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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Tax avoidance: how to change corporate behaviour?Derechenik, E. A.; Bedritskaya, L. V.
2002-04-18Tax policy: essence, basic directions, feafures of realization it in the Repablic of BelarusЦалко, Т. Н.; Calko, T. N.
2009Teaching business English: new approach and experienceVolodko, S. M.
2012-11-26Team building: the will to winЛаркович, Е. С.; Солонович, Т. Т.; Larkovich, E. S.; Solonovich, T. T.
2015Technical barriersto trade: protection or constraint of international trade?Kosiak, M.; Moroz, D.
2013Technological preconditions for development of intellectual capital in medical entitiesChluski, A.
2015Technology clustersMartinkevich, A.; Mirzoev, A.
2013Technology transfer centers and regional mass media in the innovation project of the Republic of BelarusПетроченко, А. Г.
2005Telephone communication for a businessmanЛапицкая, Т. А.; Lapickaya, T. A.
2005Telephone communication for a businessmanЛапицкая, Т. А.; Lapitskaya, T. A.
2005Tendency of developing of tourism in BelarusRabets, А. P.
2006Terrorism as а reason for unstable economic evelopmentМакаревич, И. М.; Makarevich, I. M.
2007Texts in business english : учебно-методическое пособие по деловому английскому языку для студентовБерезовская, С. Н.; Климук, Е. В.; Berezovskaya, S. N.; Klimuk, E. V.
2010The "peaceful atom": Belarusian Nuclear Power StationСлепцова, М. С.; Sleptsova, M. S.
2006The Advertising of Соса-СоlaВавилова, Е. А.; Березовская, О. И.; Vavilova, E. A.; Berezovskaya, O. I.
2015The Alibaba phenomenonLavnikovich, A.; Parkhanovich, Y.
2012-11-26The alternative investments marketЧумак, К. Г.; Chumak, K. G.
2011The ambiguity of modern art: does graffity have the right to exist?Милешкевич, А. В.; Mileshkevich, A. V.
2002-04-18The art of advertisementГоловина, Н. В.; Golovina, N. V.
2011The assessment of renewable energy recources in BelarusБеднарсная, Е. А.; Bednarsnaya, E. A.