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"необходимая информация" "перемещение " работника "справедливая" компенсация "экспансия" трудового права 12 в. 15-18 в. 1812 г. 19 - нач. 20 в. 19 в. 19 век 19-20 в. 1918 г. 1920г. 1924-1938 гг. 1941-1944 гг. 1978 1990-2002г.г. 1996-2000 гг. 1C 1C: Enterprise 1C: Бухгалтерия 7.7 1C: Предприятие 7.7 1C: УПП 1С-битрикс 1С: Бухгалтерия 7. 7 1С: Предприятие 20 в. 20 в. нач. 20 ст. 2001 г. 2001-2005 гг. 2004-2016 2005-2012 2006-2010 гг. 2010 г. 2010-2011 гг. 2011 2011 г. 2011-2015 гг. 2013-2015 гг. 2016 2016-2020 21 в. 2PL-услуги 3-я танковая дивизия 3D ввод 3D визуализация 3D устройства 3D-модели 3D-моделирование 3D-отображение 3D-печать 3D-принтеры 3D-технологии 3G 3PL-услуги 4PL-услуги 55-я стрелковая дивизия 60-е гг. 19 в.-нач.20 в. 8 марта 9 мая a complex economy a dynamic model of economic growth a new type of economy a partisan court a Polish Corporation a preliminary cost-benefit analysis a responsibility a single information space a systematic approach a tax privilege Aarhus Convention abbreviations ABC-aнализ ABC-XYZ-анализ ABC-анализ abortion Absolute centers absorption abstracting abuse of right academic discipline academic institutions academic reading academic texts acceptable quality level Access accidental loss account balance of trade account of decapitalization account of electronic money accountability accountancy accountants accounting accounting advertising games accounting and analysis accounting and analysis in Belarus accounting and analysis system accounting and analytical disciplines accounting and analytical information accounting and auditing accounting and taxation accounting concept accounting containers accounting course accounting depreciation accounting documents accounting exchange rate differences accounting expertise accounting financial statements accounting for goodwill accounting for the movement of containers accounting functions accounting in Moldova accounting information Accounting legislation accounting methodology for formation expenses accounting objects accounting of customs payments accounting of economic-environmental factors accounting of extra-budgetary funds accounting of funds of the enterprise accounting operations accounting outsourcing accounting policies Belarusian banks accounting policy accounting processes accounting records accounting reports accounting reports of enterprises accounting risk accounting services accounting sources of financing accounting system accounting technology accounting theory accounts accounts payable accounts receivable accrued expenses accrued payments achat achievement tests acmeology acrobats Action aid activation of business activation of educational activity activation of financial policy active learning methods active sales actividad inversora actividades de negocio activities Masherov activities of enterprises activities of lawyers in criminal trials activities of the company activities of the entrepreneur activities of the students activities Skaryna activities Vasilevich G. A. Activity Based Costing activity of Konstantin Ostrozhsky activization of innovative activity activization of investment process activos acts actual cost Adam Smith adaptation adaptation of labor adaptation of students adaptation of the banking system adaptation of the original texts adaptation of young specialists adaptive case management adaptive model added value addiction addiction abroad addiction problems addictive behavior additional activity additional charge additional education system additional responsibility additional training adherence to the Protocol adhesives adjectives Adjektive administration costs administration of tax risks administrative and legal protection administrative economic offences administrative jurisdiction of cases administrative justice administrative law administrative offense administrative offenses administrative procedures administrative processes administrative recovery administrative reform administrative regulations administrative responsibility administrative suppression administrative work administrative-territorial division administrative-territorial division of Belarus adoption of Christianity advanced information technology advanced panel data methods advantages of computer-based testing advertisement advertising Advertising activity advertising agencies advertising appeal advertising art advertising as a mechanism advertising budget advertising business advertising campaign advertising costs advertising discourse advertising game advertising industry advertising management advertising market advertising media advertising of banking services advertising services advertising slogans advertising sociology advertising technology advertising texts advocacy aeronautics aesthetics aforistiki Africa African English Afrique Afrique subsaharienne after-sales service age category age-specific fertility rates aged people agences de publicité agency conflicts agency work agentes sociales aggregation and disaggregation agrarian economy agrarian policy agrarian reform agrarian relations agrarian sector agreement agreement on trade agreements agri-food market agribusiness agribusiness companies agricultura agricultural agricultural aviation agricultural business agricultural commodity producers agricultural complex entity agricultural complexes agricultural cooperatives agricultural engineering agricultural enterprises agricultural industry agricultural machinery agricultural Management agricultural market agricultural organizations agricultural output agricultural policy agricultural potential agricultural production agricultural products agricultural science agricultural sector agriculture agriculture EU agriculture marketing agriculture organization agrifood complex agritourism agro ecotourism agro tourism agro-industrial complex agro-industrial complexes agro-industrial policy agro-industries agro-industry agroecology Agromarketing agrotourism AIDMA-цикл AIDS and drug addiction air service air transportation airlift airline companies AIS Akerlof Dzh. Albrecht Gashtold alcohol alcohol abuse alcohol enterprises alcohol industry alcohol products alcoholic beverages Aleksievich, S. Alexander II Alexievich's books Alfabeto español algebra Algirdas algorithmization algorithmization methods Algorithms o f solutions Algorithms o f the solutions Alicia Keys alimony Alizarovskiy A. AllFusion Process Modeler alliances allied investment allied state allocation allocative efficiency alma-mater Alpen Gold alphabetic dictionaries alternative dispute resolution alternative disputes alternative fodder production alternative Investments alternative marketing alternative service Alternative tourism alternativen Energiequellen altersgruppen amaranth Amateur tourism ambassade AMD America del Sur American culture American democracy American economy American English American press amicable agreement ammunition amortization policy amount of coverage amount of customs payments amusement parks analogues of meat products analysis analysis and inventory management analysis as a management function analysis of asset quality analysis of dynamics of prices analysis of economic activity analysis of economic potential analysis of economic trends analysis of English texts analysis of financial results analysis of inflation analysis of information systems analysis of price movements analysis of prices of home appliances analysis of scientific text analysis of the commercial history analysis of the company analysis of the current situation analysis of the dependence of consumer demand analysis of the development regions analysis of the distribution network analysis of the effectiveness analysis of the labor market analysis of the material analysis of the use of analysis of the use of the principles analysis of variance analytic center analytic centers analytic hierarchy process analytical accounting analytical accounts analytical assessment analytical cycle analytical systems analytics ancient Greek and Roman legislators Ancient Rus ancient thinkers Ancient World Andrei Gromyko Andrew Volan anelik anglicisms anglizismen animal feed animal feeding animal husbandry animator John. M. Keynes annotation annotations annuity contract anonymity anthropology anthroponomy anti-advertising anti-corruption anti-crisis measures anti-crisis policy anti-crisis programmes anti-crisis strategy anti-dumping regulation anti-inflation policy anti-inflation regulation anti-rent payments anticompetitive agreements on prices anticrisis communications antidumpiпg antiglobalism antiglobalización antiinflationary policy antimonopoly regulation antiquity of the custom ANTISWOT-анализ antitrust law antitrust laws antitrust regulation anwendungsprogramme análisis sociología anάlisis econόmicos APK taxation appeal appearance carrots Apple Apple iPad appliances application of assignment application of the Laffer curve application of the provisions of IFRS Application-cкopинг applied aesthetics and SPA applied science applied sociology applied statistics approaches to assess sustainability approaches to learning approaches to reading approaches to risk assessment approaches to understanding law aprendizaje de los estudiantes Aquinas F. Arab countries Arbeit arbeit mit den kunden Arbeitslosigkeit arbeitsmarkets arbeitspotential arbeitstätigkeit arbitrage practice arbitration arbitration commission arbitration courts arbitration process architect Glaubitz architecture area of territorial development areas of cooperation areas of responsibility Finance Argentina argumentation ARIMA armed conflict armed conflicts armed forces armed struggle army arm’s length range aromen around town arquitectura art art of communication articles artificial intelligence artist and sculptor Bykov Artnet ArtService Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement aspects of economic activity aspects of privatization aspects of teaching listening assembly of shoes assessment assessment Manager assessment of competitive advantages assessment of competitiveness assessment of debt assessment of inflationary processes Assessment of knowledge assessment of market capacity assessment of operational risk assessment of the quality of root crops assessment of the quality of work assessment strategies asset turnover asset valuation assets assets and liabilities assets of enterprises assets of the company assets of the organization assignment assignment of a claim assistance psychologique associated structures associations assortment assortment concept assortment of goods assortment optimization assortment policy asymmetric development asymmetric economic integration asynchronous communication athletes Atlant atmogramme atmospheric change ATOM-Bank atomenergie sowie atomic energy atomization production atracciόn de las inversiones attracting foreign investment attracting investment attracting investments to Belarus attracting tourists attracting visitors attracting young professionals attraction of direct investments attraction of foreign investments attraction of investments attractiveness of the product auction auctions audio audiobooks audit audit activities audit evidence Audit Expert audit organization audit report audit risk audit services audit system audited financial statements auditing auditing activities auditing standards auditor auditor's activities auditors' activities auditors-individual entrepreneurs ausländische Investoren Austrian school of economics authentic documents authentic film text authentic texts authentic videos authoritarianism authorized fund authors Autocad autocorrelation automated banking systems automated control systems automated data processing automated information system automated systems automatic exchange of information automation automation business analysis automation of accounting automation systems automobile transport automobiles propelled automotive markets Autonomous enterprises Autonomous learning activities Autonomous system of management accounting autonomy autonomy in learning availability of services aviation aviculture azerbaijan's economy Aгgentina baby food bachelors of Economics background of the crisis Backstage bakery industry bakery production bakery products baking industry baladeur numerique balance balance analysis balance models balance of foreign trade of goods balance of interests of market participants balance of payments balance of payments of Belarus balance of the national economy balance of the rights balance of trade balance policy balance sheet balance sheet and net profit balanced diet Balanced scorecard Balassa-Samuelson effect balitorinae use Baltics banca internacional Banco Santander bancos Bangkok Agreement Bank's financial condition bank accounts bank capital Bank cards Bank consumer lending bank deposits bank fund raising rates bank guarantee bank guarantees Bank ingots Bank innovation bank interest rates Bank leasing bank lending bank loans bank management bank marketing Bank of texts bank operations Bank practice bank production bank secrecy bank services bank staff bank statement bank supervision Banken banking banking credit services banking information technology banking innovation banking insurance banking law banking mediation banking plastic cards banking risks banking service banking services banking supervision banking supervision in Belarus banking system banking systems banking transactions bankruptcies bankruptcy bankruptcy of enterprises banks banks in Belarus banner advertising banкing sectors banкs Baranovichy region Baranovichy tourist region Barbara Radziwill bare-boat charter bargaining bargains Bars base of dynamic standards basic approaches to modernization theory basics of business basics of economy battle of stalingrad BCC-CR BDS-тест beef cattle beer beet beet production behavior of the staff behavioral culture Behavioral economics behavioral finance Behavioral-cкopинг behaviorism behinderten Belarus Belarus' economy Belarus' foreign trade policy Belarus's economy Belarus ' accession to WTO Belarus economy Belarus exports Belarus holidays Belarus internet market Belarus promotional activities Belarus Renaissance Belarus Republic Belarus State Economic University Belarus XV-XVI Belarusbank Belarusian Belarusian Academy of Music Belarusian Association of aesthetics Belarusian banks Belarusian business Belarusian c!ients Belarusian Children's Hospice Belarusian cities Belarusian commercial banks belarusian community Belarusian cuisine Belarusian culture Belarusian customs tariff belarusian economy belarusian exporters Belarusian exports Belarusian folk calendar Belarusian folklore belarusian grammar Belarusian historical science belarusian history Belarusian hotels belarusian industry Belarusian joint stock company Belarusian justice Belarusian language Belarusian law Belarusian leasing market Belarusian legislation belarusian linen belarusian literature Belarusian mentality belarusian nation Belarusian national cuisine Belarusian national revival Belarusian Nobel laureate Belarusian nuclear power plant Belarusian Nuclear Power Station Belarusian oil products Belarusian people Belarusian Popular Front Belarusian producers Belarusian production Belarusian products Belarusian science Belarusian socialist Assembly Belarusian SSR Belarusian State Belarusian state ideology belarusian statehood Belarusian Statistical Association belarusian student belarusian students Belarusian television Belarusian thinkers Belarusian village Belarusian villages Belarusian volunteer brigade Belarusian world order Belarusian writers Belarusian youth Belarusian-language high school belarusiaп nuclear power belarusization Belarussian economists belarussian people belarussische Wirtschaft Beliefs belorussian plastic cards Belpromimpeks benchmarking bending beneficial owner beneficial owners benefits benefits of flexible forms of employment benefits of integration processes benefits of the cloud Benyash Budnyy Bergel, J. L. Beschäftigung Bevölkerungsdichte BI BI-технологии Bible bicycles big businesses Big Data big landlords bike roads Bilancio della Chiesa Cattolica bilateral diplomatic relations bilateral relations bildung bilingual dictionaries bilingual subject matter expertise bilingualism bilingualism among the Tatars in the US bilingualism and multilingualism bilingualism in Belarus bilingualism in Poland bill bills bio products biochemistry bioethics biofuels biography biography Dembinski N. V. biography of Konstantin Ostrozhsky biography of Lvа Sapegi biography of Melezh