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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Observing а company structureУлитенок, Л.; Ulitenok, L.
2012-11-26Official vs. personal inflation rateБичун, А. Н.; Лепешкевич, Ю. А.; Bichun, A. N.; Lepeshkevich, Yu. A.
2000Offshore and its advantages over other forms of businessЛазовский, А. С.; Lazovskiy, A. S.
2016Offshore outsourcing as one of the driving forces of globalizationNovitskaya, M.; Garin, A.; Bedritskaya, L.; Vashkevich, J.
2010-04-21OLAP-анализ средствами Microsoft ExcelЛукша, Н. Ю.
2002On content and language integrated learning in the university and common foreign language curriculum planningPovalyaev, A. A.
2006On-line activities an alternative approach to students homeworkОршинская, Т. З.; Orshinskaya, T. Z.
2014-04-25On-line обучениеВолчок, В. В.; Volchok, V. V.
2012-11-26One-child country. Is China's main advantage turning into a headache?Новиков, Р. А.; Novikov, R. A.
2015Online advertising: is it so effective and worth fighting for it?Banderuk, E.
2012-11-26ONLYLYON comme une reussite representative du marketing territorialКотикова, Н. П.; Kotikova, N. P.
2016OPEC: new oil coalitionShashuro, A.; Bergel, T.; Vashkevich, J.
2009-05-12Opera 10 TurboМасальский, А. С.
2010-04-21Opera 10.50: Формула скоростиКатеринич, Т. В.
2007Optimal control and optimization for a class of repetitive processesDymkov, M.; Rogers, E.; Galkowski, K.; Owens, D. H.
2008Optimal Control of Non-stationary Differential Linear Repetitive ProcessesDymkou, S.; Dymkov, М.; Rogers, Е.; Galkowski, K.
2017Optimization communications marketing activitiesHorbulko, M.; Svatiuk, D.; Svatiuk, O.
2013Optimization problems for the gas transportation networksDymkou, S.; Dymkov, M.
2017Organization of the international cashless payments by banksBilan, A. A.; Dulia, A. N.
2009Organizations sustainable developmentНавицкиене, Р.; Навицкас, К.; Navickiene, R.; Navickas, K.