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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeLanguage
20192019, Содержание. Экономический рост Республики Беларусь: глобализация, инновационность, устойчивость-ThesisРусский
20192019, Титульный лист. Экономический рост Республики Беларусь: глобализация, инновационность, устойчивость-ThesisРусский
2019A comparison among Chinese, Persian, English and Russian languages recarding the cultural and behavioural differenсesYue Wu; Farahani ShThesisАнглийский
2019Boost creativity through digital storytellingMalashenko, E. A.; Ivanenko, G. L.ThesisАнглийский
2019China's outward foreign direct investment risk prevention and supervision under the “Belt and Road” initiativeWurishanaThesisАнглийский
2019Credit risk of Lebanese banks using data envelopment analysisZougheib, N. N.ThesisАнглийский
2019Environmental impacts of tourismMassidda, С.; Shavruk, Yu.ThesisАнглийский
2019Factors for the formation of effects of the infrastructure developmentOgorodnikova, Е. S.ThesisАнглийский
2019How Belarus can solve its corporate debt problem by developing a relationship with the Monaco banking sectorБерстоу, П.; Вашкевич, Ю. Б.ThesisАнглийский
2019Improving the management mechanism based on a balanced scorecard systemMikhailovsky, P. V.ThesisАнглийский
2019Innovation extension based on problem-oriented human resource developmentLaptiev, V. I.; Ivanova, О. Yu.ThesisАнглийский
2019Innovation model of China’s high-speed railwayZhang Yong-kaiThesisАнглийский
2019Intellectual capital management in the innovative educational processKochergina, Т. V.ThesisАнглийский
2019Internationalization in retail: adopting the optimal strategyOneissi, М.; Zoryna, Т.ThesisАнглийский
2019Methodological principles for using a stakeholder-focused approach in the strategic adaptive management of industrial park structuresPlakhin, А. Е.ThesisАнглийский
2019Military expenditure and corruption levels: interconnection prerequisitesAshqar Ameed KamalThesisАнглийский
2019The concepts of innovative (digital) economy development in the Eurasion Economic UnionYanchuk, A.ThesisАнглийский
2019The evolution of attitudes of corporate social responsibilityHarfoush, N. H.ThesisАнглийский
2019Virtual supply chains as a business function systemAvechkina, V.ThesisАнглийский
2019Will the Shanghai Free Trade Zone replace Hong Kong as the new financial center?Мартинович, Е. А.; Fang Xuаn; Wang Hongying; Wei HongyuThesisАнглийский
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 306