biography of S. Alexievich biography of Sapieha P. Ya. biography Tadeusz Reitan biological and social gender biological assets biological industry biological warfare biological waste biologically active additives biologically active substances biologization biomedicine biotechnics biotechnologien bioéthique birth rate Bisuness Intelligence bitcoin-system bitcoin-кошельки bitcoin-система Bitrix24 black accounting Black Lady BMP-технологии Bobruisk Boden S. bodies of internal Affairs boiled sausages Bologna process bolsa bond loans bonds bonus depreciation bonuses book community book trade bookcrossin books A. Volana books in audio format bookselling bookvalue boolean function border border areas border culture border guard border security borrowed funds borrowers borrowing of words boulders bourgeois reform bourgeoisie BPWin brain drain brainstorming branch management branch structure brand brand communication brand creation brand equity brand management brand name brand names brand strategy brand trade brand-focused marketing brand-name Branded House branding branding issues brands Brasil braпds breach of contract bread breadstuff break-even break-even point breeding products Brest Brest Church Unia Brest Fortress brewing brewing industry BRICS Brita Britain britich people British economy British history British nationality British political system broad money broadcasting brokerage services BSC (ССП) BSEU BSSR BTL budget budget accounting budget analysis budget companies budget control budget deficit budget management budget planning budget receipts budget reporting budget resources budget revenues budget security budget surplus budget system budgetary financing budgetary organizations budgetary policy budgetary relations budgeting budgets budgets of subjects building building financial regulations building materials building sector buildup of public debt bullwhip effect Bundesministerium der Finanzen Bundesregierung bundesrepuЫik Deutschland bureaucracy burghers and the nobility business business - courses business activities business activities and risks business activity monitoring business activity organizations business administration business advertising business analysis business associations business capital business career business communication business Communications business commurucations business companies business company business conversation business correspondence business culture business cycles business development business discourse business discourses business e-mail business economics Business Education business entities business entity business environment business ethics business foreign language business French language business games business image business immigration business in Belarus business incubation business information systems business integration business intelligence business internationalization business it business language business law business leadership business letter business letters business life business management business meeting business meetings business negotiations business office business operation business organizations business Partnerships business performance business plan business plan of insurance companies business plan project business planning business plans business plans development business principles business process business process analysis Business Process Management business process management suite business processes business project management business projects business relationship business risks business school business services business solvency business speech business sphere business stories business strategies business strategies of enterprises Business Studio business success business support Business Systems business training business transactions business transport Business Travel business valuation business vocabulary business writing business сulture business-incubators businesses businessmen busiпess buy-back buyers buying behavior buying power Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic Byzantium C++ cadastral cost cadastral valuation cadastral value Cadbury cafe Cafes calculation calculation of compounding calculation of cost of production calculation of demographic indicators calculation of price index calculation of profitability calculation of the cost of production calculation of the integral indicator calibration Call-центр CALS-technologies CALS-технологии Camille Martsinkevich camp Camp R. campagne publicitaire Canada Canadian press cancellation expenses candidate countries for accession to the European Union canonical correlation capacity capacity assessment Capital capital account capital efficiency capital extranjero capital integration capital investment capital management capital market capital of the organization capital reserves capital structure capitalism capitalization capitalization companies capitalization of income capturing the evidence car car entry points car insurance car roads carbon dioxide emissions card business of banks card internal system card products career career guidance career management career policy of the organization cargo carriere carrots cars cars sale cartoon case studies case study CASE-средство ERwin cases of any change in accounting policies casestudy cash cash deposits cash enterprise cash expenditures cash farm incomes cash flow cash flow analysis cash flow forecasting cash flow management cash flows cash gaps cash income cash issue cash offer cash payments cashless payments castles Casual Dining casual oral statements categorical properties of words categories general theory categories of functional foods categorization of the subjects of customs legal relations category inheritance category of measurement of intellectual capital category of morality category of ownership category philosophy catering catering business catering in Belarus catering service Cateringservice Catherine Catholic ideologue P. Skarga cattle cause-and-effect relationship causes du suicide causes of crises causes of hunger causes of inflation causes of insolvency causes of neologisms ccupation CEBR CEE countries cellular centers of excellence Central-Eastern Europe ceramic goods ceramic tile certificates certification certification of executives certification of goods chains of deliveries Chairman M. S. Orda chairs challenges of tax regulation chamber chancellors change agents change in production volumes change the system of refereeing changes in education changing of the climate changing properties of materials channels of connection character merchandising characteristic of relationship characteristic of the investment situation characteristics of clothing characteristics of natural law characteristics of tea products characteristics of the efficiency rating characters charity chart of accounts charter capital charts of accounts chat cheese products cheesemaking Chekhov A. P. chemical industry chemical products Chernobyl accident Chernobyl catastrophe Chernobyl disaster child labor child Labour childbirth children children work Chile China China's economy chinese Chinese art Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park chocolate christianity Christianity split in 1054 church Union chômage cinema cinematic circulation monétaire CIS CIS countries cities and settlements Citigroup citizenry city system civic culture of youth civil and family law civil cases civil contracts civil justice civil law civil legislation civil liability civil matters civil procedure civil proceedings civil process civil rights civil rights and obligations civil rights protection civil society civil war in Spain civil-legal relations civilization classes on regional geography classic professiograme classic tax planning classification approaches classification of accounts classification of audit classification of costs classification of expenses classification of inventory classification of investments classification of marriages classification of mechanisms classification of precious metals classification of presumptions classification of revenues and expenses classification of taxes classification of the banking system classification price group classroom teacher clearing system clerical work client client base Clienting clients climate climate change climate protection clonage cloning closed will cloth clothes clothes manufacturing clothing clothing on the market cloud computing cloud technology cloud-based solutions Cluster cluster analysis cluster approach cluster mechanism of development cluster policy cluster policy, cluster structure cluster technology clustering clustering economy clustering in Poland clusters clusters of enterprises clusters of small firms CMR-технология CMS CMS-системы co-integration coaches coaching coaching institute coal coal industry Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Company Coca-Cоla Company Cocina Bielorrusa code on marriage and the family code on the ground codification of legislation codification of the law coefficient Maslova and Paskhaver coffee cognitive activity of students cognitive analysis cognitive and communicative aspects cognitive components cognitive enhancers cognitive factors cognitive knowledge cognitive processes cognitive styles cognitivism coins colaboración internacional collaboration collateral operations collection of accounting information collection of the taxes collective enterprises collective investment collective labor disputes collectivism collectivization college students colonización de América color color in advertising color language color perception color semantics color spectrum colour combinations colours combat drug addiction combat fraud comercio comercio electrónico comercio internacional comercio mundial COMFAR comfortable illumination command performances commander D. Gorodensky comments commerce Commerce and Industry commerce electronique commercial activities commercial activity commercial arbitration commercial banks commercial business commercial cooperation commercial court commercial disputes commercial enterprise commercial espionage commercial history commercial innovation commercial law commercial lighting commercial network commercial offers commercial organizations commercial press is commercial products commercial properties commercial relations commercial risks commercial service commercial services commercialization commercials Commission agreement Commission on labor disputes commissions lessor commodities competitiveness commodities research commodity Commodity distributive networks commodity exchanges commodity expertise commodity market commodity markets commodity policy commodity research commodity software commodity strategy commodity supply commodity turnover commodity-money relations common currency common economic space communal property communicants communication communication activities communication barriers communication competence communication culture communication failure communication games communication hotel communication needs communication patterns communication policy communication process communication processes communication services communication services market communication skills communication strategies communication tactics communication Technology communication technology in business communication tests communication theory communication training communications communications marketing concept communicatioп communicative and active approach communicative approach communicative behavior communicative competence communicative competence diagnostics communicative competence in foreign languages communicative culture communicative grammar communicative learning communicative mastery communicative methods communicative potential communicative situations communicative systematization communicative teaching methods communicative tolerance communicative training communicative understanding of law communicativeness compact equipment companies Company company's products company's success company "Belshina" company activities company cars company image company market potential company of the future company tax company value management concept comparative analysis comparative assessment of the level comparative characteristics comparative linguistics compare products compaпy's image compensation compensation for moral damage compensation measures compensation of interest rate payments compensatory competence competence competence of the person competence relation competency disputes in Ukraine competency-based education competition competition in the labor market competition integration of the unions competition of banks competition of enterprises competition policy competitive advantages competitive business strategy competitive development competitive economy competitive environment competitive fight competitive management competitive market competitive potential competitive product competitive production competitive products competitive strategy competitiveness competitiveness assessment competitiveness of enterprise competitiveness of enterprises competitiveness of goods and services competitiveness of the Bank competitiveness of the enterprise competitiveness of the organization competitiveness of universities competitiveness rating competitiveness ratings competitiveness staff competitors compilation of balance of payments compilation of curriculum complementarity completion of the share capital complex control systems complex estimation complicity complimenting compliments components of behavioral differentiation components of communicative competence components of economic security components of self-financing components of unemployment composites based on waste compression refrigeration devices compulsory reservation compulsory reserve computer communications computer crime Computer Engineering computer games computer graphics computer in the classroom computer information technology computer learning tools computer networks computer programs computer science computer system computer systems computer technologies computer technology computer technology and marketing computer techologies computer telecommunications computer testing computer texts computer training computer training program computer training system computer vocabulary computerization computerization of management computers computing comunicacion interpersonal comunicaciones interculturales concentration camp concept concept de sécurité concept of 4P concept of cloud computing concept of controlling concept of efficient lighting concept of environmental accounting concept of marketing concept of positive power concept of post-industrial society concept of punishment concept of social rights concept of training specialists conceptosphere conceptual data model conceptual device conceptual framework of lending concession concession agreement concession contracts conciliation conciliation commission concubinage condamnations à mort conditions of enforcement conditions of uncertainty condo condominium houses confectionery confectionery Company confectionery consumption confectionery goods confectionery industry confectionery market confectionery production confessional lexicon confidence in the banking system conflict conflict of laws choice conflict organizations conflict resolution conflict rules conflicts conflicts in the media confluence conférence conjuncture conomic model conscription consensual contracts consequences of bankruptcy consistency of the carrots consolidated account consolidated financial statements consolidated group consolidated group of taxpayers consolidated regional budget consolidation consonance of words constituent documents Constitution Constitution Of Poland 1997 Constitutional Court constitutional duty constitutional justice constitutional law constitutional legislation constitutional obligations constitutional process constitutional responsibility constitutional review constitutional state constitutionalism Constraints construction construction and installation work construction companies construction contract construction firm construction industry construction markets construction materials construction of controlling system construction organization construction production construction projects constructions consular services consultation consulting consulting activities consulting in the field of innovation consulting modules consulting services consulting services in the Republic of Belarus consulting services market consumer consumer behavior consumer choice consumer