activities corporate social responsibility corporate social responsiblliti corporate socialism corporate strategies corporate structure corporate structures corporate systems corporate training corporate values corporate website corporation corporations corporatization corpuscular methodology correctional entries correctness of conclusions correctness of marketing decisions correlation correlation analysis correlation coefficients correlation matrix correlation model correlation-regression analysis correspondence correspondence course correspondence department correspondence of accounts correspondence students corruption corruption behavior corruption in Belarus corruption index corruption manifestations corruption offenses corruption risks corsetry cosmetic products cosmetical tools cosmetics cosmopolitanization CoSQE cost cost accounting cost accounting methods cost accounting system cost adjustment cost allocation cost analysis cost budgeting cost businesses cost calculation cost center cost classification cost control cost depreciation cost disease cost estimate cost estimation cost generation cost managemen cost management cost management methods cost management system cost method cost of assets cost of banking innovation cost of capital cost of goods cost of imported goods cost of innovation cost of potatoes cost of production cost of sales cost of services cost of the building cost of the goods cost of treatment cost optimization cost planning cost price cost prices cost reduction cost sharing cost-effectiveness costing costs costs of enterprises costs of integration processes costs of production cotton fiber counseling counter-reformation counterfeit countries competitiveness countries in the Eurozone country competitiveness country image country risk country solvency country's economy country's tax havens countryside course design courses court court mediation court proceedings court sessions courts courtyard chats COVID 19 COVID-19 COVID‑19 COVID–19 CPV-анализ creams creating value creation creation of an enterprise creation of enterprises creative creative activity creative advertising creative approach creative attitude creative economy creative imagination creative industries creative management creative person creative poets creative potential creative quality creative self-realization creative skills creative tasks creative technology creative thinking creative tourism creative writers creativity credentials credinvest credit credit agreement credit agreements credit application credit bureau credit conditions credit control credit cooperatives credit documentation credit history credit indebtedness credit informing credit institutions credit issue credit management credit markets credit models credit operations credit organizations credit policy credit potential credit processes credit rating credit ratings credit reform credit register credit relations credit reporting credit reserves credit resources credit risk credit risk management credit risks credit sale credit scoring credit services credit society credit support credit system credit systems credit unions crediting creditor creditor banks creditors creditors of Belarus credits creditworthiness of enterprises creditworthiness of the borrower crib crime crime in Russia crime prevention crime subject crimes criminal activity criminal behavior criminal cases criminal influence criminal law criminal law relations criminal liability criminal offense criminal penalties criminal proceedings criminal process criminality criminological examination criminology crisis crisis consulting crisis development crisis diagnosis crisis forecasting crisis in enterprises crisis management crisis manager crisis managers crisis of enterprises crisis of power crisis processes crisis situations criteria development criteria education criteria for communicative competence criteria for the quality of laws criteria indicators criteria novelty product criteria of reserve adequacy criteria user satisfaction critical technologies critical thinking CRM CRM system CRM technology CRM система CRM-technologies CRM-система CRM-системы CRM-технологии crop production crops cross channel model cross selling cross-border bankruptcy cross-border cooperation cross-border disputes cross-border insolvency cross-border integration cross-border relations cross-border trade cross-border transactions cross-country comparison cross-country competition cross-cultural cross-cultural adaptation cross-cultural behavior cross-cultural communication cross-cultural relations cross-cultural studies cross-docking crossborder lease crowd economy crowdfunding crowdsourcing croweding cruise business crypto platform crypto-currencies cryptocurrencies cryptocurrency culinary industry cultural - educational tourism cultural activities cultural adaptation cultural anthropologists cultural aspects cultural birthplace cultural compatibility cultural competence cultural concept cultural contacts cultural cooperation cultural development cultural differences cultural dynamics cultural events cultural features cultural heritage cultural identity cultural information cultural institutions cultural interaction cultural knowledge cultural level cultural literacy cultural policy cultural processes cultural scenarios cultural science cultural sphere cultural studies cultural ties cultural tourism cultural transformation cultural understanding cultural values cultural-ethnographic Park culture culture foreign speech culture of Belarus culture of communication culture of consumption culture of enterprise culture of health culture of immediacy culture of personality culture of speech culture of thinking culture of trade culture theory culture types culturological region culturology cumulation cumulative component cumulative pension curator hours curatorial activities curatorial activity curatorial groups curatorial hours curatorial work currency currency accounts currency area currency basket currency crisis currency dealings currency exchange currency exchanges currency integration currency legislation currency market currency markets currency operations currency policy currency regimes currency regulation currency regulatory regime currency relations currency risk currency risks currency system currency transactions currency unions currency unit currency-financial relations Currenex current account current account deficit current accounts current assets current assets deficit current ratio curriculum curtains custody custody of the minor