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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeLanguage
2001Paradoxical dollar phenomenon: тне U.S. Enrichment & thе european impoverishment & vice versaМитрофанов, В.; Mitrofanov, V.-Английский
2017Peculiarities of doing business in some countries and particularly in BelarusКлочек, В. В.; Гайдук, Л. Д.ArticleАнглийский
2017Perfomance Management : electronic educational-methodical complex for Master degree program "International Accounting"Kuhto, J. J.; Pankov, D. A.; Кухто, Ю. Ю.; Панков, Д. А.Learning Object-
2011Performance of the lawyer as a mediator concerning assistance to the parties in settlement of legal disputeKindlrov, A. A.-Русский
2006Perspectives of alternative tourism in BelarusКраснобережский, И. А.; Krasnoberezhskiy, I. A.-Английский
2002-04-18Planning an optimal advertising budgetПримшиц, Н. Б.; Primshic, N. B.Thesisанглийский
2017Plastic card fraudShumskaya, A. Y.; Mazyuk, O. S.; Vasilevskaya, L. I.ThesisАнглийский
2000Plastic moneyКраснов, Ю.; Krasnov, Yu.ThesisАнглийский
2017Pooling marketing efforts: GastrofestZenko, K. S.; Kholodinskaya, Y. O.; Frantsuzova, O. N.ThesisАнглийский
2001Poverty and the wауs of solving this problemКондеева, А. Ю.ThesisАнглийский
2000Poverty and wealth on the threshold of the becoming milleniumНовик, Е. Н.; Novik, E. N.ThesisАнглийский
2011PR-campaign for inbound tourism development in the Repablic of BelarusЖавнерчик, Е. Е.; Zhavnerchik, E. E.-Английский
2009Pre-pensioned aged population on a labor marketLapiashvili, T.ThesisАнглийский
2001Premier Stolypin's reform: myth and truthЖолудь, Я. О.; Zholud, Ya. O.-Английский
2001Preventing corruption and dishonesty in PoliceАжар, И. В.; Azhar, I. V.-Английский
2001Private sector in belarus: background and contemporary problemsПатракова, Е. А.; Patrakova, E. A.-Английский
2000Privatisation and restructuring in thе Republic оf BelarusСиталов, А. С.; Sitalov, A. S.ThesisАнглийский
2002-04-18Privatization of stare-ran property in the Republic of BelarusКапелько, Д. В.; Kapelko, D. V.Thesisанглийский
2015Problems and prospects of Cooperation of the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and RussiaАнтропова, Т. В.; Antropova, T. V.ThesisАнглийский
2017Problems and prospects of the development of tourism industry in the Repubic of BelarusПушкарева, М. А.; Самусевич, Д. Е.ArticleАнглийский
2002-04-18Problems of child labour in the 21-centureСмирнова, Е. С.; Галаш, Ю. Н.; Smirnova, E. S.; Galash Yu. N., Yu. N.Thesisанглийский
2015Problems of the transit potential development in the Republic of BelarusТолпыго, А. А.; Тимошенко, А. И.; Tolpygo, A. A.; Timoshenko, A. I.ThesisАнглийский
2002Product supply organizational structureReshin, EduardArticleАнглийский
2017Programmatic: what it is and how it can be usedDaniliuk, A. A.; Bedritskaya, L. V.ThesisАнглийский
2007Promoting writing skillsЛаптинская, Л. С.; Laptinskaya, L. S.ThesisАнглийский
2011Proper names in construction businessВойтик, И. А.; Voytik, I. A.-Английский
2017Prospect to promote Vietnamese trade of wood and timber goods to Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) under the Vietnam - EAEU FТА implementationDo Huong Lan; Nguyen Ноng Tra МуArticleАнглийский
2011Prospects of Belarus-China strategic relationsПиловец, Н. Н.; Хилько, Ю. В.; Pilovec, N. N.; Hilko, Yu. V.-Английский
2006Prospects of involving of venture investmentРадкевич, Л. А.; Radkevich, L. A.-Английский
2006Prospects of using the chinese experience of reforming of economyВасильев, С. П.; Vasilev, S. P.-Английский
2006Prototypage comme - en element necessaire du succes commercialeАнтипова, О. В.; Antipova, O. V.-Английский
2015Psychoanalytical images in a Japanese video gameRiko lnoueThesisАнглийский