cooperation consumer cooperation organization consumer cooperative society consumer cooperatives consumer demand consumer evaluation of the product range consumer goods consumer groups consumer leasing consumer literacy consumer market consumer markets consumer preferences consumer price index consumer prices consumer properties consumer protection consumer rating toys consumer response consumer rights consumer rights protection consumer rights рrotection consumer services consumer society consumer survey consumer testing consumers consumers and marketing Consumers Intemational consumption consumption fund contactless payments contacts on the phone contaminated areas Content Content Management Systems content marketing content marketing activities content of a financial analysis content of the instructions contents Contests contextual advertising continental system of law continuing education continuous acquisition and life cycle support continuous improvement contract activity contract commission contract form of hiring contract law contract of agency contract of energy conservation contract of purchase and sale contract of sale contract of trust management contract rental property contract theory contracting parties contracts contractual liability contractual public-private partnership contractual relationship contrats informatiques contribution Vasilevich G. A. contributions contributions to innovation funds control Control and optimization theory control forms control methods control of business entities control of educational achievements control of knowledge control of vehicles control system control systems control theory control-licensees Controllability controllability of costs controlled chaos controlled foreign company controlled independent work controlling controlling company controlling powers controlling system Convention on the rights of the child convergence convergence problems conversion convertibility of currency conveyor calculation cooperación industrial cooperation cooperation cooperation cooperation of enterprises cooperation of enterprises with universities cooperation training cooperative delivery cooperative economics cooperative game cooperative learning cooperative partnership cooperative property cooperative society cooperative trade coordination of demand with supply copyright copyright infringement copyright protection core inflation coreference corn corporate bankruptcy corporate bond market corporate bonds corporate communications corporate culture corporate finances corporate financial reporting corporate governance corporate Identity corporate information system corporate information systems corporate liability corporate philosophy corporate portals corporate relations corporate risk management corporate science corporate sector corporate social responsibility corporate strategies corporate strategy corporate structure corporate structures corporate systems corporate training corporate values corporate websites corporation corporations corporations' strategies corporatization correlation correlation analysis correlation coefficient correspondence corrida corruption corruption administrative offense corruption in Belarus corruption offenses cosmetic products cosmetics cosmos COSO cost cost accounting cost accounting and expenditure cost accounting for budget cost accounting for extra-budgetary funds cost accounting methods cost accounting system cost analysis cost businesses cost center cost control cost group cost management cost management of the enterprise cost management system cost method cost of capital cost of construction and installation works cost of fixed assets cost of goods cost of innovation cost of living cost of maintenance and operation of equipment cost of production cost of sales cost of the banks cost optimization cost planning cost price cost price of services costa mediterránea costing costs costs allocation costs of integration processes costs of production costs of the enterprise cotton counseling counter-terrorism strategy counter-trafficking counteraction of monopolistic activities counterfeit products countries with economies in transition countries-donors countries-recipients country's image country competitiveness country image country of the Customs Union countryside country’s competitiveness County courts courses court case courts courts in Belarus courts in England coverage of conflicts CPI CPV-анализ creating knowledge creation creation of reserves for debt creation of the image of the country creative activity creative approach creative imagination creative life creative management creative methods of making creative quality creative tasks creative technology creative thinking creative writers and poets creativity creativity Mulyavin creativity of Roman jurists crecimiento econόmico crecimiento permanente credibility credit credit agreement credit agreements credit and banking system credit brokerage credit Cards credit conditions credit cooperation credit cooperatives credit informing credit institutions credit investments credit linked notes credit money credit operations credit organizations credit policy credit program credit rating credit reform credit relations credit resources credit risk credit sale credit scoring credit system credit unions credit оperations crediting creditors credits creditworthiness crime crime among the youth crime in Belarus crime prevention crime subject crimes criminal courts criminal defense criminal influence criminal law criminal liability criminal matter criminal penalties criminal proceedings criminal process criminal prosecution criminal violence criminal-legal compromise criminalidad criminalistics criminality criminally-executive law criminological research criminology crises crisis crisis económica crisis econόmica crisis econόmica mundial crisis econόmicas crisis management crisis management processes crisis managers crisis of 1929-1933 crisis phenomena in the economy crisis processes criteria for communicative competence criteria for the distinction of law and morality criteria of assessing the transition's success criteria of bankruptcy criteria of reserve adequacy criteria user satisfaction criterion of novelty of the product critical thinking CRM CRM-система CRM-системы CRM-технологии crop crop production cropg rowing crops cross-border cooperation cross-border trade cross-border transactions cross-cultural cross-cultural communication crossborder lease crowdfunding crowdsourcing cryptocurrency cryptography cultural - educational tourism cultural activities cultural adaptation cultural and historical monuments cultural and leisure industry cultural aspects cultural birthplace cultural compatibility cultural competence cultural differences cultural dynamics cultural elite of Belarus cultural factors cultural identity cultural institutions cultural knowledge cultural level cultural life cultural literacy cultural monuments cultural scenarios cultural studies cultural tourism cultural tradition cultural values culture Culture foreign speech culture in the Soviet period culture of Belarus culture of communication culture of immediacy culture of speech culture of the country culture of the region culture of verbal communication culture speaking culture theory culturological region cumulation cumulative pension cupboards curator hours curatorial activities curatorial work currency currency area currency dealings currency exchange currency integration currency market currency relations currency system currency unions currency unit currency-financial relations current assets current assets deficit current assets management current biological assets current ratio curriculum custody custody of the minor custom custom technology Custom Union Customcr Relationships Management customer credit customer experience customer loyalty Customer Relationship Management customer relationships Customer Relationships Management customer satisfaction rating customer service quality customer trust customer value customer-supplied product customers Customers Business Development customs customs affairs customs and tariff regulation customs area customs authorities customs bodies system customs business customs control customs duties customs duties in Belarus customs infrastructure customs law customs legislation customs policy customs privileges customs regulation customs relations customs relationship customs risks customs services customs statistics customs system customs tariff customs tariffs customs taxation of goods Customs Union Customs union countries customs value of goods CVP-анализ cybernetics cyberthreats cyclical nature of production Czech Republic Czechoslovakia cистема бухгалтерского учета cистема бюджетирования cистема образования cлияние компаний cоциализация cоциологические опросы cтратегия следования за риском cтуденческая молодежь cубъекты хозяйственной деятельности cубъекты хозяйственной деятельности Dagestan dairy dairy cattle dairy farming dairy industry dairy produce dairy production dairy products damage damages dance ensemble dance sport Danone data analysis data calculation data conversion data mining data protection database databases Date Mining David Gorodensky David R. DBMS de marca de-capitalization value funds de-monopolization of production dealings death camp death penalty debate debentures debit card debt debt capital debt collection Debt management debt restructuring debtors debts decapitalization decentralization of EU decision communicative tasks decision support system decision-making Declaration universelle des droits Declaration Universelle des Droits de l'Homme declaring decorative cosmetics decrees of the President deduction of taxes defaults defective products deferral or installment payment deferred gross profit deficits and surpluses definition of audit definition of ownership definitions degeroizatsiya deideologization deixis dekadenz delegation delincuencia organizada delinquency prevention delivery delivery and maintenance of applications Delphi demand demand balance demand for investment goods demand for russian language demand management demand records demand shaping demanda Dembinski N. V. democracia democracy democratic governance democratic leadership style democratie democratization of society demografischer Wandel demographic crisis demographic policy of Belarus demographic problem demographic processes demographic situation demographic situation of the regions demographics demographie demography demokratie demonopolización Denglisch Denglish Denison D. denotation Dentavit deoffshorisation deoffshorization Department of economic Informatics dependence of the consumption level of the population depersonalized metal account depletion of natural resources deposit deposit accounts deposit markets deposits depreciable assets depreciation depreciation funds depreciation policy depth of oil refining deregulation derivacion semantica derivatives derivatives balances descriptive statistics design design and estimate documentation design methodology design rules design technology design work designated operator desorganización destination destination competitiveness Destination Management Conference destruction of villages destructive activities detection technique detergents determination determination of results of operations determinism Deutsch deutsch unternehmen Deutsch Wirtschaft deutsch-weißrussischen beziehungen deutsche sprache deutschen Iпvestitioпen deutschen sprache Deutschland devaluación devaluation devaluation processes develop strategies developed countries developing countries developing pedagogical technology developing regions of the world development development agrocomplexes development banks development expertise development of aquiring business development of auditing in Belarus development of Bank operations development of Belarus hotels development of business entities development of consumer services development of economic analysis development of economic science development of electronic Commerce development of factoring development of furniture design development of human capital development of information technology development of legislation and law development of market relations development of market structures development of new products development of partnerships development of plastic cards development of retail trade development of rural areas development of society development of state and law of Belarus development of the consumer market development of the market of secondary metals development of the Mountain-the Gorki Institute development of the pharmaceutical industry development of the region development of the third Statute of 1588 development of the trade Union movement development of the young generation development of tourism development of trade development of trade networks development of University science development of writing systems development ofrural tourism development planning development projects development services IT outsourcing development strategy development strategy of the region development threat development trends deviant behavior device radio dezabbreviatsiya DFD-диаграмма diagnosing labour performance diagnostic problems of regions diagnostic prénatal diagnostics dialects dialects of the Tambov region dialogic communication dialogic speech dialogical communication dialogical communication in a foreign language dialogue of cultures dialogues diamond technology dictation dictionaries dictionary didactic discourse didactic speech didactic texts didactics Die Kraft der Farbe die soziale verantwortung die verfassungsbeschwerde Dienstleistungen differences between a leader and a leader differences of integrated reporting differential equations differentiated instruction differentiation of consumer markets diffusion quotient Digesty Digesty Justinian digital money digital signature digital technology Digitale Medien dimensional range dimensional stability shoes diploma thesis diplomacy diplomatic relations diplomatic service diplomatic work Gromyko direct and total the import costs direct costing direct foreign investments direct investments direction of active employment direction of audit direction of movement of the tone directions directions of innovative tourism directions of state regulation directions of state support directions of the company directions retail disability disability pension disabled disaster disciplinary liability disciplinary responsibility disciplinary sanctions discount discount rate discounting discounts discourse discourse markers discourse-oriented approach discourses discovery of documents discrete discrete Math discrete task discriminación discrimination discrimination against women discrimination in the labour market discrimination on labor market+ discursive approach discussion discussion competence discussion in a foreign language discussion it discussion questions dishonesty disinfectant products disinfectants disinfection facilities diskursionny dimension dismissal of employees display advertising disposable income dispute resolution dispute settlement process dispute settlement system disputes dissertations distance education distance employment distance learning distribuidores distribution distribution channels distribution logistics distribution networks distribution of open network distribution of students distribution of working time distribution sector disturbances in trade diversification diversification of approaches to cooperation diversified economic model diversified enterprise divide project into phases dividends divine law Divisa division of science divisional management system divorce divorce rules dlouhé vlny Dobrynya documentary credit documentary monuments documentation documentation support Documents Authentiques Video documents processing Doing Business dolarización dollar domestic business domestic commercial enterprise domestic motor company domestic services domestic support domestic tourism domestic tourist flows domestic trade domestic violence domination dope doping Double Taxation Avoidance agreements Dovnar-Zapolski, M. V. drawing up educational complexes Drayton B. Dream weave Dreamland dress code drinking alcohol Drobyazko S. G. drogas drogues droit droits droits culturels droits d'auteurs droits de l'homme droits des consommateurs droits sociaux droits économiques drug abuse drug addiction and youth drug addiction in Belarus drug safety drugs drugs carotene dues dufte dumping durability Dutch Disease duties of citizens Dwight Eisenhower's