custom custom training customer base customer credit customer demand customer experience customer focus customer loyalty customer motivation customer needs customer relationship management customer relationships customer satisfaction customer satisfaction rating customer segmentation customer self-service customer service customer value customer-oriented marketing customer-supplied product customers customers business development customs customs activity customs administration customs area customs authorities customs bodies system customs control customs duties customs law customs legislation customs payments customs policy customs privileges customs regulation customs risks customs space customs statistics customs system customs tariff of Belarus customs tariffs customs taxation customs taxation of goods customs territory customs transit customs union customs union countries customs value customs value of goods CVP-анализ cyber-physical systems cybercrime cyberpunk cybersecurity cyberspace cybersport cycling cynological organizations cаsе-метод cистема бухгалтерского учета cистема бюджетирования cистема образования cоциализация cоциологические опросы cтуденческая молодежь dairies dairy dairy cattle dairy cattle breeding dairy complex dairy farming dairy farms dairy industry dairy market dairy plants dairy production dairy products DALF Dalton technology damage to products damage to property damages dance ensemble dance sport dance sport centers Danone data analysis data automation data calculation data classification data conversion Data Envelopment Analysis data management data mining data processing data protection Data Science data scientist data storage data trading data transfer data warehouses Data-Driven-marketing database database management databases DD-технологии de-monopolization of production DEA deal dealer portfolio dealers dealing currency transactions dealings death penalty death rates debate debates debentures debit debt debt accounting debt capital debt collection debt management debt policy debt relationship debt repayment debt restructuring debt risk debt securities debtors debts decent work decentralization decision decision making decision making process decision support system decision support systems decision theory decision-making decision-making systems decline in economy decline in production decomposition decomposition planning decorative cosmetics decrease of yield dedollarization deductions default defaults defective products defense enterprises deferred tax asset deferred taxes deficit deficits and surpluses defining industries definition of audit definitions degority degradation of society degree of risk deideologization deinvestment deixis DELF demand demand balance demand balances demand forecasting demand management dematerialisation Dembinski N.V. democracy democratic institutions democratic movement democratic reform democratization democratization of society demographic aging demographic crisis demographic development demographic grid demographic identity demographic indicators demographic interests demographic losses demographic policy demographic potential demographic problem demographic problems demographic processes demographic safety demographic security demographic situation demographics demographics of Belarus demography demonology demonopolization demonstration program demotivators denglisch denglish Denison D. denominated currency denomination denotative appraisal department department of philosophy departmental rule-making departments dependence modeling depopulation deposit deposit accounts deposit income deposit insurance deposit markets depository system deposits depreciable assets depreciable property depreciation depreciation charges depreciation deductions depreciation funds depreciation of fixed assets depreciation of property depreciation policy derivados financieros derivative derivative financial instrument derivative financial instruments derivatives derivatives market desastres naturales design design and production systems design documentation design methodology design organizations design systems design technology design thinking design work destination spa detection technique detective novels detectives determinanten determination determination methods determining the rating determinism deterministic factor analysis deutsch deutsche sprache devaluation devaluation policy develop strategies developed countries development development accounting development analysis development bank development banks development history development objectives development of agro-ecotourism development of Belarus development of city development of consulting development of consumer services development of industry development of leasing development of new products development of products development of regions development of relations development of science development of society development of tests development of the economy development of the region development of the regions development of tourism development of trade development organizations development planning development problems development process development programs development prospects development regions development strategies development strategy development threat development trends development work deviant behavior deviation dezabbreviatsiya diagnostic medicine diagnostic of regions diagnostics diagnostics marketing diagnostics of bankruptcy dialectical logic dialectical method dialectical methods dialectics dialects dialogic communication dialogic interaction dialogic speech dialogical communication dialogical ethics dialogical speech dialogicality dialogue dialogue of cultures dialogue of languages dialogue of states dialogues diamond technology diamonds diary research dictation dictionaries dictionary dictionary sources didactic discourse didactic material didactic materials didactic monitoring didactic orientation didactic resources didactic speech didactic texts didactics differential calculus differential equations differential systems differentiated equations differentiated instruction differentiated marketing differentiation of consumption differentiation of wages difficult words diffusion of innovation digital digital authoritarianism digital banking digital business digital competence digital cultural policy digital culture digital currency digital data digital divide digital economy digital ecosystems digital enterprise digital financial assets digital flows allocation digital industrialization digital