2017Quality Management : electronic educational-methodical complex for Master’s program 1-26 81 01 "Business Administration"Морозевич, О. А.; Голомазова, Е. С.; Morozevich, O. A.; Halamazava, A. S.Learning ObjectАнглийский
2007Questions at thе english lessonМась, Г. К.; Mas, G. K.ThesisАнглийский
2006Readiness and willingness, or two strings to a bowЛотоцкая, К. Я.; Lotockaya, K. Ya.-Английский
2001ReaganomicsСемечка, П.; Semechka, P.-Английский
2018Real Estate : учебно-методическое пособиеШуплякова, Л. С.; Климук, Е. В.BookАнглийский; Русский
2018Real Estate Studies : учебно-методическое пособиеКлимук, Е. В.; Шуплякова, Л. С.BookАнглийский; Русский
2002Real Gross Domestic Product per Capita as an indicator of dynamics of switching over from planned to market economySkards llmars; Zogla IvetaThesisАнглийский
2017Reducing poverty through tradeКолосей, И. А.; Шуплякова, Л. С.ArticleАнглийский
2011Regional cooperation as the best logistic approachЧернякович, А. С.; Chernyakovich, A. S.-Английский
2017Relationship marketing : training and metodology complex (electronic training complex) in specialty 1-26 81 05 "Marketing" (the English-language Master's degree)Акулич, И. Л.; Кудасова, Е. В.; Akulich, I. L.; Kudasova, E. V.-Русский
2001Rethinking a contemporary international order and a tendency of integration in international relations: pros and cons, wished and realХатенчик, Т. Н.; Hatenchik, T. N.-Английский
2002-04-18Road to futureСергачев, Д. А.; Sergachev, D. A.Thesisанглийский
2011Runglish as a new linguistic phenomenonСеливанова, А. А.; Selivanova, A. A.-Английский
2002-04-18Running an advertising campaign on the internetСергеева, С. В.; Sergeeva, S. V.Thesisанглийский
2011Rural tourism through realiesОсипович, О. А.; Osipovich, O. A.-Английский
2005Silicon valley, the american experience and the possibility to apply it to the belarusian sceneryМельникова, Л. М.; Melnikova, L. M.-Английский
2001Small and medium-sized business. thе role of its development in thе belorussian economyБарвиюк, А. С.; Barviyuk, A. S.-Английский
2005Small business in BelarusПутято, Е. А.; Putyato, E. A.ThesisАнглийский
2005Small business in Belarus: past and presentНовосад, Ю. С.; Novosad, Yu. S.ThesisАнглийский
2001Small hotels keepingЖуковская, В.; Zhukovskaya, V.-Английский
2001Small, poor countries and natural disastersНемцова, И. В.; Nemcova, I. V.-Английский
2011Social AID: principles of financial motivationМолош, Ю. В.; Церковная, Н. А.; Molosh, Yu. V.; Cerkovnaya, N. A.-Английский
2017Social media as fitness tours' promotional toolAheiko, V. S.; Radina, I. V.ArticleАнглийский
2000Society and economy. Welfare stateПавлович, В. В.; Pavlovich, V. V.ThesisАнглийский
2006Some aspects of bilingualism in Quebec (Canada)Гридушко, Н. С.; Gridushko, N. S.-Английский
2015Some legal aspects of realization of principle of individual criminal responsibility in international criminal lawSlavko, A.ArticleАнглийский
2000South sea piracy - а serious and bloody business todayХомич, Е.; Homich, E.ThesisАнглийский
2006Specific features of business languageЛойко, М. О.; Loyko, M. O.-Английский
2017Specifics of economic development and trading of ChinaШибут, Д. Д.; Савчук, Ю. М.ArticleАнглийский
2004Standadrs of livingХрапова, И. Ю.; Khrapova, I. Yu.-Русский
2001Stock exchangeСмирнова, Е. С.; Smirnova, E. S.-Английский
2002-04-18Stor marketsПрач, П. А.; Prach ., P. AThesisанглийский
2009Strategic management in marketing planning in terms of financial turmoilBondarenko, O.ThesisАнглийский
2005Stratification by genderЛебедь, О. Н.; Lebed, O. N.-Английский
2017Student's life and the cost of living in Belarus vs in the UKКовалевская, Е.; Косторева, Е.; Дроздова, С. С.ArticleАнглийский
2001Substance abuse and crimeНарчилевич, Е. И.; Narchilevich, E. I.-Английский