campaign dynamic factor model dynamic load dynamic model dynamic range of inflation dynamic standard dynamic team dynamics dynamics of consumption dynamics of employment dynamics of prices dynamics of prices for beer dynamics of prices for cheeses dynamics of prices on vodka dynamics of the city dynastic marriages Dzerzhinsky, F. E. démographie dépendance dólar e-banking e-books e-business e-cash e-commerce e-Commerce Belarus e-commerce system E-commuting e-economy e-Government e-Iearning e-justice e-learning e-learning resources e-mail e-mail network e-mail сеть e-marketingu e-money e-Procurement e-services e-shops e-tourism E-trade E-work E-коммерция E-торговля eaching students EAM-системы earnings easements East Digifone (фирма) eastern Partnership eastern workers EasyPay eather shoes eco-building eco-efficiency eco-tourism ecocide ecological aspect of import substitution ecological class of engine ecological culture ecological problems ecological rent ecological safety ecological texts ecological tourism ecological-economic development ecologico ecology econometric model econometric model analysis econometric models econometrics economia economia americana economia de Belarus economia digital economic economic activities of enterprises economic activities of organizations economic activity economic activity of enterprises economic agent economic agents economic analysis economic analysis in XXI century economic analysis of intangible assets economic and statistical analysis economic assessment of land resources economic behavior economic calculations economic categories economic category economic changes economic climate economic communication economic complexes economic concepts economic conditions economic cooperation economic core economic crimes economic crises economic crisis economic crisis in Belarus economic culture economic cycle economic depression economic development economic development of Belarus economic development of Laos economic development of sports organizations economic development of the region economic development of the regions economic development of the regions of Belarus economic diagnosis economic diagnostics economic discourse economic education economic efficiency economic efficiency of commercial enterprises economic efficiency of employment economic efficiency of investments economic entity economic environment economic ethics economic failure economic forecasting economic globalization economic growth economic history economic history of Belarus economic imperialism economic incentives economic indicators economic informatics economic information economic integration economic interests economic liberalization economic literacy economic literature economic management methods economic management system economic mediation economic methods economic model economic models economic modernization economic monopoly economic organizations economic outlook economic partner economic picture of the world economic policy economic policy options economic potential economic processes management economic profit economic profitability economic psychology economic reform economic reforms economic regulation economic relations economic research economic resources economic restructuring economic risks economic science economic security economic security of the state economic security of Ukraine economic situation economic situation of the republic economic sociology economic sociology  economic space economic sphere economic status economic studies economic substance of goodwill economic support economic sustainability economic system economic systems economic techniques economic terminology economic terms economic terrorism economic terrorism forms economic text economic texts economic theory economic thinking economic thinking high school students economic ties economic trade ties economic transformation economic turmoil economic unions economic universities economic University Economic zone of the silk road economic zones economic еducation economic-environmental factors economic-expert activity economic-mathematical methods economic-mathematical models Economics economics education economics of health economics of organization economics of transition economie Economie du Bélarus economies of scale of production economists economy economy's productive capacities economy agritourism Economy in Latin America economy of Belarus economy of consumer cooperation economy of Russia economy of the sugar industry economy of tourism economy sport economy transformation economy turbulence economy’s openness economía economía global economía ilegal economías nacionales econonomic Belarus económica econόmicos españoles ecoservices ecosystem ecosystem services ecotourism ecotourism and agritourism ECTS education education as a resource education board education funding education in Belarus education Institute education level of the population education of the students education of the younger generation education policy education services education students education system educational educational activity educational complex educational cooperation educational disciplines educational edition educational experience educational innovation educational institutions educational interaction strategy educational lexicography educational marketing educational materials educational opportunities educational orientation educational potential educational process educational process at the University educational processes educational programs educational psychology educational services educational services market educational social educational social technologies educational standards educational strategies educational system educational systems educational technology educational texts educational tourism educational work educational аctivity educational-methodical preparation educators Belarus edward Herman efectivo effect of advertising effective advertising effective management effective management of resources effective planning effective supply of replicas in the dialogue effectiveness of audit activities effectiveness of in-house training effectiveness of operation effectiveness of sales practices effectiveness of sanctions efficiency efficiency innovation efficiency mark efficiency of agriculture efficiency of labor efficiency of logistics efficiency of production efficiency of the Bank efficiency trade organization efficient use of labor resources EG-Kommission egal framework Egypt ehrungen einkaufsentscheidung einwanderungsdebatte El banco de México El Plan Real elasticity sales electoral law electoral processes electric capacity production electric power electric power industry electric power supply electric vehicles electrical goods electricity electrography electronic auctions electronic business electronic cash registers electronic cemmerce technologies electronic commerce electronic commerce. electronic communications electronic currency exchanges Electronic Data Interchange electronic dictionaries electronic document management system electronic documents electronic educational-methodical complexes electronic games electronic interactive whiteboard electronic library electronic manuals electronic money electronic payment systems electronic payments electronic presentation electronic registration electronic resources electronic stability program electronic technology electronic testing electronic textbooks electronic trade electronic treatment elemental composition elements of the communications mix elements of the market mechanism elite of Belarus abroad emancipation embryon emergencies emerging economies emerging markets emerging risks emigration emissions emissions trading emotional component status emotions emperor Alexander emplois employees employees motivation employers employment employment and unemployment employment contract employment contracts employment in Belarus employment issues employment law employment of persons with disabilities employment policy employment potential employment relationship empresa empresario empresas multinacionales enabling environment encyclopedia encyclopedic dominance end product energetic resources energetics energieerzeugung energien-sollen Energiequellen energy energy audit energy Belarus energy complexes energy consumption energy costs energy efficiency energy imports energy independence energy intensity of gross domestic product energy management energy market energy resources Energy Saving energy savings energy security energy sources energy systems energy use energy-saving technologies energía engineering engineering activities engineering companies engineering complex engineering consulting engineering industry England Engle-Granger two-step procedure English English as a foreign language English for students English grammar english language English language learning English language training English lesson plan English lessori English sayings English speaking english speech english-language ENIAC ensure monetary stability ensuring economic development Enterprisc Resource Planning enterprise enterprise as an element of market relations enterprise development enterprise development strategy enterprise economy enterprise finance enterprise information infrastructure enterprise lifecycle enterprise management enterprise management mechanisms enterprise modernization enterprise performance enterprise privatization enterprise profits enterprise reform Enterprise Resource Planning Enterprise Resources Planning enterprise restructuring enterprise strategy enterprise value enterprises in Belarus enterprises of Belarus enterprises of the dairy industry enterprises of the Republic of Belarus enterprises of the sphere of circulation enterprises wartime entities entrepreneurial ability entrepreneurial activity entrepreneurial initiative entrepreneurial skills entrepreneurial universities entrepreneurs entrepreneurship entrepreneurship development entreprises entry tourist flows entspannung enviromental hazards environment environment in the Byelorussian SSR environmental accounting environmental activities environmental advertising environmental analysis environmental and energy problems environmental audit environmental crisis environmental damage environmental disputes environmental economics environmental education environmental ethics environmental information environmental labeling environmental law environmental management environmental management system environmental marketing environmental payments environmental policy environmental pollution environmental problems environmental protection environmental regulations environmental Responsibility environmental risks environmental safety environmental systems environmental taxation environmental terms EOQ EPAM Ephraim Korneichik epic stories equality of the Belarusian women equality of the sexes equation equilibrium real exchange rate equilingual business banks equipment leasing equipos у materiales equity equity contributions equivalence ergodicity open network ergonomics Erlikh E. ERP ERP системы ERP-система ERP-системы ERPII error correction model errors in speech escultura ESP ESP projects Espana España Español Espańa espionage essence and criteria of nucleus formation essence of Finance essence of financial analysis essence of inheritance essence of leasing essence of marriage essence of self-financing essence of the audit activities essential oils establishment of a market economy establishment of human rights establishment of special education establishment of tariffs establishment of the Association of aesthetics establishments Estados Unidos Estats-Unis estimate of the exchange rate estimated factor estimated figures estimation error estrategia económica ESWin ethical business communications ethical-philosophical problem ethics ethics of non-violence ethnic ethnic conflicts ethnic culture ethnic mentality ethnic tourism ethno national differentiation ethno national identity ethno separating processes ethno-cultural aspect ethno-national assimilation ethnocultural traditions ethnographic culture ethnography ethnolinguistic policies ethnolinguistics etiquette etiquette issues ETL-процессы EU euphemisms EurAsEC member states Eurasian Economic Community Eurasian Economic Union Eurasian integration Eurasian integration union Eurasian space Eurasian Union euro Euro land euro zone Euro-Verordnungl Eurobonds eurodollar Euromoney Europaische Union Europaischen Union Europe Europe 2020 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development European Commission European integration european monetary sistem European Technology Platforms European union European Union enlargement Europeischen Union Europian clusters euthanasia EVA EVA-method EVA-метод evaluation index of cooperation results evaluation indicators system evaluation of assets and liabilities evaluation of attractiveness of evaluation of economic efficiency of functioning of the University evaluation of enterprises evaluation of housing affordability evaluation of imbalances evaluation of innovation activities evaluation of production efficiency evaluation of the adequacy evaluation of the behaviour evaluation of the competition evaluation of the effectiveness evaluation of the effectiveness of export evaluation of the efficiency of the tax system evaluation of the organizations development evaluation of the properties of shoes evaluation value event management event marketing event tourism event-management event-агентства evidence EViews evolution examination examination of documents examination of goods examination of the activities of the enterprise examinations Excel excessive funding exchange exchange activity exchange control exchange market exchange rate exchange rate of the Belarusian ruble exchange rate regime exchange rates exchange trade exchange transactions excise excise rates excise tax on fuel excises excursion excursion service excursions execution cost estimates executive authority exercise in Belarus exercises exhibition activity exhibition centers exhibition company exhibitions exogenous variables exotismen expansion expansion of client portfolio expansionist policy expenditure records expenses experience of the USA experimental building experimental funding system expert and consumer evaluation expert determination expert method expert review expertise experts experts in Belarus experts of the trade exploits children exploration export export activities export activity export and import export and import of goods export and import operations export contracts export crediting export credits export financing export information services export of currency funds abroad export of educational services export of goods export of goods and services export of plywood export operations export output export policy export potential export prices export promotion export quotas export stimulation export strategy export support and development of the National Program Project export-import bank export-import relations Export-oriented cluster export-oriented enterprises export-oriented products exportación exports exports of goods exports of light industry expression extended producer responsibility eXtensible Business Reporting Language eXtensible Mark-up Language extermination camp external credit management external debt external debt of Belarus external economic threats external economic threats and challenges external environment external financial reporting external flows external imbalances external migration external non-government debt external public debt external reporting external training extra-budgetary state funds extrabudgetary funds extracurricular reading extracurricular work extrapolation extrinsic rewards eye-tracking eставной фонд Facebook fachkräftemangels facing materials facing plate factor analysis factor and index models factor and index relationship factoring factoring contract factoring in Belarus factoring services factors factors and indicators of competitiveness factors external action factors method factors of economic development factors of effectiveness of communications factors of production factors of the local environment factors of uncertainty faculty faculty of law failure failure of non-trade fair value fair value of fairy tales falschgeld falsification falsification of toys falsified information families family family and marital relationships family and marriage family cooperation family economy family institute family law family life family mediation family policy family relationships fancy