information digital innovation digital instruments digital literacy digital marketing digital markets digital maturity digital money digital platforms digital products digital reality digital revolution digital services digital signature digital society digital space digital storytelling digital technologies digital technology digital transformation digital transformations digital twin digital twins digital universities digitalization digitalization of banks digitalization of business digitalization of education digitalization of industry digitalization of processes digitalization of the economy digitization dimensional range Dino Zoo diploma thesis diplomacy diplomatic relations diplômes officiels de langue direct action direct costing direct costs direct democracy direct foreign investments direct investment direct investment export direct investments direct marketing direct sales direct speech direct taxes direct страхование direct-hosting direction of audit directions of development directions of marketing directions retail director disability disability pension disabled disabled workers disaster disciplinary liability disciplinary offenses disciplinary responsibility disciplinary sanctions disciplines discount programs discount rate discounting discounts discourse discourse ethics discourse markers discourses discrete discrete management discrete mathematics discrete programming discrete task discriminant analysis discussion discussion competence discussions disease resistance disinfectant products disinfectants disinfection facilities disinformation disintegration diskursionny dimension dislay ads dismissal dismissal of an employee dispersion display advertising disposal dispositional greed dispositive power disproportion of regions dispute dispute resolution disputes dissertation research dissertations distance education distance learning distance technology distance trading distributed computing distribution distribution activity distribution bases distribution channel distribution channels distribution costs distribution logistics distribution model distribution network distribution networks distribution of benefits distribution of goods distribution of income distribution of profit distribution policy distribution relationships distribution warehouses distributors diversification diversification of goods diversification of production diversification policy diversified companies diversified delivery diversified enterprise diversified enterprises diversions dividend policy dividends division of labor division of property division of science divisional management divorce DJI dlouhé vlny DMAIC Dobrynya document flow document module documentary modeling documentation documentation development documentation support documented information documenting documenting indicators doing business dollar domestic business domestic labor market domestic manufacturers domestic market domestic markets domestic organizations domestic policy domestic services domestic tourism domestic trade domestic violence dominance donation donee donor country donor rights door leaves doping doping control doping in sports dormitory dorms double entries double entry double taxation drainage of peatlands drainage systems drainage works drained land dramatic art dramaturgy Drayton B. dreams Dreva drill string drinking water dropshipping drug safety drug trafficking drugs drugs carotene dual estimates dual-cycle dumping dumping policy dutch syndrome duties of citizens dynamic branding dynamic economy dynamic equations dynamic indexes dynamic integration dynamic model dynamic models dynamic production functions dynamic reliability indices dynamic series dynamic standards dynamic team dynamics dynamics of consumption dynamics of employment dynamics of indicators dynamics of modernization dynamische prozesse działalność inwestycyjna e-banking e-books e-business e-commerce e-commerce system e-democracy e-economy e-education e-employment e-government e-health e-justice e-learning e-learning resources e-learning technology e-logistics e-mail e-mail network e-marketing e-marketingu e-money e-parliament e-procurement e-shop e-shops e-trade e-university eaching students earnings easements eastern europe Eastern Partnership eastern philosophy eather shoes eco tourism eco-control eco-friendly products eco-oriented worldview eco-political process ecocide ecological culture ecological democracy ecological education ecological farming ecological fashion ecological frame ecological functions ecological harmony ecological imperative ecological information ecological language balance ecological literacy ecological management ecological marketing ecological potential ecological problem ecological problems ecological processes ecological products ecological rent ecological situation ecological state ecological texts ecological tourism ecological transport ecologico ecology ecology of culture ecology of enterprise ecology of regions ecommerce econometric analysis econometric model econometric modeling econometric models econometric study econometrics economic projects economic accounting economic activities economic activity economic activity of enterprises economic agents economic analysis economic and environmental analysis economic and environmental development economic and mathematical methods economic assessment economic assessments economic asymmetry economic attitude economic balance economic base economic behavior economic belts economic benefits economic calculation economic calculations economic categories economic category economic community economic compensation economic concepts economic conditions economic consciousness economic consequences economic control economic cooperation Economic Court economic court procedure economic courts economic crime economic crimes economic crises economic crisis economic culture economic cybernetics economic cycle economic cycles economic damage economic debt economic depression economic development economic development strategy economic diagnosis economic diagnostics economic discipline economic disciplines economic discourse economic doctrines economic dynamics economic economy economic Education economic effect economic efficiency economic efficiency of production economic environment economic ethics economic expansion economic failure economic field economic forecast economic forecasting economic freedom economic globalization economic growth economic history economic ideology economic imbalances economic imperialism economic incentives