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Title: Optimal Control of Non-stationary Differential Linear Repetitive Processes
Authors: Dymkou, S.
Dymkov, М.
Rogers, Е.
Galkowski, K.
Keywords: repetitive dynamics;optimal control;non-stationary dynamics;нестационарная динамика;оптимальное управление
Issue Date: 2008
metadata.dc.language: Английский
Citation: Dymkou, S. Optimal Control of Non-stationary Differential Linear Repetitive Processes / S. Dymkou, M. Dymkov, E. Rogers, K. Galkowski // Integr. equ. oper. theory. - 2008, - P. 201-216.
Abstract: Differential repetitive processes are a distinct class of continuousdiscrete 2D linear systems of both systems theoretic and applications interest. The feature which makes them distinct from other classes of such systems is the fact that information propagation in one of the two independent directions only occurs over a finite interval. Applications areas include iterative learning control and iterative solution algorithms for classes of dynamic nonlinear optimal control problems based on the maximum principle, and the modelling of numerous industrial processes such as metal rolling, and long-wall cutting etc. The new results in is paper solve a general optimal problem in the presence of non-stationary dynamics.
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