leather goods farm farm tourism farmers farmers' movement farming farming development farming units farms fascism fashion fashion brands fashion-индустрия fast food fat and oil complex fat and oil industry fat products fatih project faux leather FBI feat of the people feature energy savings contract features interpretations features of Belarusian politics features of communicative understanding of law features of insurance features of legal awareness features of political manipulation features of regional policy features of the assimilation of information features of the mentality of the Belarusians features of the new economy features of the new product features of the sugar industry features of the telecommunications market Federation of trade unions of Belarus Fedwire feed feed mill industry feedback FEFO Feinmechanik Felix Dzerzhinsky female generation female snipers feminism feminist movement feminist studies fenómeno Fernando Henrique Cardoso fertility trends festivals feudal law feudal property fiction fictional names field materials field of applied aesthetics field of international exchange field of knowledge field of trade marketing fiesta taurino fight against corruption fight against crime fight against drug addiction fight against human trafficking fight with the black bookkeeping figurative expression films filter knitwear filtration partition Finance finance companies finance company Finance enterprises Finance in trade finance lease finance research organizations finance statistics finances financial - industrial groups financial accounting financial activities financial analysis financial and credit institutions financial and credit systems Financial and economic activities financial and economic activity financial and economic control financial and economic evaluation of projects financial and economic problems financial and economic terminology financial and industrial groups financial and investment strategies financial arrangements financial assets financial base financial calculations financial cluster financial component financial condition of the enterprise financial condition of the organization financial condition of the state financial control financial control authorities financial crimes financial crises financial crisis financial crisis in Belarus in 2011 financial diagnostics financial documents financial equilibrium Financial Express financial flow financial flows financial fragility financial globalization financial guarantees financial history financial holdings financial incentives financial infrastructure financial institutions financial instruments financial intermediation financial investment financial investments financial law financial leasing financial Literacy financial management financial management in Belarus financial market financial markets financial mathematics financial mechanism financial mechanisms of the state financial methods financial obligations financial operations financial performance financial planning financial policy financial position financial potential financial potential of enterprises financial problems financial programs financial ratios financial relations financial relationships financial reorganization financial reporting in Russia financial reports financial reserves financial resources financial resources of the company financial responsibility legal financial results financial risk financial risk management financial risks financial science financial sector financial security Financial services financial situation financial situation of enterprises financial stability financial stability of banks financial stability of insurance organizations financial stability of organizations financial stability of the enterprise financial stability of the state financial stabilization of enterprises financial statements financial status financial strategies of enterprises financial strategy financial support financial support for innovation financial supports financial system financial system of the state financial systems financial work financial-economic activity of enterprise financial-industrial group financing financing activities financing innovation financing of capital investments financing of culture financing of government expenditures financing of investment projects Finantial Action Task Force Finanzkrise fineness of precious metals finished goods finished products Finnish information society model fire formation firms in the institutional environment first foreign language first presidential elections fiscal accounting fiscal austerity fiscal discipline fiscal policy fiscal regulation fiscal responsibility fiscal system fish fish industry fisheries fishing vocabulary fixed assets fixed assets accounting fixed capital fixed communication fixed costs flags flash mobs flavor enhancers flax flexible forms of employment flores flour flour-grinding enterprises flow of documents flow of funds flowers fluctuations FMR -анализ folk component folk traditions folklore food food concentrates food crops food culture food demand food industry food items food market food market in Belarus food markets food problem food processing industry food production food products food safety food security food security of Belarus food waste food-processing industry foods foods market foodstuff foodstuffs football footwear footwear durability footwear industry forced liquidation forecast forecast indicators forecast parameters forecasting forecasting accuracy forecasting and planning forecasting and planning the economy forecasting external debt forecasting methodology and calculation forecasting money supply forecasting of demand forecasting of economic indicators forecasting of labour market forecasting profits forecasting the cost of production forecasting volumes foreign investment foreign Belarusians foreign capital foreign communication foreign courts foreign credits foreign currency foreign currency exchange foreign currency financing foreign debts foreign direct investment foreign economic activity foreign economic relations foreign economic security foreign enterprises foreign exchange reserves foreign experience foreign gratuitous aid foreign investment foreign investments foreign investors foreign iпvestors foreign language foreign language business communication foreign language communication foreign language education foreign language electronic communication foreign language learning foreign language professionally-communicative culture foreign language speaking foreign language speech activity foreign language synthesis foreign language teaching foreign language teaching texts foreign languages foreign law foreign market foreign markets foreign policy foreign policy of the Byelorussian SSR foreign policy of the USSR foreign reading foreign students foreign studies foreign trade foreign trade activity foreign trade calculations foreign trade contracts foreign trade income foreign trade infrastructure foreign trade law foreign trade of Belarus foreign trade organizations foreign trade policy foreign trade relations foreign trade risk foreign trade transactions foreign trade turnover foreign-language letter foreigners learning forensic accounting forensics foresight forest forest certification forest complex of Belarus forest ecosystems forest industry forest industry in Belarus forest products forest resources forestry forestry industry forestry market FOREX forfaiting in Belarus forfeiting forgery of money forma de comportarse formation formation of a communicative understanding of law formation of a market formation of a market economy formation of a system of courts formation of capital formation of competences formation of economic thinking formation of foreign language competence formation of labour potential formation of labour resources formation of market relations formation of personality formation of professional thinking formation of Soviet culture formation of the Belarusian nation formation of the cluster formation of the consumer market formation of the insurance market formation of the stock market formation translation skills forms of communication forms of dispute resolution forms of disputes forms of employment forms of financial relations forms of independent work forms of marriage forms of protection of civil rights forms of protection of the rights forms of protest forms of remuneration forms of training forms of vertical interaction formula formula Hummels D. formula references Fortschritte forward exchange market forward-looking information forwarding company foster families foundations of the Soviet lavapavimenti founding treaties fourth-age tourism frames framework program of the European Union Framework Programme of the European Union franc français France franchise franchising Francis Skaryna Franglais français Fraud скоринг frauen frazeomaticheskie unit free air free cash flow free customs zone free economic zone free economic zone (FEZ) free economic zones free flow free time free tourist space free trade sub-zone free trade zone freedom of religion freelance freemasonry Freight freight traffic freight transportation fremdsprache French french as a foreign French economy French language French language training French policy front letters front songs FrontPage fruit and berry plantations fruit and vegetable products fruit-growing fruits and vegetables fuel fuel and energy complex fuel and energy resources fuel industry fuel market fuhrung full employment function of bank interest function of own capital of insurance organizations functional adektivatsiya functional adjectivization functional foods functional nutrition functional style functional supplements functioning of innovative structures functioning of the industry functions functions of financial control functions of mass media functions of reinsurance functions presentations fund Fund of obligatory reserves Fund of social protection of the population fundamentals of law funded pension system funding funding account deficit funding of universities funding organizations funds funds financing fur fur products furniture furniture company furniture design furniture in Belarus furniture industry furniture manufacturing furniture products further vocational training futures futurismus futurology Fuzji I przejęć fuzzy sets fuzzy-analysis fuzzy-анализ gadgets GALS-технологии gambling gambling area gambling business gambling business in Belarus gambling establishments gambling industry gambling market game chat game theory games games of chance GAPD gardening garment industry Gas pipelines gas supply Gas Transportation Gas transportation networks gasentladungslampen Gashtold, A. gastronomic tourism gastronomischer tourismus GDP geburt gehim geldstromverwaltung gender gender analysis of the labour market gender competence gender dimension gender disparities gender division gender equality gender factors gender inequality gender inequality in politics gender inequality in the economy gender issues gender perspective gender policy gender politics gender statistics gender stereotypes gender studies gene mind General Agreement on Trade in Services General purpose programs generation of knowledge genes genesis genetic engineering activity Genetically modified foods genetische Krankheiten Geneva Convention Geneva Conventions genocide genres genuine leather geo-economic mechanism geo-economic potential geo-Economics geoeconomic mechanism geoeconomics Geografia geographic information system Geographic Information systems geography geopolitics Georgia geostatistics german german history German language german occupation Germany's economy geschäftstätigkeit gesture gestures gestão gesunde ernährung gifted children Gini coefficient Gino Zappa glass glass goods global agricultural market global analysis Global business network global communication space Global Competitiveness Index global crisis global economic development trends global economy global exchange global financial industry global hunger global information systems global innovation networks global investment strategy global language global outsourcing market global politics global problems global problems of humanity global sales global scrap metal market global security global value chains globalen wettbewerb GLOBALGAP globalisierung globalizacion mundial globalización globalizaciόn globalization globalization of economic activity globalization of markets globalization of society globalization of the world economy globalized space globophobe Glushkovsky M. GnuPG goal planning goals of independent work goat milk gold golden standard Gomel oblast Gomel region good good manners goods goods balance goods distribution goods packaging goods properties goods transport goodwill Google Adwords Google chrome google wave Google-поиск для сайтов Gorlovka Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages gosudartsvennoy purchase governing bodies government government bonds government intervention government policy government procurement government registration government regulation government regulation of intellectual property government regulation of logistics government sector governmental support governments GPS GPS-приемники gradualism graduates grain grain processing company grain processing enterprises grain products grain-based products Grammar grammar of the German language grammar teaching grammatical aspects of translation grammatical errors grammatical material grammatical phenomena grammatical structure grammatical system grammatik Grammy-Verleihung Gran Público Grand Duchy of Lithuania Grand Duchy of Lithuania priviliege period Grande hasta la Patagonia Grandfather provision grant grants graphical tools Great Britain Great Duchy of Lithuania great Patriotic war Great Stone green green economy green tourism greenhouse gas emissions greenhouse gases greening greening of the economy greening production greenmailing greeting sheets Grodno Grodno Azot Grodno castellan D. Gorodensky Grodno ghetto Grodno region Gross domestic product gross external debt gross income gross loss gross profit gross rating point gross regional product gross value added gross working capital group's internationalization group cohesion group communication group development group dynamics group financial results group insurance contracts group leader group of business leadership group of surveyed units group types of tax incentives groups of theories of law Grubel-Lloyd index Grupo Santander guardianship guerre guerrilla groups guerrilla movement guerrillas vacation guidance documents guidelines Gurvich G. D. gатриотизм gродвижение продукции Gόmel-Ratόп haberdashery Habermas Yu. hackers half-time handball handelsbeziehungen Handlungsfelder hard cheeses hard ware harmonization harmonization of legislation Harrods harvesting he European Union he teaching of foreign languages he tourism of Belarus head of operations headlines health health care health ethics health insurance health of the nation health sector health systems financing healthy eating healthy food healthy lifestyle healty heat energy heavy metals hedge funds hedging Heller International Group help students herbal medicine herbs hereditary relationship heritage hermeneutics hermeneutics of law Hero Of The Soviet Union Vasily Korzh heroes of the Soviet Union heroism heterogeneous formation heteroskedasticity heuristic management heuristic potential of philosophy heutiger Technik hi-tech hi-tech parks hidden tax revenues high education high school high school integration high tech high-tech exports High-Tech Park high-tech parks higher economic education higher education higher education institutions higher education system higher mathematics Higher Military School higher school Higher school of management and business hiking trails hinduism hiring workers hispanos historical and cultural heritage historical and economic science historical and legal aspects of the reorganization historical and legal science historical culture historical dynamics historical homeland historical research historical science of Belarus historical-legal school historicity of space historiography historische stätten history history and culture of Belarus history department history of advertising history of applied statistics history of banking history of banking supervision history of Belarus history of courts for Jews history of insurance history of legal representation history of sociology history of state and law of Belarus history of the city history of the court history of the courts of Belarus history of