economic indicators economic inequality economic informatics economic information economic insolvency economic instruments economic integration economic intelligence economic interests economic justice economic knowledge economic law economic legislation economic liberalization economic literacy economic literature economic management economic materialism economic mechanism economic mechanisms economic mentality economic mentology economic methods economic model economic modeling economic models economic modernization economic monopoly economic motives economic needs economic of Belarus economic of Ukraine economic offences economic operations economic order quantity economic organizations economic outlook economic paradigm economic parameters economic philosophy economic planning economic policies economic policy economic potential economic potential of enterprises economic problems economic proceedings economic processes economic profile economic profit economic programming economic projects economic psychology economic rationality economic recession economic reform economic reforms economic regulation economic relations economic relationship economic research economic resources economic responsibility economic restructuring economic rights economic risks economic rivalry economic sanctions economic school economic science economic security economic sociology economic sources economic space economic specialties economic sphere economic stability economic staff economic stimulation economic strategies economic strategy economic strategy of personality economic structure economic studies economic support economic sustainability economic system economic systems economic techniques economic terminology economic terms economic text economic texts economic themes economic theories economic theory economic thinking economic ties economic times economic transformation economic transformations Economic Union economic unions economic universities economic university economic valuation economic value economic values economic violence economic vocabulary economic way of thinking economic work economic zones economic еducation economic-legal relations economic-mathematical modeling economical innovations economical society economicas economics economics and youth economics education economics forecasting economics of industry economics students economics teaching economies of scale economies of scale of production economists economists preparation economy economy 4.0 economy history economy housing economy of Belarus economy of Portugal economy of Russia economy of sports economy of the region economy of the regions economy of trade economy of Ukraine economy of wealth economy transformation economy turbulence ecoquality ecosystem ecosystem approach ecosystem services ecosystems ecotourism ecstasy ECTS edible fats educated man education education at university education board education code education competitiveness education funding education in Belarus education in tourism education Institute education management education of a student education of patriotism education of students education of the person education of the students education paradigm education processes education reform education services education students education system educationa complexes educational educational activities educational activities of students educational activity educational and labor contract educational and methodical complexes educational blogs educational communication educational complex educational complexes educational component educational cooperation educational development educational dictionaries educational disciplines educational discourse educational environment educational establishments educational evaluation educational events educational experience educational information technologies educational innovation educational institutions educational interaction strategy educational investment educational legislation educational lexicography educational literature educational management educational market educational marketing educational material educational materials educational needs educational opportunities educational organizations educational orientation educational paradigms educational plans educational policy educational potential educational process educational processes educational program educational programs educational projects educational psychology educational purposes educational reform educational services educational services market educational social educational social technologies educational society educational space educational standards educational strategies educational system educational systems educational technologies educational technology educational texts educational tourism educational TV movies educational videos educational work educational аctivity educational-methodical preparation EEU countries effective advertising effective contracts effective demand effective development effective management effective state effective supply of replicas in the dialogue effectiveness effectiveness of advertising effectiveness of audit activities effectiveness of laws efficiency efficiency analysis efficiency dynamics efficiency evaluation efficiency mark efficiency measurement efficiency model efficiency of efficiency of innovation activities efficiency of investment efficiency of labor efficiency of production efficiency of the Bank efficiency rating efficient use of labor resources EFSF einreihung von waren ekonomicheskiye terminy ekonomická globalizace ekonomiczne uczelnie elasticity of demand elasticity sales election campaign elections electoral law electoral process electric capacity production electric energy electric harvesting machines electric power electric power industry electric power supply electric transport electric vehicles electrical devices electrical goods electrical network electrical products electricity electricity costs electronic auctions electronic Business electronic cash registers electronic commerce electronic communication electronic communications electronic data interchange electronic declaration electronic dictionaries electronic document management electronic documents electronic economy electronic educational and methodical complexes electronic equipment electronic government services electronic industry electronic information exchange electronic interaction electronic interactive whiteboard electronic legal electronic libraries electronic library electronic litigation electronic manuals