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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeLanguage
20152015, Содержание--Английский
2015A customer of the XXIcentury: satisfaction or experiences?Akhremchyk, J.; Raik, E.-Английский
2015Advertising and its impact on social objects in modern businessKhodasevich, T.; Mashkanova, Y.-Английский
2015Advertising and PR as an essential part of marketingSvejko, A.; Vizhunova, E.-Английский
2015Advertising around us. Hidden tricksBaranovskaya, A.; Shibut, Е.-Английский
2015Advertising slogan is it necessary?Markevich, D.-Английский
2015Advertising with a human face or how to touch human heartsAmanova, M.; Martyashina, T.-Английский
2015Alternative investmentsStasevich, E.; Yakhovskaya, V.-Английский
2015Banks and their activitiesBezmen, A.; Maksimova, V.-Английский
2015Behavioral economics: reunifying psychology and economicsSorokina, Y.; Targonskaya, M.-Английский
2015Belarusbank and its activityBurzhynskaya, K.; Solovyova, M.-Английский
2015Blue ocean strategy: history and real life examplesKrakovyak, D.-Английский
2015Breakfast at MCDonald’s or how to survive in the global marketplaceAlizarchik, S.; Lukashevich, A.-Английский
2015CIvil-military product promotion models in the context of commercialization processKosenok, A.-Английский
2015Crisis in Belarus in 2014: psychological viewYakimchanka, L.-Английский
2015Currency warAndreev, E.; Shashuro, A.-Английский
2015Do you sound right for a job?Maksimchikova, D.-Английский
2015Electronic money and electronic payment systems on the internetKanash, E.; Shvakel, K.-Английский
2015Foreign direct investment effects on the economic security of host countriesValentsinovich, A.-Английский
2015Gender diversity in company’s management as a key to enhanced performanceVolchek, A.-Английский
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 49