the death penalty history of the development of accounting and analysis history of the legislation hockey Hockey World Championship holders of electronic money holding companies holdings holiday holidays homan rights home Home economics Home improvement Homeland Novovozrozhdeniya homeless homepages homework Homo sapiens homonyms honey-culture HoReCa Horizon 2020 horizontal commitments horseflesh Hospitality hospitality industry hospitality services host economy hostilities hotel and restaurant business hotel business hotel enterprise hotel industry hotel managers hotel Minsk hotel residents hotel services hotel staff hotelindustrie hotels hotels of international hotel chains hotelwesen household household income households households' most important indicators households Belarus housing housing and communal services housing complexes housing disputes housing fund housing funds housing legislation housing loans housing market housing policy housing quota housing relations housing sector housing services HR diagnostics HR innovation potential HR management HR managers HR sphere HR strategy HR strategy of the enterprise HR- менеджмент HR-аудит HR-бренд HR-маркетинг HR-специалисты HTML human capacity human capital human communication human development human development index Human growth human intelligence human needs human potential human resource Human Resource Management human resources human resources organization human rights human thinking human trafficking humanism humanities humanization humanization of education humor hydrobiology hyper seppuku hypermarkets hypothèque I ступень высшего образования IAS IBA ICAEN ice cream ice hockey world championship 2014 ICT idealization of the person IDEF4 identification identity identity formation ideological influence ideological work ideology ideology of national socialism idioms Iearning IES IFAC IFRS IFRS 1 IFRS implementation IFАС III Статут ВКЛ iInformation technology illegal downloading illegal migration illiquid stocks IMac image image advertising image evaluation image of the country image-work imagen images of masculinity and femininity imbalances imbalances the natural-environmental sustainability imitative word immigrants immigration immigration laws immigration policy Immobilien immovables impact loads impact of budget on economy impact of seasonal factor impact of shock advertising impact of wealth on consumption impact on the sense of justice impairment of financial investments impairment of fixed assets imperfect competition implementation of activities of enterprises implementation of marketing implementation of NTP implementation of tax planning implementation of the investment policy implementation of the strategy of the Bank implementation services import import capacity of export import duties import of goods import of hydrocarbons import products import purchases import substitution import substitution in the agro-industrial complex import-substituting policy import-substituting products imported goods imported production importers imports imports of raw materials improvement of population improvement of the sector improvement of the tax system improvements stores improving accounting improving the competitiveness of improving the efficiency improving the efficiency of education improving the image of Belarus improving the infrastructure of the complex improving the management improving the quality of improving the quality of education improving the quality of products improving the structure improvment of FEZ impulse response imputed tax in teacher training in-house planning in-house training inbound flow inbound tourism incentive objects incentives tax benefits incident management inclusive growth income income capitalization approach income classification income distribution income of the organization income of trading activities income tax income taxation income-based incomes incoming incomplete certainty increase in crime increase in current assets increase in efficiency increase in fiscal capacity increase in standard of living increase motivation increased investment increased production volume incubator incubators independent risk assessment independent statehood independent work independent work of students indeterminism index formula index method index methods index of cooperation effectiveness index of cooperation productivity index of economic-mathematical model indexing indicateur de développement humain indicators indicators measure the concentration indicators of activities indicators of capital structure indicators of dynamics indicators of level of living of the population indicators of quality toys indicators of statistical reporting indirect costs indirect method indirect taxation indirect taxes individual behavior individual bilingualism individual career planning individual entrepreneurs individual entrepreneurship individual owners individual program of self-education individual property tax individual tourism individualism individualization of cognitive activity individuals induced imports industrial activity industrial capital industrial companies in Poland industrial complex industrial complexes industrial consumers industrial cooperation countries industrial countries industrial development industrial development of countries and regions Industrial economy industrial enterprises industrial enterprises of Belarus industrial equipment industrial innovation industrial internationalization industrial marketing industrial organization industrial output industrial parks industrial policy industrial production industrial products industrial property industrial relations industrial sector industrial societies industrial technologies industrialization industrialized countries Industrienationen industries industry industry development industry in Belarus industry management organizations industry of Belarus industry of housing and communal services industry organization industry reform industry telecommunication market infantilism infectious diseases inflation inflation bank inflation in Belarus inflation targeting inflationary process inflationary processes informal youth information information and advisory activities information and communication services information and communication technologies information and communication technology information and communication tools Information and communicative competence information and kommunikacionnye technology information and organizational management information asymmetry information base information civilization information culture information disclosure information extraction information field information flows information image bank information in Belarus information infrastructure information interaction information law information management information Market information mechanisms information networks information portals information potential information product information quality information resources information retrieval system information search information security information service information services and products Information society information sources information space information storage and retrieval systems information store information support information system Information Systems information technologies Information Technologies in Education information Technology information war information work information мanagement information рrotection information-oriented society informational resources informational systems informational technologies informatique informative talks informatization informatization of education informatization of society informatization organization informing students infrastructure infrastructure bonds infrastructure complex infrastructure for trade infrastructure investment infrastructure of the electronic economy infrastructure of the tourism industry inheritance inheritance law inherited property init-linked insurance plan initial contacts Initial Public Offering initiation inmigrante inmuebles Innere innovaciones innovation innovation Activity innovation activity of enterprises innovation activity personnel innovation and business innovation and economic cooperation innovation and investment activities innovation and investment projects innovation as a tool innovation Business innovation costs innovation culture innovation development innovation development of economy innovation distribution channels innovation economy innovation ecosystem innovation funding innovation funds innovation identity innovation in fixed assets innovation in higher education Innovation in management innovation in the economy innovation in tourism innovation Index innovation investment innovation management innovation of the labour market innovation of the the economy’s state sector innovation policy Innovation potentiai Innovation potential innovation process innovation process model innovation processes innovation projects innovation sale innovation sphere innovation system innovation vouchers innovation-driven economy innovation-oriented enterprises innovational technologies innovations innovations in Belarus innovations in education innovations in political education innovations market Innovationsaktivitäten Innovationspolitik innovative activities innovative activity innovative approaches innovative attachments innovative behavior of the population innovative business innovative changes in society innovative contributions innovative cooperation innovative development innovative development of enterprise innovative development of enterprises innovative development of society innovative economy innovative education innovative effects innovative enterprises innovative entrepreneurship innovative environment innovative ERP-solution innovative industrial clusters innovative learning technologies innovative management innovative model of economic growth innovative models innovative modernization innovative processes innovative product flow intensity innovative products innovative projects innovative projects in banks innovative real estate development innovative society innovative susceptibility innovative sustainability innovative system innovative systems innovative teaching methods innovative technologies innovative thinking innovative vector innover inofonnaya audience Inovace inovačních procesů Input - Output Input-output model inshoring insolvent enterprises Institute benovoy records Institute maslyata Institute of civil law institute of non-pecuniary damage institute of shareholders’ agreements Institute of the marriage contract Institute of world judges Institute property rights institution of legal responsibility institution of marriage institution of the marriage contract institutional communication institutional constraints institutional discourse institutional environment institutional investors institutional macroeconomic model institutional policy institutional public-private partnership institutional risks institutional system in Belarus institutional trap institutional trust institutionalization institutionalization of public administration institutions compensation instruction on office instructions instrument of cooperation instrument of good neighborhood instrument of stability instrumentation companies insufficiency of international reserves insurance insurance activities insurance activities in Belarus insurance agencies insurance and business insurance as a business insurance as a method of control Insurance business insurance companies insurance company insurance compensation insurance contract insurance contracts insurance cover insurance in Belarus insurance market Insurance of financial risks insurance organizations insurance payments insurance portfolio insurance rates insurance regulation insurance risks insurance services insurance system insurers intangible assets intangible assets of industrial property integracion integral assessment integral indices Integral spatial transformation integrated assessment integrated assessment of potential integrated brand management integrated communications integrated economic structures integrated enterprises integrated management integrated management accounting system integrated manufacturing system integrated reporting integrated system integrated systems integration integration agreements integration and cooperation practices integration APK integration Association countries integration of sociological education integration processes integration processes management integration processes within the Common Economic Space integration with IFRS integrative theory integrative understanding of law Intel intellectual activity intellectual assets Intellectual capital intellectual capital of staff intellectual capital professionals intellectual elite of Belarus intellectual emigration intellectual innovation system intellectual migration intellectual passivity intellectual potential intellectual property intellectual property business intellectual resources intellectual revolution intellectualization of economy intelligence intelligent BPM intelligent information technology intelligent model intelligent security intemational business Intemational Monetary Fund intemational politics intemational terrorism intemet Intenet intensification intensification of educational process intensification of investment activities intensification of training intention inter-ethnic relations inter-firm strategic alliances inter-industry production Interaction interactive learning technology interactive methods of problem interactive technology interactive whiteboard interactive whiteboards Interakcje firm InterBank interbank lending interbank relations interbranch relations interbrand Interbrend interbudgetary relationships intercultural communication intercultural Communications intercultural communicative competence Intercultural competence intercultural dialogue intercultural interaction Intercultural paradigm intercultural synthesis intercultural training intercultural сommunication theory Interculturality interdisciplinary coordination interdisciplinary model interest rate interest rate policy interest rate risks interest rates interests of creditors interethnic dialogue interfaith dialogue interference intergovernmental agreement intergovernmental lending Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change supports intergovernmental relations intergovernmental transfers interjections interkulturellen begegnungen interlingual interference intermediaries intermediary organizations intermediary trade activity intermediate consumption intermediate language intermediation internacionalización internal and external factors internal and external reporting internal audit internal control internal control system internal costs internal financial reporting internal labor market internal labor markets internal market internal marketing internal reporting system International Energy Association international accounting standards international activity organizations international acts international advertising international agribusiness international arbitration international arbitration courts international auditing standards international Business international business law international classification international collaboration international communication international competence international competition international conditions international conferences international conflicts international contacts international cooperation international court of arbitration international culture International Day of Climate Action international economic cooperation International economic integration international economic law international economic relations international economy international educational standards international exhibitions international Finance international financial leasing international financial reporting standards international financing international harmonization of accounting international humanitarian law international industrial cooperation international intellectual migration international investment international investment position international investment strategy international language international law international leasing international legal instruments international legal responsibility international license trade international loans international Management international market international marketing international migration international monetary fund international network international organization international organizations international relations international relations