electronic market electronic marketplaces electronic money electronic payments electronic presentation electronic publications electronic records management electronic registration electronic resources electronic savings bank electronic services electronic shops electronic stability program electronic state electronic systems electronic technologies electronic technology electronic testing electronic textbooks electronic tools electronic trade electronic trading electronic transactions electronic wallets elements of logistics infrastructure elements of motivation elements of the communications mix elements of the market mechanism elite real estate Email embezzlement embryo value emergencies emergency emergency conditions emergency losses emerging economies emerging risks emission emissions emissions trading emotion emotional component status emotional intellect emotional intelligence emotional loyalty pyramid emotional risks emotional self-regulation emotioning emotions empathy employee employee competitiveness employee motivation employee training employees gifts employees motivation employers employmen employment employment and unemployment employment center employment contract employment contracts employment forms employment impact employment in Belarus employment issues employment law employment monitoring employment of staff employment of students employment of the population employment of youth employment policy employment potential employment problems employment record employment relationship employment service employment system encoding of goods encourage students encouraging employees encyclopaedic knowledge encyclopaedic texts encyclopedia encyclopedic dominance end groups end-to-end pricing endogenous growth endowment endowment capital endowment funds energetic resources energetics energy energy companies energy complex energy complexes energy conservation energy consumption energy costs energy economy energy efficiency energy export energy facilities energy in Belarus energy independence energy industry energy intensity energy management energy market energy policy energy producers energy products energy resources energy restructuring energy saving energy saving contracts energy saving installations energy saving policy energy savings energy sector energy security energy sources energy supply to consumers energy system energy systems energy technologies energy use energy-saving technologies enforcement enforcement agencies enforcement proceedings engagement institute engineering engineering activities engineering companies engineering consulting engineering enterprises engineering industry engineering production engineering products engineering projects engineers-teachers English English language English Language Center English language learning English language training English lesson plan English lessori english sayings english speech english texts englishlanguage periodicals ensure monetary stability ensuring economic development Enterprisc Resource Planning enterprise enterprise activities enterprise activity enterprise as an object of evaluation enterprise competitiveness enterprise costs enterprise crisis enterprise development enterprise development strategy enterprise diagnostics enterprise economy enterprise finance enterprise income enterprise integration enterprise inventory management enterprise life cycle enterprise lifecycle enterprise Lithuania enterprise management enterprise management mechanisms enterprise management system enterprise management systems enterprise market opportunities enterprise marketing enterprise markets enterprise modernization enterprise partners enterprise performance enterprise planning enterprise policies enterprise policy enterprise pricing policy enterprise privatization enterprise product policy enterprise product strategies enterprise productivity enterprise products enterprise profits enterprise property enterprise reform Enterprise Resource Planning enterprise resources enterprise restructuring enterprise security enterprise solvency enterprise staff enterprise strategies enterprise strategy enterprise structure enterprise sustainability enterprise tax burden enterprise transformation enterprise value enterprises enterprises of Belarus enterprises of industry enterprises of the dairy industry enterprises of the Republic of Belarus enterprises of Uzbekistan enterprises wartime enterprising learning entities entity entrepreneurial abilities entrepreneurial ability entrepreneurial activity entrepreneurial competence entrepreneurial initiative entrepreneurial management entrepreneurial mindset entrepreneurial potential entrepreneurial skills entrepreneurial thinking entrepreneurial university entrepreneurs entrepreneurship entrepreneurship development entrepreneurship in Belarus entrepreneurship theory entrepreneurship training entreprises françaises entropy of text entry tourist flows environment environment of enterprise environmental accounting environmental activities environmental activity environmental advertising environmental analysis environmental and energy problems environmental assessment environmental audit environmental behavior environmental capacity environmental certification environmental competence environmental conflicts environmental cooperation environmental costs environmental crime environmental crimes environmental crisis environmental damage environmental development environmental disputes environmental economics environmental education environmental entrepreneurship environmental ethics environmental factors environmental fund environmental impacts environmental indicators environmental indices environmental information environmental insurance environmental labeling environmental law environmental management environmental management system environmental marketing environmental measures environmental payments environmental planning environmental policy environmental pollution environmental problems environmental projects environmental protection environmental protection measures environmental regulation environmental requirements environmental risk environmental risks environmental Safety environmental safety of society environmental security environmental services environmental sphere environmental standards environmental sustainability environmental systems environmental tax environmental taxation environmental taxes environmental terms environmental threats environmental vandalism environmental violations environmental-economic analysis environmentally