2002-04-18Successful brand - dream or realityКруговец, А. М.; Krugovec, A. M.Thesisанглийский
2016Successful nation branding in Turkey. Успехи национального брендинга в ТурцииВашкевич, Ю. Б.; Nezhadhossein, Н.; Vashkevich, Yu. B.ThesisРусский; Английский
2001Support of private enterprise in BelarusСемкова, А. А.; Semkova, A. A.-Английский
2000Survey banкing sector of the Republic OF BelarusДанченко, А. Н.; Danchenko, A. N.ThesisАнглийский
2001Sustainable development. lnternational trade and the environmentФедосеев, В. В.ThesisАнглийский
2002-04-18Tax policy: essence, basic directions, feafures of realization it in the Repablic of BelarusЦалко, Т. Н.; Calko, T. N.Thesisанглийский
2009Teaching business English: new approach and experienceVolodko, S. M.ThesisАнглийский
2005Telephone communication for a businessmanЛапицкая, Т. А.; Lapickaya, T. A.ThesisАнглийский
2005Telephone communication for a businessmanЛапицкая, Т. А.; Lapitskaya, T. A.-Русский
2017Tendencies of development of the tourism industry in the contex of globalizationБородовская, А. С.; Гайдук, Л. Д.ArticleАнглийский
2017Tendencies of development of tourism industry in the context of globalizationМороз, А. С.; Кашляк, М. А.ArticleАнглийский
2011The ambiguity of modern art: does graffity have the right to exist?Милешкевич, А. В.; Mileshkevich, A. V.-Английский
2017The application of foreign companies' experience to motivate staff in tourism organizations in BelarusDevyatkina, E. V.; Valezhanina, A. V.ArticleАнглийский
2002-04-18The art of advertisementГоловина, Н. В.; Golovina, N. V.Thesisанглийский
2011The assessment of renewable energy recources in BelarusБеднарсная, Е. А.; Bednarsnaya, E. A.-Английский
2015The Budgetary Management of Local Governments in LatviaReshina, G. A.; Vocish, A. D.ArticleАнглийский
2017The capacity of the hotel infrastructure in organizing mice-events in the Republic of BelarusСлавецкая, О. И.; Машкарева, Е. О.ArticleАнглийский
2007The cooperation between Repablic of Belarus and Sweden (сотрудничество между Республикой Беларусь и Швецией)Панкрутский, Н. Н.; Pankrutskiy, N. N.ThesisАнглийский
2011The dark side of the black goldМисюля, П. В.; Misyulya, P. V.-Английский
2015The development of Belarusian tourist industryОвчинникова, А. А.; Барановская, В. Ф.; Ovchinnikova, A. A.; Baranovskaya, V. F.ThesisАнглийский
2005The development of mobile communication in BelarusФилон, Н. А.; Filon, N. A.ThesisАнглийский
2011The development of vending in the republic of BelarusАнисько, Е. А.; Масловская, Е. А.; Anisko, E. A.; Maslovskaya, E. A.-Английский
2007The economic cooperation between Czech Republic and Republic of BelarusПанкрутский, Н. Н.; Pankrutskiy, N. N.-Русский
2014The economy of knowledgeПавловская, С. В.; Pavlovskaya, S. V.-Английский
2017The effect of co-marketing projects on tourism businesses on the example of the living on the edge project of National Geographic in South EstoniaLaas, М.; Кооr, Т.ArticleАнглийский
2005The efficency of the IMF programsКравченко, С. В.; Kravchenko, S. V.-Английский
2015The ensuring of environmental safety by the customs authorities in the Republic of BelarusПрокопенко, М. У.; Полищук, А. А.; Prokopenko, M. U.; Polishchuk, A. A.ThesisАнглийский
2002-04-18The euro maid an historic leap into the walletsИвановский, А. А.; Ivanovskiy, A. A.ThesisАнглийский
2001The European Central BankОгоновский, П. Б.ThesisАнглийский
2005The gender problem in international business: thе ways of solution in BelarusГончарик, А. О.; Goncharik, A. O.ThesisАнглийский
2012The global economic outlookШохина, Е. Г.; Shohina, E. G.ThesisРусский
2011The global financial and economic crisis in BelarusКравченко, М. Н.; Kravchenko, M. N.-Английский

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