system international relationships international reserves international responsibility international road transport flows international sanctions international security international settlements international shipping International Standard Organization international standards international strategic alliances International Student Competition international studies testing international system of key indicators international talks international technical assistance international terrorism international tourism international trade international trade disputes international trade flows international trade in services international trade relations international trade risks international transaction international transport corridors international transportation of goods internationalen Finanztransaktionen internationalization internationalization of education internationalization of enterprises internationalization of the property internet internet advertising Internet as a reserve Internet auctions Internet banking Internet Explorer Internet lexicon Internet marketing Internet Marketing Department internet payments Internet projects internet promotion Internet protocol Internet resources Internet resources in teaching internet space Internet system Internet technologies Internet technologies in education Internet-caйт Internet-content Internetressourcenbenutzung interpersonal communication interpersonal conflicts interpersonal relationships interpretation interpretation of legal norms interpretation of the rulemaking interregional cooperation interrogative statements interrupcion intersectoral balances intertextuality interview interтational student intonation intra-firm and industry effects intracorporate technology intraeconomic control intrinsic rewards introduction of innovative technologies introduction of new products intuitive right Intеmеt-маркетинг invalid food invalid transactions invasion of English invention Inventor inventories in retail trade inventory inventory bookkeeping inventory control inventory Management inventory of tourist routes inverkehrbringen inversiones invested capital investigation of crimes investigative inspection investing investing in precious metals Investitionen Investitionsprojekte investmant investment investment activities investment activities of the organization investment activity investment analysis investment attractiveness investment attractiveness of enterprise investment banking investment climate investment climate industry investment companies investment cooperation investment corporate investment costs investment crisis investment cycle of TNC investment decisions investment disputes investment evaluation investment financing investment funds investment goods investment image investment imports investment in Belarus investment in education investment in fixed assets investment in human capital investment in innovation investment in marketing investment income investment legislation investment liberalization investment loans investment management investment market investment of innovative projects investment planning investment policy investment potential investment processes investment programs investment project investment Projects investment prospects investment protection investment rate of return investment rating investment regulation investment resources investment risk investment risks investment sources investment strategy investment tax loan investment treaties investments investments in information technology investments in venture capital investor relations investors involving staff IPad IPO IPSAS IR IR-activities IR-деятельность IR-службы Iran iranian students Iraq irrationality iscal authorities Islam Islamic banking Islamic countries Islamic Republic of Iran Islám iso ISR-индекс issues of law issuing bank IT It audit IT business IT company IT outsourcing IT products IT projects IT technology IT-audit IT-индустрия IT-инфраструктура IT-компании IT-отрасль IT-продукты IT-решения IT-системы IT-сфера IT-технологи IT-технологии IT-услуги Italy iusiness Ivan Groznyy Ivan Melezh IВМ iнновацiйна активнiсть iнстытут рэчаевага права iнтытут натарыята iнтэлектуальныя дыскурсiўныя прасторы iпternational consultations Iпternet IТ - компании IТ-аутсортинг IТ-бизнес IТ-продукты IТ-проекты IТ-рынки IТ-рынок IТIL Japan Japanese culture japanese language JestPoint Jesuits jewelry jewelry craftsmanship jewish people Jewish population JI (проекты) Jnversion jobs Johannes Glaubitz joint activity joint consumption economy joint hrojects joint stock company joint venture joint ventures joint-stock companies journalistic texts judges judicial assessment judicial branch judicial decisions judicial interpretation judicial interpretation of the right judicial investigation judicial law-making judicial mediation judicial policy judicial power judicial practice judicial precedent judicial proof judicial protection judicial reform judicial reform of 1864 judicial system judicial system of Belarus judicial systems judiciary jugend Jugendliche jugendsprache juices jurisprudence jurisprudence of England juriste juristic documents juristische Erfahrung jurists jury jury Trials justice justice system justification of scope of work juvenile delinquency juvenile justice jпросы Kalinouski Kasaev O. Kazachenok A. G. Kazachenok, A. G. Kazakhstan Kenneth W. kennzeichnungen key clusters key performance indicator key performance indicators keywords Kinder kinds kinds of reading kinesicheskih elements Kirill Turovsky Kit B. klassifikaciya legal families kleinstädte kleinuntemehmen klienti knight of the middle ages knitwear knowledge knowledge assessment system knowledge base knowledge control knowledge economy knowledge intensive services knowledge management knowledge management system knowledge systems knowledge-intensive services Kollontay G. kommunikationsfehle Kommunismus kompetenz konkurenceschopnost konkurrenzfähigkeit Konstanty Ostrogski Korea's economy Kosciuszko, T. kosher finance KPI Kravchenko L. I. Kreditvergabe kultrologiya kulturologichnost training kwalifikacji personelu Kyoto Kyoto Protocol Kyoto Protocol in Belarus künstliche Intelligenz l'esprit marketing l'hégémonia l'industrie française l'Organisation des Nations l’Unies la expansión internacional la legalización de las drogas la mode unisexe la mujer labor labor accounting organization labor activity labor activity of workers labor adaptation labor collective labor contracts labor cooperation labor costs labor discipline labor disputes labor economics labor force labor groups labor incentives labor income labor intensity labor law labor laws labor market labor market flexibility labor market in Belarus labor market in the transition period labor markets labor migration labor motivation labor potential labor process labor records labor relations labor resources labor rights labor standards labor taxation laboratory practice labour labour disputes Labour Economics labour law labour market labour market in the regions labour organization labour performance labour staff incentives labour statistics Laffer A. Laffer curve land land and legal regulation land disputes land easements land law land Law in Belarus land legislation land market land markets land plots land property land relations land resources land tax landscaping Landwirtschaft language language activity language as a communication tool language as a resource language as a tool language barrier language barriers language classes language competence language culture language education language environment language for specific purposes language games language improvement language interoperability language jokes language learning language materials language of communication Language Passport language policy language portfolio language professional communication language rules language settings language skills language specialty language status language systems language teaching language testing language tests language tools language training language training in University language typology language understanding language universities languages Languages ​​System Laos large hadron collider Large Hadron Collider explosion large taxpayers las exportaciones las plazas financieras last king Latin American countries latin language latinoamericanos Latvia Latvia's economy latvian regions laughter launching costs law law and Economics law and legislation law and youth policy law becoming Law Code Of Casimir Of 1468 law degree law effectiveness law of succession law of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania law on the mortgage Law students law-making lawfulness lawmaking laws laws of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania lawyer lawyers leader of professionalism leader of Soviet Belarus leaders leaders of the new formation leadership leadership elements leadership in business leadership qualities leadership skills leadership styles learning a foreign language learning a second foreign language learning activities learning centers learning foreign language speech interaction learning foreign languages learning grammar learning methods learning motivation learning process learning programs learning reading learning Russian language learning strategies learning to read learning tool learning turkish lease lease accounting lease contract lease deal lease of an enterprise leases leasing leasing agreement leasing and loans leasing companies leasing credit leasing in Belarus leasing issues leasing market leasing markets leasing objects leasing operations leasing prospects leasing recipients leasing relations in Belarus leasing relationships leasing services leather leather and footwear products leather shoes lebensmittel lebensqμalitat lebensstandards LED legacy of Brest legacy of Poulantzas N. legal acts legal capacity legal communication legal concept legal conflict legal conflicts legal consciousness of youth legal construction legal culture legal department legal disputes legal entities legal entity legal expertise legal history of Belarus legal ideology legal incentives legal information legal informatization legal issues of market legal knowledge legal liability legal literature legal mentality legal monitoring legal norms legal position legal practice legal practices legal presumption legal privilege legal professional activities legal protection legal protection in Belarus legal provisions legal psychology legal regulation legal regulation of breeding activities legal regulation of business activity legal regulation of relations legal regulation of tourist activity legal representation legal responsibilities legal responsibility legal responsibility for violations legal science legal security legal state legal status legal support legal system legal systems legal tax construction legal text legal views Skaryna legal сonflict legislation legislation of Belarus legislation of the Byelorussian SSR Legislation of the Republic of Belarus legislative act legislative activity legislative framework legislative powers legislative process legislative regulation legists and normativisty leisure lend lease lenders lending lending customers lending innovative projects lengua lengua extranjera lenguas extranjeras Lenin, V. I. lesson planning lessor's risks letters of credit Lev Sapieha level of consumption of the population and amount of income level of development of organizations level of specific actual costs levels of difficulty of independent work levels of implementation of the technical audit levels of independent activity levels of independent work levels of language proficiency leverage ratio Levitt-product theory Kotler lex societatis lexical interference lexical material lexical reading skills lexical semantics lexical units lexical- semantic processes lexical-semantic aspects of translation lexical-semantic variation lexico-semantic group lexicography lexicon lexis liabilities liability insurance liability troops liberal pedagogy liberalism liberalismo de mercado liberalization liberalization of taxation library associations Libya licencja praktykanta license licensed trade licenses licensing licensing of business activity lichttechnik lidský kapitál Life life and health of unborn child lifecycles light emitting diodes light in the store light industry light oil lighting showcase limited state sovereignty limiting the profitability of labor linear algebra linear inequalities linear structures linen linen industry linguistic linguistic analysis linguistic behavior of migrants linguistic competence linguistic debate linguistic education linguistic identity linguistic imperialism concept linguistic interaction linguistic komnetentsii linguistic management linguistic norms linguistic resources linguistic revolution linguistic thinking linguistica and area studies linguistics linguistik linguists linguists and interpreters linguo-ethnical factors linguodidactics lingvistic lingvokulturologicheskij aspect of phraseology lingvokulturologichesky direction lingvostranovedenie Linkedln liquefied gas liquid model medium liquidation commission liquidation of a legal entity liquidation of coal mines liquidez internacional liquidity crunch liquidity of the balance sheet liquidity ratios liquidity risk liquidity working capital listening listening and speaking literacy literary activity literary language literary texts literature literature in a foreign language Lithuania litigation litigation in Belarus Live aid live speech livestock livestock farms living conditions living standards livraison lntemet lntemetu loan administration loan agreement loan debt loans lobbying local authorities local budget local budgets local charges local fees local government local government in Belarus local industries local taxes logic logical derivatives logical thinking logistic activities logistic centers logistic functions logistic potential logistic systems logistical services logistics logistics administration logistics centers logistics clusters logistics costs logistics flows logistics in Europe logistics intermediaries logistics management logistics operations logistics outsourcing logistics processes logistics strategy logistics system logistics systems Logistik logos lohn long waves long-lasting commitments long-term biological assets long-term crediting long-term debt long-term investments long-term program Lorenz system los mercados de valores los mercados globales los servicios turísticos loss-making industrial enterprises losses Lotterien lottery business loup low loyal customers loyalty loyalty program loyalty programs LPI LSAPs Luckevich, I. lumpsum tax lying lпitial Public Offer lсаm DEFinition m-banking m-commerce machine industry machine-tractor fleet macro conveyor calculation macro economy macro-indicator macroeconomic accounting macroeconomic dynamics macroeconomic environment macroeconomic instability macroeconomic model macroeconomic monetary factors macroeconomic nonmonetary factors macroeconomic policy macroeconomic problems macroeconomic processes macroeconomic regulation macroeconomic statistics macroeconomic system macroeconomics Magdeburg law Magic Mouse magnates mail main capital maintenance of capital of the owner make or buy Malediven Malerei man's relation to property manage activities of budget institutions management Management Accounting management accounting costs management and organizational structure management companies management company management decision management decisions management in trade management industry management innovation management issues management of business processes management of financial flows Management of hospitals management of human activities management of independent work management of innovative development management of Internet marketing management of real structures management of research activities management of risks management of solvency management of tax risks management of the economy management of the enterprise management of tourism industry management of еnterprises management organizations management personnel management philosophy management process management processes management relations management reporting management reserves management review management skills management solutions management specialty management strategies Management Styles management system management technologies management theory management tools management university Management аccounting manager managers managers-economists managing managing enterprise assets managing inflation mandatory distribution