oriented investments environnement socio-économique epic stories epistemology eponymous terms equality equilingual banks equipment equipment leasing equity equity capital equity contributions equity income equity of enterprises equivalence of translation ergonomics Ernst & Young ERP ERP system ERP-systems ERP-система ERP-системы errors in speech ESG ESG factors ESG-практики ESG-принципы ESG-факторы ESP essay essence of inheritance essence of leasing essence of liquidity essence of self-financing essence of technology essence of the audit activities essential oils establishment of special education establishment of tariffs estimated figures estimated indicators estimated motion estimated values etatist rigorism Ethernet ethical appeals ethical culture ethical-philosophical problem ethics ethics business ethics of non-violence ethics reviewer ethnic entrepreneurship ethnic identity ethnic mentality ethnic minority ethnic theories ethno national differentiation ethno national identity ethno separating processes ethno-cultural aspect ethno-national assimilation ethnocultural heritage ethnocultural traditions ethnographic culture ethnolinguistic policies ethnolinguistics ethnopark ethnopedagogical traditions ethnopsycholinguistics etiquette etiquette issues etiquette standards etymology of names EU euphemism of speech euphemisms Eurasian economic community Eurasian economic integration Eurasian economic Union Eurasian economic union. Eurasian integration Eurasian integration union Eurasian space eurasism Euro land eurobonds Europe european administrative space European blue card European budget control European charter European Community European convergence european currency European debt crisis european education european integration European monetary system European organisation of Supreme audit institutions European organization for quality european states european student-exchange European Union European Union country Europian clusters euroregions euthanasia EVA evaluation culture of teacher evaluation indicators system evaluation modeling evaluation of enterprises evaluation of housing affordability evaluation of imbalances evaluation of innovation evaluation of innovation activities evaluation of marketing activity evaluation of performance indicators evaluation of production efficiency evaluation of sites evaluation of the adequacy evaluation of the competition evaluation of the effectiveness evaluation of the product event marketing event promotion event-маркетинг events evidence evidence law evolution Evropske unie examination of chocolate examination of documents examination of goods examination of quality examination of the activities of the enterprise examination session examinations Excel excess return exchange exchange control exchange difference exchange differences exchange funds exchange market exchange of information exchange operations exchange rate exchange rate differences exchange rate regime exchange rates exchange risks exchange trade exchange transactions exchange turnover exchange-traded funds excise excise rates excise tax excise taxes excises exclusive right excursion excursion activity excursion management excursion propaganda excursion routes excursion service excursion tourism excursions execution of obligations executive executive body executive branch exercise exercise in Belarus exercise system exercises exhibition exhibition activities exhibition activity exhibition business exhibition centers exhibition company exhibition pavilions exhibitions exogenous variables exotic flowers expansion expansion of client portfolio expansionist policy expeditionary activity expenditure records expenses expenses of budgetary organizations expenses of the company experience experience exchange experience of economics experiential marketing communication experimental building experimental economics expert accountant expert activity expert and consumer evaluation expert assessments expert determination expert examination expert judgments expert practice expert programs expert review expert system expert systems expert training systems expertise experts experts of the trade exploitation exploitation theory exponential organization export export accounting export activities export activity export and import policy export competitiveness export control export credit export crediting export credits export diversification export financing export goods export insurance export insurance agencies export leasing export marketing export markets export of currency funds abroad export of educational services export of forest products export of goods export of goods and services export of products export of transport export operations export output export policy export potential export potential of enterprises export prices export products export programs export promotion export quota export services export stimulation export strategies export strategy export supplies export transaction export-import banks export-import operations export-import relations export-import trade Export-oriented cluster export-oriented enterprises exported products exporting enterprises exports exports of goods exports of light industry exports of services exports to Belarus express-diagnostic expressive means expressive syntax external certainty external consultants external control external credit management external debt external economic threats external economic threats and challenges external economy external environment external financial reporting external financing external flows external imbalances external marketing external migration external non-government debt external public debt external reporting external shocks external strategy external training extra capital extra-budgetary funds extrabudgetary activities extrabudgetary funding extrabudgetary funds extraction of information extracurricular activities extracurricular education extracurricular reading extracurricular time extracurricular work extradition extrajudicial mediation extramural extramural studies extrapolation extreme tourism extremism extrinsic rewards eye disease eye symbolism fables fabric breathability Facebook fachliche kompetenz facilities facing materials facing plate factor analysis factor models factor productivity factor relationship factoring factoring contract factoring operations factoring operations of banks factoring services factors factors in the macro environment factors of economic development factors of effectiveness of communications factors of innovative