mandatory legal examination manipulation mano de obra manuals in foreign languages manufacture manufacture of furniture manufactured products manufacturers of furniture manufacturing manufacturing innovation manufacturing program manufacturing technology Maple marcheage marché des parfums Marcinkiewicz, K. margin account marginal analysis marginal profitability marginalism marital status of the population marital trouble in Pinsk marken markenpiraterie market market and non-market activities market capitalization market competition market concentration market conditions market conjuncture market development market dynamics market economy market equilibrium market experts market fluctuations market for electronic banking services market forms of managing market in Belarus market information services market infrastructure market institutions market interaction market mechanisms of management market model market mortgage capital market niche market of Bank plastic cards market of banking plastic cards in Belarus market of banking services market of educational services market of hotel services market of housing and communal services market of secondary metals market of tax consulting market of telecommunication services market of telecommunication technologies market of the Kirov region market orientation market price market prices market prices are negotiable market processes market reforms market regulation market relations market research market risks market segmentation market system market transformation market transformation of national economy market value market wired fixed communication market-oriented economy marketers marketing Marketing 3.0 marketing activities marketing activity marketing communication Marketing communications marketing companies marketing complexes marketing concept marketing consulting marketing enterprise environment marketing environment marketing ethics marketing events marketing evolution marketing in Belarus marketing in the economy marketing in trade marketing information marketing information system marketing innovation marketing logistic marketing management Marketing Mindset marketing model marketing non-profit organizations marketing of destinations marketing of hotel services marketing of procurement marketing of the restaurant marketing oriented management marketing personnel marketing planning marketing policy marketing pricing marketing programs marketing research marketing research of staff potential marketing researches marketing services marketing solutions marketing strategies marketing strategy marketing strategy of universities marketing system marketing systems marketing Tools marketing tourism marketing warfare marketiпg markets marketіng marking of the goods Marko Markt Marktbedingungen Marktsicherung Marktwirschaft Marktwirtschaft marktwirtschaftsbildung marriage Marriage and family marriage and family relations marriage contracts marriage market marriage policy of Algirdas marriages martial law Masherov, P. M. mass and mass media ltura mass consciousness mass consumption mass culture mass media mass mood massenmedien master's students master program masters-financiers material material and technical resources material expenditures material flows material incentives material input per unit service or utility material liability material liability of employees material production material resources material values material-technical base materials materials management Math CAD math education math modeling mathematical apparatus mathematical discounting mathematical Economics mathematical logic mathematical methods mathematical methods of Economics mathematical models mathematics MatLab matrimonial law matrix matrix SPACE matrix structure maximization problem mayonnaise maпagement MBO McDonald’s meals meaning of life means of communication means of education means of organization of independent work means of verification training measurement of risk measurement system meat meat industry meat industry in Belarus meat market meat processing enterprises meat processing plants meat products mechanical engineering mechanical engineering in Belarus mechanism of providing economic security mechanism of the market mechanisms for change mechanisms for economic growth mechanisms of state regulation media media and young people media business media competence media culture media education media planning media platforms media plaппing media texts Medians and diameters o f graphs mediation mediator concept of culture mediator сulture mediators medical activities medical activity medical and health tourism medical crimes medical education Medical entities medical experiments medical indications for abortion medical institutions medical services medical tourism medical vocabulary medical workers medicamentos medicina medicine medicines Mediterráneo medium business medium businesses medium-term budget discipline Medycyna Melezh, I. P. members are shareholders memorials memory memory of nation Mencap mental map mental programs mentality mercado financiero mercado paralelo mercados de futuros mercenary mercenary soldiers mercenary units merchandising merchandising activities merchandising dairy products merchandising pharmaceuticals MERCOSUR mergers mergers and acquisitions merging firms Mes Mes-системы Message metal account of responsible storage metal content of the gross domestic product metallurgy metals metaphor metaphors method of accounting method of analysis method of analysis of hierarchies method of calculating the index method of specific situations method of teaching method of valuation of assets method professionalonline methodical approaches of tax planning methodological approaches methodological aspects of assessment methodological problems of teaching methodological support methodological techniques methodologies methodology methodology of the investigation methods methods for constructing reports methods for FDI methods of assessment methods of assessment Rutko D. F. methods of calculating cash flow methods of controlling methods of designing of organizational structures methods of legal regulation methods of measuring competitiveness methods of personnel evaluation methods of privatization methods of protection of civil rights methods of regulating intellectual migration methods of risk management personnel methods of tax regulation methods of teaching methods of valuation of land Mexico MFIs MI-фактор Miami MICE-индустрия Michael J ackson Michelen Рах System microcredit microeconomic policy of the state microeconomics microelectronics microfinance microleasing microloans Micros Fidelio Front Office Microsoft Microsoft Access Microsoft Excel Microsoft Office Microsoft Surface middle ages Middle East MIGA migrant worker migrants migration migration flows migration in the European Union migration of labor migration policy migration policy of Belarus migration processes Mikhail Zaretsky mikrofinansirovaniya military military awards military conflicts military counterintelligence military court military courts military defense military doctrines military economy military equipment military exploits military figures military garrisons military intelligence military justice military law military lawyers military logistics military occupation military policy military security military service and religious beliefs military team military technology military tribunals military-judiciary milk milk market milk production milk products millenium mind mapping Mind Maps mindmapping Mineral Extraction Tax mineral fertilizers mineral water minimization of risks Minister of foreign Affairs of the USSR Gromyko ministry of industry Ministry of internal Affairs minority shareholders minors Minsk Minsk and oblast Minsky trial MIPS-анализ Mir castle mission Mitrofan Dovnar-Zapolsky MMOG mnemonics mobile communication mobile Communications mobile commurucation mobile connection mobile marketing mobile operators mobile phones mobile systems mobile technology mobile trading mobility current assets mobility of capital mobilization of the economy mobilnst Unternehmen model model control taxes model curricula model DuPont model head model management systems model of a specialist model of enterprise management model of profit management model of the innovation process model of the money multiplier model stock management Model Tax Code Model UN modeling modeling fiscal variables modeling of consumer choice modeling of information mechanism modeling of investment projects modeling scientific-technical progress modeling the dynamics of the city modelling of control systems models based on panel data models with dummy variables modem graffiti modemizar su economía modern culture modern economy modern education modern English modern experts modern humanism modern methods and approaches modern methods of teaching modern organizations modern re-engineering modern society modern technologies modern universities Modern World modernization modernization of economy modernization of higher education modernization of higher school modernization of industry modernization of property tax modernization of social policy modernization of the economy modernization potential of the region modernization strategy Modigliani—Miller model modular technology as a way modular training Mogilev region Molodechno region monarchy Mondial mondialisation moneda monedas monetarias monetarism monetary accommodation monetary activities monetary and banking system monetary and foreign exchange policy monetary approach monetary control monetary expansion monetary flows monetary indicators monetary integration monetary integration in the EAEC monetary items monetary policy monetary policy in developed countries monetary reforms monetary regulation monetary symbols monetary system monetary theory monetary union monetary valuation money money economy money Iaundering money issue money laundering money market money-credit policy monitoring monitoring of information resources monitoring of market of goods monitoring of water resources monitoring the use of didactic monolingual community monologic utterance monological speech monologue questions monopolism monopolization monopolization of production monopoly monopoly price monopoly pricing monuments law monuments of history and culture moral consciousness of society moral criteria moral culture moral damage moral damage compensation moral damages moral education moral injury moral values morality morality and ethics morphogenesis mortality mortgage mortgage credit lending mortgage lending mortgage system mortgages Moscow state most favored nation tariff motivating employees motivation motivation of labor activity motivation of staff motivation of the personnel motivation to work motivational advantage motivational potential motor company motor transport motor transport services motorway motorway service movable estate movement of capital mployment law MS Excel MS OFFICE Ms Project MS Windows MS Word mujeres multi-agent systems multi-criteria expert method multi-currency standard multi-cycle deformation load multi-party system multicultural education multicultural leadership multicultural management multicultural society multilingualism multilingualism policy multimedia multimedia learning tools multimedia presentations multimedia products multimedia technology multimedia tutorials multimedia works multinational companies multinational corporations multinational multinationals multinational organizations multinational state multinationals multiparadigmatic character analysis multiparty system multiple linear regression multiplicative relationship multiplier of trust multivariate statistical analysis multivariate time series models municipal board municipal dumas municipal law municipal loans municipalities museum marketing museums music music Industry musician and artist mutual funds mutual obligations MYTEST X mythological médicine mаnagement bу objectives nahrungsmitteln nanotechnologie nanotechnology Napoleon Orda Naroch natality nation branding nation language national account national accounting national accounting methods national accounting standards national accounting systems national accounts National Airline Belavia National airport Minsk-2 national associations national awareness National Bank national banking system national characters national composition of the population national construction national culture national cultures national currency national customs legislation national demand model offers national economic security national economic system national economies National economy national educational standards national food security national hero of America national hero of Belarus national hero of Poland national identity national industrial policy national innovation system national kitchen national language national law national legal system national legislation national market economy national minorities national morale national parks national policy national PPP model national production national program of export development national programme national rating system national sanatorium product national security national standards national system national system of accounting national system of higher education national tourist national tourist product national traditions national wealth national Вапk national-cultural construction nationalism nationality nationalparks nations natsioanlnaya identity natural capital natural capital elements natural differences natural disasters natural environment natural fur natural intelligence natural law natural monopoly natural resources natural-environmental sustainability natural-resource potential nature naturschutzgebiete nazism NBIC-convergence NBIC-конвергенция NCTS (программа) Near Field Communications nearshoring need for specialists needs needs and interests needs of customers needs of the population negative human capital negative sides negocio negotiation negotiations neo-industrial development Neoclassical economics neolithic revolution neologisms neologisms of the business sector Nesvizh castle net assets net cost net cost method net current assets net liabilities net profit net working capital netiquette network network analysis network business network communication network courses Networks modeling Networks Modelling neuerung neural networks neuro enhancers neuro linguistic programming neuroecomics neurolinguistic programming neurotic anxiety new communication new economic policy new economy new energy technologies new national standards new normality new Russian style new silk road new technologies news reports news stories newspaper newspaper articles newspaper articles on economic topics newspaper in English newspaper texts NFC-технологии NFC-технология nformation communication nformation system Nicholas Ulashchik Nicotiana rustica Nicotiana tabacum nicotine addiction Niestabilność oŧoczenia zewnęŧrznego Nikolay Radzivil Chernyy niños indigo NLP noam Chomsky Nobel laureate Nobel laureates noise pollution non-cash payments non-current assets non-financial assets non-financial institutions non-financial reporting non-humanitarian universities non-linguistic universities non-linguistic University non-pecuniary damage non-philological universities non-price competition non-profit activities non-profit organizations non-standard employment Non-stationary dynamics non-tariff restrictions non-tax revenues non-traditional teaching methods non-verbal behavior non-verbal communication non-violent resistance non-western cultures nonequilibrium economic system nonlinear equations nonlinear methods nonlinear planning nonlinear regression models nontariff regulation nonverbal communication noosphere economy noosphere group noospheric Economics nootropick normative legal acts North America North-East of Belarus Northem InvestBank nostalgic tourism notarial activity notary protection note-taking technique notes nouns nuclear power nuclear power plants nuclear war nueva moneda europea nuevas tecnologías numerical results numerology nutrition nutritional supplements nutritional value nventory management Nvidia nолипропиленовая лента nостановка на баланс объектов NРЕSТ obchodní management object of the crime objectification objectives of financial planning objectives of legal liability objectivism objects of accounting objects of leasing transactions objects of taxation obligation borrowing obligations obscene language obsesiva model occupation occupation regime occupation regimes occupational Safety and Health