development factors of production factors of the crisis factors selecting accounting factors uncertainty factory industry laws factory town facts-states faculty of law failure fair competition fair value fairy tales falsification falsification of documents falsified information families family family business family capital family cooperation family culture family farms family institute family law family mediation family policy family relationships family unhappiness farm farm animals farm restructuring farm tourism farmers movement farming farming development farms fascism fascist dictatorship fashion fashion brands fast food fast service fast-food companies fat and oil industry fat and oil products fat products fatih project faux fur fear economy features analysis features of investigation features of labor regulation features product federal budget federal law federal legislation federal territory federalism federative reform feed feed mill industry feed production feed products feed tariffs feed unit feedback feeding animals female female entrepreneurship feminism feminist movement feminist studies feminists feminitives fermented milk market fernsehwerbung fertility fertility stimulation fertility trends fertilizers festivals feudal Belarus feudal law feudal property feudalism feudolism fiction fictional names field knowledge field materials field of activity field of marketing fight against corruption figurative expression file service films filozofia Finance finance attraction finance companies finance company finance functions finance health finance lease finance of enterprises Finance organizations finance research organizations finance theory finances financial strategies financial accessibility financial account financial accounting financial activities financial aid financial analysis financial analysis techniques financial and credit system financial and economic activity financial and economic control financial and economic sphere financial and industrial groups financial apparatus financial arrangements financial assessment financial assets financial balance financial calculations financial capital financial capitalism financial centers financial compensation financial component financial condition financial condition of enterprises financial condition of the enterprise financial control financial controlling financial crimes financial crises Financial crisis financial culture financial cycle financial diagnostics financial distribution concept financial documents financial economics financial education financial efficiency financial equilibrium financial expenses Financial Express financial flows financial forces financial fragility financial globalization financial groups financial guarantees financial health financial holdings financial incentives financial independence financial indicators financial industrial groups financial industry financial innovation financial insolvency financial institutions financial instrument financial instruments financial integration financial intermediaries financial intermediation financial investment financial investments financial lease financial leasing financial leverage financial leverage effect financial liabilities financial Literacy financial logistics financial management financial management of the organization financial market financial marketing financial markets financial mathematics financial measurement financial mechanism financial mechanisms financial obligations financial oligarchy financial operations financial opportunities financial performance financial plan financial planning financial plans financial policy financial position financial potential financial problems financial products financial programs financial psychology financial ratios financial recovery financial reform financial reforms financial regulation financial relations financial relationship financial relationships financial reorganization financial reports financial reserves financial resources financial responsibility legal financial result financial results financial risk financial risk management financial risks financial science financial sector financial security financial service Financial services financial specialties financial sphere financial stability financial stability of an enterprise financial stability of enterprises financial stabilization financial standing financial standing of organizations financial statements financial statistics financial strategies financial strategies of enterprises financial strategy financial support financial supports financial sustainability financial system financial systems financial technology financial transactions financial work financial-economic activity financial-industrial group financing financing activities financing expenses financing forestry financing innovation financing of current assets financing of education financing of educational institutions financing of elections financing of investment projects financing of operations financing of projects financing projects financing system finished goods finished products finite element method Finnish information society model Fintech fire safety firemni filantropie firm market positions first presidential elections first-year students fiscal accounting fiscal austerity fiscal devaluation fiscal discipline fiscal efficiency fiscal mechanism fiscal policy fiscal regulation fiscal space fish fish farming fish products fishing fishing goods fishing vocabulary fitness fixed assets fixed capital fixed capital of enterprises fixed communication fixed exchange rate fixed rates fixed-term contract flash память flavor enhancers flavorings flax flax fiber flax growing flax market flax mills flax processing plant flax products flexible employment flexible forms of employment Floare-Carpet flood lands floodplain ecosystem floodplain soil floods floor coverings floriculture floristic symbols flow control flow of documents flow of funds focus group fodder base fodder preparation fodder production folk art folk culture folk knowledge folk traditions folk wisdom folklore followed by employment food food complex food contamination food costs food crops food expenses food hydrocolloids food industry food market food marketing food markets food networks food packaging food poisoning food problem food processing food processing industry food production food products food resources food safety food security food security of Belarus food service food storage food work foods foods market foodstuffs football footwear footwear industry forage crops force of mortality forecast parameters forecasting forecasting bankruptcy forecasting external debt forecasting methodology forecasting methods forecasting of bankruptcy forecasting of demand forecasting of dynamics forecasting of economic processes forecasting of indicators forecasting of purchase forecasting process forecasting the economy forecasting theory forecasting volumes foreign arbitration foreign Belarusians foreign capital foreign citizens foreign citizens without citizenship foreign communication foreign companies foreign competency foreign courts foreign credits foreign currency foreign currency deposits foreign currency investments foreign debt foreign debts foreign direct investment foreign direct investments foreign economic activity foreign economic cooperation foreign economic operations foreign economic policy foreign economic relations foreign economic risks foreign economic transactions foreign economy foreign education foreign element foreign enterprises foreign exchange earnings foreign exchange policy foreign exchange reserves foreign experience foreign investment foreign investments foreign investor foreign investors foreign judgment foreign language foreign language business communication foreign language communication foreign language culture foreign language education foreign language electronic communication foreign language learning foreign language speaking foreign language speech activity foreign language synthesis foreign language teaching foreign language teaching texts foreign language training foreign language vocabulary foreign languages foreign law foreign legal doctrine foreign loans foreign market foreign markets foreign policy foreign policy of the Byelorussian SSR foreign reading foreign securities foreign specialists foreign students foreign studies foreign texts reading foreign trade foreign trade activity foreign trade activity of the enterprise foreign trade agreements foreign trade contracts foreign trade cooperation foreign trade debt foreign trade exchange foreign trade expansion foreign trade operations foreign trade organizations foreign trade partnership foreign trade policy foreign trade policy of Belarus foreign trade procedures foreign trade regulation foreign trade relations foreign trade transactions foreign trade turnover foreign trainees foreign vocabulary foreign words foreign-language letter foreign-language terminology foreigners learning forensic accounting forensic examinations forensic psychiatry forensic psychology foresight foresight technologies forest forest certification forest complex forest complex of Belarus forest cultures forest ecosystems forest enterprises forest fund forest management forest phytocenoses forest plantations forest policy forest products forest resources forest soil forestry forex forfaiting forfaiting in Belarus forfeiting form style formal training formation formation of clusters formation of cost formation of knowledge formation of labour potential formation of labour resources formation of language formation of market space formation of marketing formation of personality formation of plans formation of the cluster formation of the range formation of the stock market formation translation skills forms for strict reporting forms of activity forms of cooperation forms of employment forms of ownership forms of payment forms of remuneration forms of the educational process forms of thinking forms of training forms of treatment forms of vertical interaction formula formula Hummels D. formula references forstdirektionen forward forward-looking information forwarding companies forwarding company forwarding services foster families foster family foundations foundry companies fractal analysis frames franchising fraternity fraud fraud-транзакации frazeomaticheskie unit free air free balances free capital free cash free cash flow free competition free customs zone free economic zone free economic zones free flow free pricing free time free trade free trade sub-zone free trade zone free trade zones freedom freedom contract freedom of contract freedom of person freedom of speech freelance freelancing freezing freight freight cars freight forwarding company freight traffic freight transport freight transportation French french cinema french linguoculture frequency vocabulary fridges frozen food fruit farms fruit-growing fruits and vegetables fuel fuel and energy complex fuel and energy resources fuel industry fuel markets fuel resources fulfillment fulfillment services fulfilment full employment functional adektivatsiya functional adjectivization functional approach functional cards functional cost analysis functional food functional foods functional nutrition functional services functional structures functional supplements functioning of enterprises functioning problems functions of money functions of reinsurance functions presentations fund management fundamental questions fundamental research fundamentals of economics funded insurance funded pension system funding funding account deficit funding of universities funding organizations funding science funds financing funds for salaries funds special purpose funkcje organizacji furniture furniture companies furniture company furniture design furniture enterprises furniture industry furniture manufacture furniture manufacturing furniture market furniture products futures contracts futures market futurology futuros del clima fuzji I przejęć fuzzy decision fuzzy logic fuzzy set fuzzy sets Fuzzy-Дельфи FX Alliance - FXall GAAP galicisms gambling gambling business gambling industry gambling market game chat game content game design game lessons game simulation game sports game theory games games of chance gamification GAPD garbage sorting gardening gardening companies garment industry garments gas gas chromatographic analysis gas chromatographic methods gas conflicts gas industry gas pipelines gas revenues gas supply gas transmission networks Gas transportation networks gastronomic tourism GDP dynamics gender gender balance gender budgeting gender characteristics gender communication gender competence gender differences gender disparities gender equality gender inequality gender issues gender perspective gender policy gender politics gender psychology gender relationships gender roles gender stereotypes gender studies gene pool general cargoes general production expenses general provisions genetic algorithm genetic algorithms genetic engineering activity Geneva Conventions